(Episode 8) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

…it is nothing serious. Just that by now she ought to have gotten pregnant so it won’t be good for her to stress herself at all”.

Pamela’s Mum: “So what are you getting at?”

Mama Nkechi: “Ehmm… why don’t you let Amaka go stay with her in Lagos so she can be helping her with little little chores?”

Pamela’s Mum: “Wait! How does all these concern you? It is my family ish, just leave it all to me.”

Mama Nkechi: “My dear I only have your daughter’s best interest at heart, is what I am saying now going to do her harm or good? Think about it.”

Pamela’s mum: “Well you have a point there. But who do I send to her? I can’t let any of my girls out of my sight just yet and I don’t think I can go scouting for a house girl in this village”.

Mama Nkechi: “Awwwww! It’s a pity that none of your girls can go. Uhnnnn! What do we do now? You know Pamela is like a daughter to me. Okay, how about I send Nkechi to her? Will that do?”

Pamela’s Mum: “Nkechi? Isn’t she too big for all that? It is a great idea but will Nkechi agree to go?”

Mama Nkechi: “I will talk to her”. She said Smiling.

Pamela’s Mum: “Okay…Thanks a lot, I appreciate it”

Mama Nkechi: “It’s okay, what are friends for? We are friends now right? No more bickering, no more backbiting”

Pamela’s Mum: “I hope so…But you sound quite funny though” she said and they both laughed.

True to Pamela’s words, she worked hard to augment her husband’s meagre income. She worked at a construction site as a PA to the architect and before then, she worked as a laborer: carrying mixed cement to the builders until the manager noticed her and recommended her to the architect. Because of her beauty, she found favor with her boss. He got a private tutor to tutor her on computer education and the use of English. She learnt quite fast.

With the little she earned she added it to the little her husband had managed to save up to get a one room and parlor apartment just a stone throw from their former house at Orile.

Pamela: “Here are the files on the present construction we are working on sir. I need you to append your signature here sir” she said moving closer to show him where his signature should be.

Architect Babatunde: “I told you to call me Tunde, that is what all my friends call me and you are my friend too. So just feel free when you are around me okay?”

Pamela: “Okay sir! Just that it sounds too informal. But since we are friends I will try getting used to it”.

Tunde: “Good! Let me have the file” he collected the file and signed it. “Besides have you eaten today?”

Pamela: “Not yet”

Tunde: “What? By this time? It’s almost past lunch time or are you fasting?”

Pamela: “I am not fasting, I’ve just being busy all day”.

Tunde: “Okay wrap everything up and meet me downstairs, let’s go and eat something uptown. You gerrit? He asked humorously.

Pamela: “Yes sir! I’d be downstairs in a jiffy”.


Few minutes later, they walked into a five star restaurant at Victoria Island. Every head in the restaurant turned to look at them. One whispered “o boy! See cute couple”, another whispered “what a beautiful lady, wow!” The ladies in the restaurant could not get their eyes off Tunde. The suit he wore flattered his already broad shoulders. He looked so handsome with small pointed nose and pink lips. The ladies swooned and drooled at his feet but his attention was only on the lady beside him.

Pamela: “Hmmmmmm Mr. handsome, look at the ladies dying to catch your attention. “She said shyly.

Stanley: “See who is talking, I am even scared that all these macho men staring ravishingly at you might come beat me up” he said pretending to be frightened. Pamela: “Very funny” she threw her head back laughing. A waiter came, took their orders and left.

Tunde: “Hope you are not having any challenges in the office?”

Pamela: “None I can think of except being PA to a ravishingly handsome young man” she winked.

Tunde: “Oh God! I feel so guilty your majesty, how do I punish myself for that great offense?”

Pamela: “Your sense of humor is nothing to write home about” she said shaking her head.

Tunde: “So you aren’t humored? You are just too rigid, sad little thing” he said as the waiter set their food before them. They ate and talked more about office stuffs after which he took her back to the office and went to hang out with his friends Kolapo and Stanley. They talked football for some time then diverted to their normal guys chit-chat about ladies.

Stanley: “Tunde, how far about Eunice na. The crazy bitch you said you were in love with.

Kola: “He has already ended it with her, aren’t you in this universe?”

Stanley: “So who is in the picture now? That reminds me… that PA of yours, I need your permission to bang her for a bit” he said smiling wickedly.

Kola: “And I also need permission to continue when Stanley gets tired. She’s just too beautiful and hot. Merely looking at her could make a man cum”.

