U.S Muslims Sue Donald Trump

U.S Muslims Sue Donald Trump

US Muslim leaders filed suit against President Donald Trump Monday over an immigration order that they said was a “fear-mongering” attempt at keeping members of their religion out of the country.

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, joined 26 others as plaintiffs in the lawsuit alleging that Trump’s temporary ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries was in fact a “Muslim exclusion order” that violates the US constitution’s religious freedom protections.

“Donald Trump’s executive order is not based on national security, it is based on fear-mongering,” Awad said Monday.

“This is not a Muslim ban, it is a Muslim exclusion order.”

Besides excluding Muslim refugees and immigrants from abroad, the suit alleges Trump’s executive order will force out US-resident Muslims from those seven countries “by denying them the ability to renew their lawful status or receive immigration benefits… based solely on their religious beliefs.”

That will lead to “the mass expulsion” of both immigrant and non-immigrant Muslims, the suit, filed in the district court in Alexandria, Virginia, alleged.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit include several CAIR officials, among them prominent Muslim-American lawyers and activists.

They also include unnamed plaintiffs described as legal residents and visitors to the country who would, if they left temporarily, would not be able to return under Trump’s order.

The suit said the order, announced Saturday, reflected anti-Muslim sentiments that Trump expressed during the presidential campaign.

“The Muslim Exclusion Order is the as‐promised outcome of Defendant Trump’s hateful, year-long campaign which was fueled, in significant part, by a desire to stigmatize Islam and Muslims,” it said.

Lawyers said the order violates the US Constitution’s protections of religious freedoms and the “establishment clause,” which bans the government from making laws that favor or discriminate against specific religions.



  1. I quite agree with President Trump temporary travel ban from some Muslim countries. The fact is that this man wants a “more secured USA”. He believes that the best way to do this is to exclude the “assumed terrorism exporters” from his countries. What is wrong with this decision. Indeed, the President is a patriot. The so-called violation of US Constitution’s protection of religious freedom is NOT true. The freedom means go to your mosque to pray to your Allah without any form of molestation; it means you should not force anyone to practice your religion and you should not be forced (as against the practice of BOKO Haram and ISIL forcing and beheading people in the name of Islam). The freedom does not mean populating your country with potential terrorists. So, President Trump should be allowed to clean the mess he has met on ground so that his country can be a safer place to live in.

  2. As the drama unfolds we will see the end, all I knew Trump is fulfilling campaign promises to American that voted him, He did not hindered the American Muslims from going to mosques but he is trying to clean up his country because of the barbaric act of Islamic terrorist.

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