(Episode 10) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

Even after a year, Odinaka could not explain what had happened to her. All she could say was that her spirit was following one particular person whose face she couldn’t make out. She gained admission to study Obstetrics and gynecology in Enugu State University of Technology. Her mum found it very difficult to raise her school fees, they almost gave up on her studying the course but for Ndubuisi’s timely intervention. He promised to help her through university and even beyond if she wanted.


Pamela: “I’ve fallen head over heels in love with you and it makes me feel like the worst person on earth. I’m not worthy of your love sir. I’m the least of those you should be loving.”

Tunde: “You are still talking in parables dear, make me understand what you are talking about. As it is now, there’s nothing you might have done in the past that will make me stop loving you. Besides no one is beyond mistakes. So talk to me.”

Pamela: “I have such dark secrets that you cannot fathom.” She said lowering her gaze.

Tunde: “Dark secrets? Tell me all of it”

Pamela: “I’m married” she blurted out after a long pause.

Tunde: “Wow! Hold on please? You are married? But you told me you weren’t when I asked you?” he exclaimed with eyes spitting fire.

Pamela: “I’m sorry I lied to you the first time you asked me please. I just didn’t want to lose your friendship”

Tunde: “You are sorry? My friendship? Did you just say my friendship? With this revelation how can you still refer to us as friends? Now how much heart wrenching secrets have you kept from me?”

Pamela: “Em…uhn” she stuttered.

Tunde: “You know what? Just leave…”

Pamela: “Please I’m sorry Tunde…” she wept with her face in her hands.

Tunde: “I said leave before I do something we both would regret later.”  He raged pointing at d door.

Pamela: “But you told me that no matter what I have done, you will understand?”

Tunde: “See… please just leave my office” he said a little calmly without meeting her gaze. She not knowing what to say anymore walked out of his office feeling distraught.


Two hours later after Tunde had calmed down, he reasoned within himself that what she revealed to him was actually not a dark secret and sent for her again. He wanted her to finish what she had to say, he was curious.

Tunde: “So you said you had dark secrets, I want to hear them all.”

Pamela: “That is not a good idea now. I think we should just go our separate ways from now on”.

Tunde: “You have no right to tell me that. Just tell me what I want to know while I’m still being nice.”

Pamela: “No way! I am sorry but that is all I have to tell you. There is no more”

Tunde: “Liar, don’t add more wood to a raging fire, it will consume you. So whatever you have to say, say it now”

Pamela: “What difference will it make? We are going our separate ways anyway. So please let this rest boss”

Tunde: “You are really trying my patience. You want to see me get mad for real?”

Pamela: “Please excuse me… I have work to go back to. Maybe we should do this some other time, when you are calmer and more composed.” She said, rose up and left his office.

Tunde was flabbergasted at her audacity to walk out on him. He was so short of words that he flung himself on the settee in and laughed uncontrollably.


Three days later at a construction site, Tunde summoned up courage to ask her for further details. She hesitated for a while but knowing fully well that that could be the last time he would ask and that she might eventually lose him, she decided to tell him everything. She told him about the shady way she got married to her husband. She told him how she hadn’t allowed him to touch her for a whole year because she detested him and had lived with a man she couldn’t withstand. She told him about the mysterious voice. She left no stone unturned.

Tunde: “Wow!  You’ve gone through hell Pamela and this is a serious issue. But let me ask you one more question: why did you agree to marry that man you call a husband? Why?”

Pamela: “My dad died and I knew I had no means of furthering my education anymore. When that woman told me my siblings would be needing my support later, I saw the marriage as an opportunity to help them but it was all a lie.”

Tunde: “Wow what naivety. A man you knew nothing about and you believed her?”

Pamela: “I just can’t explain how it all happened. It was like a switch in my head which kept flipping on and off. I knew I shouldn’t agree but I found myself longing to go with him anyway”

Tunde: “Wow! So about this voice you mentioned which even makes love to you, how on earth did you come about such evil?”

Pamela: “I actually can’t understand it myself but I feel it exists in my head”

Tunde: “Sweetie, you can’t give such thing a space in your life. I don’t know how possible this is but if it is true, you have to let it go. I am here for you to love now”

Pamela: “It’s not really that easy but I guess I have to let it go.”