Tunde: “What bullshit! Are you guys crazy? How dare you even talk about her with those dirty mouths?”

Stanley: “Calm down man! We are just joking, we meant no harm at all.”

Tunde: “Don’t even joke like that next time or I’d be forced to do something neither of would be proud of.”

Kola: “But wait o, I smell fish. Tunde are you probably in love with her?”

Tunde: “It’s none of your business.”

Stanley: “Talk jare. It’s written all over you. If you love her that much, I’d suggest you open up to her. Tell her how you feel now before someone else hijacks her from you.”

Kola: “Don’t forget we are here, I might actually be the one to do the hijacking” he said moving away from Tunde’s reach. They talked well into the night then later dispersed to their different places at VI.


The next morning, Tunde called Pamela into his office.

Tunde: “There’s something I want to tell you…” he said fidgeting with the pen in his hand.

Pamela: “Okay? I’m all ears”

Tunde: “I am somehow unsure about how you’d feel about it but I still need to get it off my chest. I have feelings for you. Since the first time I saw you a year ago. I tried so hard to hold it back but to no avail. Not being able to tell you is eating me up deep down my heart. I feel like there’s a perforation in my heart already.”

Pamela: “Hmmmmmmmmm…” she sighed.

Tunde: “Why are you sighing dear? Believe me when I say I am not trying to play you. For the first time in my life I am losing my sleep and peace over a lady. If only you could see my heart, if only could hear how much my heart has professed love for you since the first time we met. Dear, I will not promise you heaven on earth but one thing I will tell you is you will never regret going down this lane with me. Please? He pleaded with tears in his eyes. Even Pamela was weeping softly. “Hey! why are you sobbing? Is it because of all I have just said?” he said when he noticed she was sobbing quietly. He went and sat on the arm of the chair she sat on and made to draw her into his embrace but she jerked up taking three steps away from him.

Pamela: “I’m sorry Tunde, but I can’t do this” she said in between sobs.

Tunde: “Why? Do you have someone already? Are you engaged? Is there something you feel I need to know about? Please talk to me, you are driving me crazy here.”

Pamela: “Well… em… em…

Question: Do you think Pamela should tell him she is married?


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  1. Evening ALC&Fs,

    She is already living a totally complicated – she should inform him of her marital status in real life and perhaps in the spirit world (kidding).

    Great work…..night


  2. She supposed to but i believe she will never open up and dat where de title of de story was picked when she may have had a relationship with another man.

  3. She should better tell him she is married and cant be involved in any other relationship for the sake of her sanity becos when she goes mad now Tunde will be more where to be found…… She is weeping bcos she wished she had met Tunde first……

  4. She will tell him and he’s going to help her out of her spiritual bondage. Her friend will come n snatch the ugly hubby from her.

  5. Pamela should tell him about her marriage before its too late. so they won’t do anything they will regret later.

  6. The deeper we go the hotter it gets I love you Adelove and crew and goodnight Adelove fans….. sweet dreams to you all

  7. She’dbetter told him o cos i see she seems to also b in love with d handsome Tunde n i smell repercussions. #interesting

  8. she may not tell him. But I think what scares Pamela the most, that made her jerk is that her mother warned her of an impending danger if she tries to cheat on her husband.

  9. The right thing would be to tell him she is married but beign that she had began to stammer I doubt she will.

    Mama Nkechi want to use indirect way to make Pamela’s husband marry Nkechi. Na she go suffer am. She thinks Ikenna is rich/weathy.

  10. Yes she should ooh, she should also remember her mum warned her not to let any man touch her after her husband has bcos it will cause her madness according to their tradition.

  11. Pamela should tell him she is a married woman and moreover the warning her mother gave her conserning sleeping with another man is a serious one.

  12. Why not? She should. Since 1 of his questions states if she is engaged alrdy or having problems. Remember,its a curse to v extramarital affair after being married in pam’s family. She should be careful o. Its a day

  13. Seems like she has 4goten abt her mother’s warning…i would advice she should tell Mr tunde about her being married

  14. Pamela should tell him the truth but I doubt if she will.The repercussion will be disastrous because Pamela is under a curse, they shouldn’t engage in adultery oo .hmm!!!

  15. she should tell him about her marriage and also remember that in their village it is an abormination for a married woman to be extra marrietal affairs.

  16. She should tell him the truth considering the fact that its a taboo for a married woman of her community to go down with another man.

  17. Pamela should never hesitate to tell Tunde about her relationship or marital life since its an abomination to allow another man sleep with her.

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