Tunde: “Yes you have to. And for the record hon, I’ve not stopped loving you. I think you have to get out of this sham you call marriage. I will help you.” He said holding her two hands as they stood facing each other. I still love you so much and I can’t think of a life without you. I’m not going to give up on you. I will keep fighting till you are totally mine.”

Pamela: “No! I can’t let you do that. You have to give up now, I’m not worth all this trouble and I can’t stand seeing you hurt.”

Tunde: “But us not being together is hurting me the most. I promise to be everything your husband is not. Baby please.”

Pamela: “I said no, what the hell is wrong with you? We have a taboo where I came from. A married woman must not have an intercourse with another man. It carries great repercussions.”

Tunde: “Seriously? That’s barbaric and superstitious. There is nothing like that, maybe there was but it has been wiped out by Christianity.  So baby discard all that and lets plan a future together please.”

Pamela: “You still don’t get it do you? I know of women who have lost their dignities by this. I mean they started displaying momentary madness till they confessed to their husbands and then performed the traditional rituals to appeal to the spirit of Ndishi. Do you want me to go through all that?”

Tunde: “Of course not. I’m saying all these because I know you can’t go through all that. I’d be here to protect you.”

Pamela: “Mr. Tunde Arowolo… and how do you plan on protecting me from something you can’t see? Stop being so childish. And for the record, there is a reason I keep dodging your touch. If you as much as touch my waist amorously, I’d be arrested by Ndishi. So be careful with your hands.” She warned jokingly.

Tunde: “Nawa for your Ndishi o, I wish I could punch him in the face.”

Pamela: “Well, if you were the one married to me, you’d have been thanking it or should I say him by now.”

Tunde: “Don’t go thinking I won’t marry you later, like I said, I won’t give up and that’s all.” He said dismissively and made to hug her but she eased away from him. “Uuuurrrrrgh! Ndishiiiiiiiiiiiiii…” he lamented.


A month later, Pamela took leave to go visit her mum in the village for the first time since she got married. Many people trouped to their house just to catch a glimpse of her. She was a sight to behold indeed. Most of the women were surprised to see she didn’t bring any child home and was not pregnant. Rumors started spreading far and wide that the beautiful Pamela was actually barren.

After the house became free of visitors at last, she and her mum had time for a personal chit-chat.

Pamela’s mum: “My daughter, Ikenna is really taking care of you. Look at how you are glowing.”

Pamela: “Which Ikenna? Do you know how much I’ve been suffering in the marriage you pushed me into? Mama you could not fight for me. Why?”

Pamela’s mum: “My daughter it’s not like that. I was just afraid of what people will say. That we collected his money and still rejected him. You know the way people in this village think.”

Pamela: “So are you trying to tell me you care more about your reputation than your daughter’s happiness mama? Is that really what you are insinuating?”

Question: Did Tunde make the right decision? What is your take on Pamela’s mum’s attitude


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  1. Tunde should fight for her since he love her and she is not happy in dat marriage besides Ikenna built the marriage on lies so he should expect the worst….. Pamela’s mother is right with what she is saying after all she begged her not to marry the man but pamela insisted so why is she blaming the mother now?

  2. tunde is not right for trying to snatch another man’s wife. pamela mum on the other other hand should have returned the bride price since they’ve not done the trad ceremony instead of putting her daughter’s life in jeopardy

  3. Tunde is making the right decision because if ikenna knows there marriage will not work as for her mother she is suprise she didn’t come back with a child

  4. This is actually Pamela’s fault nt her mother’s… After all the mother advised her against the wedding Bt she didn’t listen

  5. Tunde should know that it’s a spiritual fight and he can’t do it without God thou he’s making a good decision al thou I didn’t approve @first not until Pamela’s so called husband started sleeping with Nkechi. As for mama Pamela, she’s just so spiritually weak. She really needs to stand up and fight for her daughters cos I can’t bear to continue reading this story if any of them dies

  6. Tunde makes d right decision to fight for his love..but he should ask for Gods help CU’s a battle fight without Jesus is a lost battle n for Pamela’s mum wat she did is bad..how can she allow her child marry who she didn’t want just because of wat people will say…ha some people sha!!

  7. I think pamela’s mum should seek the hand of God for the family and likewise Tunde before starting a relationship with her.

  8. Yes, tunde is making the right decision since both of them love each other and beside the girl on question is not happy in her marriage.,, her mum is right after all she told her not to marry but she insisted so she shouldn’t blame her mum…

  9. Tunde’s decision is the best but won’t be complete if he doesn’t seek the face of Gid. Pamela’s mum didn’t do the right thing!, bride price can still be returned if she place her daughter’s happiness above all.

  10. Professing love to Pamela is not the issue tunde should discuss it with a man of God who can help pamela out of that boundage. Pamela mum advice her not to marry ikenna but she refuse Y is she blaming her mum.

  11. well, one should always fight for what he or she believe is right.as for Pamela’s mom,it is not her fault at all,it was Pamela that accepted the marriage in the first place

  12. Tunde made the right decision but needs to involve God in the fight. As for Pamela’s mum,she shouldn’t have gone ahead with the marriage plans when her daughter refused

  13. Tunde took a wrong decision by wanting to still be with her except if Ikenna agrees to let her go and a refund of her bride price.pams mum did the right thing.

  14. Tunde is heading for doom by insisting on dating Pamela. Pamela’s mum should have stopped the marriage if Pamela hadn’t insisted on marrying Ikenna so why is she now blaming her for her own mistake.

  15. Tunde Shud no wat he’sabout getting into cos he causing trouble for both of them if ndishi is anytin real to go by n Pamela’s mum is just being a consigned mum.she knows wat it is

  16. Afternoon ALC&Fs,

    So broke, so lazy, and so much to attend to………

    I would say it was right for Tunde to probe further and getting her to open up to him, but as it stands ‘he is standing on a long thing’. How correct his quest is would be tested by time and he must be ready.

    Meanwhile Pam’s mom is simply being anxious and concerned.

    Catch ya….


  17. Tunde is wrong, he shud kip clear of Pamela bcos she is legally married. Adultery is a serious sin in d eyes of God. Pamela’s mum is wrong too for trying to please hersef n d community at d expense of her daughter’s happiness. U can neva please pple, so she nid to concentrate her effort on makin her family happy, on d tings dat wil benefit her family.

  18. Yes he did because love conquers all and Pamela’s mum is just being human a widow without anything left behind for her and the kids by the late husband.

  19. Tunde should fight for her since he love her but its a spiritual thing ooooo and she is not happy in dat marriage besides Ikenna built the marriage on lies so he should expect the worst n he is also cheating on had s wife w nkechi.. Pamela’s mother is right with what she is saying after all she begged her not to marry the man but pamela insisted.

  20. Pamela’s mum is not totally at fault cos she warned her before time. As for Tunde,he still doesn’t understand d effect of Ndishi in Enugu Ezike. Especially to does dt believe it. He might be jumping into serious danger. Next pls.

  21. Tunde should know dat his culture is not d same with Pamela’s, so he should tread with caution. I guess Pamela’s mum was not well advanced in knowledge to deal with such things.

  22. Pamela mum was not at fault nw y blaming her nw and as for tunde he shud invite God for d fight for his Luv coz its a very big fight

  23. for me what Ikenna and Pamela are doing is not marriage? There is alot of hatred between them, maybe Pamela needs Tunde in her life to get things right.Pamela’s mum is greedy.

  24. tunde is making d right decision, her mum has not done anything wrong o, after all she want her to reject d proposal in d first place, d money she heard dat ikenna had has enter her head

  25. I dont think soooo, She is poor widow without anyone to fight for her and more Pamela agreed to marry Ikenna so i dont know why is she talking like this except she is under a spell like i said before.

  26. Tunde’s decision on Pamela will be disastrous so its not right and yeah Pamela’s mum is actually wrong to allow what the society would say overpower her decision on her child’s happiness.

  27. tunde’s decision is wrong but at d same time, right. I was hoping that someone would rescue Pamela from that shambles called marriage. as for her mum, her attitude is questionable.

  28. though Tunde love her for real…. prayer is d key solution to what’s going on in Pamela’s family, but I knw Wit God all things are possible

  29. Pamela visiting home will be a chance for the pastor to pray for her and get her delivered from the evil spirits and things will be normal again in the family. Great story so far.

  30. Tunde is playing with fire, it has not done on him what he is getting himself into. He will get ready to fight supernatural power that has taken over the life of Odinaka.
    Odinaka mother did what was expected of her accordance of the tradition of the people.

  31. Tunde is not right with His decision, pamela mum should have not thought of what people will say , the same people she was afraid of are the same people calling her daughter barren now. Hmmm human being.

  32. I can’t say tunde is making the wright decision or wrong decision bt all I believed is that something good will come out of it since she has open up to him and despite d fact,he loves her. Her mum attitude will b good enough if she can pray well for pam according to d pastor and even tell her on her visit to pray without ceasing. She isn’t the one to be blamed for her daughter marriage cus she warned her agaist it bt I think the evil spirit jus have its way into her journey life. Prayer is d key to all.

  33. This case is more delicate, Tunde can go ahead with the plan of marrying her only if he as the solution to the voice she hears..

  34. Yes o and she will be delivered @ least ikenna is having affairs with nkechi and there so call indishi is not doing anything abt it.

  35. I think Pamela`s mum is just primitive, its not a crime. And I for one think it should work between, Pamela and Tunde. the girl deserves small happiness. Ndishi be damned, tho she should divorce Ikenna the deciever

  36. Tunde should know that Pamela is legally married, the fact that Ikenna is sleeping with Nkechi is Pamela’s fault and its not an excuse for her to be with another man. In all these drama, I still don’t blame Pamela, its a known fact that her family is under a spiritual influence.

  37. Is better Pamela’s mother to heed to d pastors advice and pray for her family and for Tunde he shuld pls help Pamela

  38. Tunde is making the right decision. Pamela’s mum cares more about what people will say than her daughter’s happiness.

  39. is a thing of the hearth which is love so tunde should follow his mind,Pamela mum should have put the interest of her daughter first

  40. tunde should taken her a pastor she don’t have to blame her she is the one yo be blame o ga oooook next I beg

  41. Tunde is making the right decision.. At least he believes in God n that’s wat matters n most especially wat she needs.. As for her mum, she was just been a critical village woman… Sometimes we care too much about side talks than our happiness.. Guex she’ll never try it with the other gurls.

  42. since she loves him and he loves her then it only let for the lover’s to turn to God to fight for them since the husband is not faith to and for the mother she made a mistake by allowing her daughter to marry that man

  43. Pamela’s mum is only trying to maintain culture and tradition of her people.
    Tunde may be right in loving her and not letting her go, but is he for real? Is he really a Christian? How much faith did he placed on God to wipe away the evil belief of the people.
    Pamela and her mum were very naïve when the man came seeking her hand in marriage. They should ‘ve their choices made obvious before accepting to collect the bride price from him. Repercussions!

  44. Tunde did not do the right thing. He should have nullified the marriage between Ikenna & Pamela before venturing into the marriage because definitely Ndishi will come after Pamela.
    Pamela’s mother was selfish in her decision because she considered her reputation without putting the daughter’s happiness into consideration.

  45. there’s no way Tunde & Pamela won’t end up having an affair, cos her husband isn’t going to make things easier 4 her. not even when he’s rolling his “rod” in/out of Nkechi’s under…..

  46. Well I will say Tunde will be making right decision when didn’t think of himself alone(selfish) but think of how to help her by taking her to a true man of God for deliverance. He can’t fight the spirit hunsband else he will be distroy.
    For Pamela’s mum, all she cares for is her reputation, she only cares about what people will say.

  47. Pamela’s mum attitude is not to be blamed cos it was Pamela whi insisted on marrying Ikenna and as for Tunde….Too bad.

  48. This is war and is not going to be easy for Tunde.first they have to embrace Jesus to break away from that spiritual husband

  49. Pamela’s mother should listen to the pastor.while Tunde should also prepare himself for spiritual battle if he really love Pamela.

  50. hmmmmmm, av missed a lot. my phone got spoilt nd am even usin computer to read d stories. i pray i catch up. tunde dont play wiv fire ooooo

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