(Episode 11) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

Pamela’s mum: “I care about your happiness my daughter but things are not just done that way.  Don’t forget how you threatened to kill yourself if I didn’t take you to your husband’s house.”

Pamela: “Oh please mum! Didn’t you wait to think about how abnormal that was? You should have tied me down with a rope. Just look at the way you stood for Odinaka and now she’s in school studying medicine. How I wish I also had someone to really encourage me.” She sniffed back the tears threatening to choke her.

Pamela’s mum: “I’m sorry my dear, find a place in your heart to forgive me. I was just being cowardly.” She pleaded. Pamela took one look at her mum and started feeling sorry for her. She knew at the back of her mind that it was mostly her fault.

Pamela: “It’s okay mum, there’s no need for you to be pleading like that. Let’s let bygones be bygones. Hope Odinaka is not finding things difficult in school?”

Pamela’s mum: “Thanks my daughter. Odinaka is doing just fine. Doctor Ndubuisi is sponsoring her education at the moment.”

Pamela: “Ehn ehn? That’s awesome. May God bless him for us o.”

Pamela’s mum: “Amen. That reminds me… why have you not conceived since you got married? What exactly is going on?  Rumor mongers have started wagging their tongues like bulldogs.”

Pamela: “See mum, leave that story for some other time. Besides nothing is wrong we are just not ready for children yet.”

Pamela’s mum: “Na wa o, how can you say that so easily? I need to carry my grandchildren before I join my husband. If I leave like this, what will I tell him his grandchildren look like?”

Pamela: “Tell him they look like him. Exactly like him.” She winked at her mum who just shook her head and smiled.

Pamela’s mum: “All I know is hurry up, there isn’t much time left. Don’t make yourself an object of ridicule in this village and hope you are not doing anything that would jeopardize your marriage?”

Pamela: “Not at all ma.” She replied looking away.


Mama Nkechi who was eavesdropping on their conversation from her room which was somewhat close to Pamela’s mum’s was more than overjoyed to know Pamela was not ready to have an issue yet. “Good, good, please don’t ever be ready to have a child, my daughter will have it all on your behalf. That dumb girl, I hope she is doing what I sent her to Lagos to do. She must not come back to this village empty handed otherwise I’d roast her alive.” She thought to herself and giggled wickedly.


Nkechi and Ikenna had the whole house to themselves. They made love everywhere they found themselves in the house. Ikenna stopped going to work just to be with her for the period of two weeks his wife was to be in the village. Meanwhile, Tunde had decided to go calling at her house while she was away. He had begged her several times to introduce him to her husband but she had flatly refused each time he brought the topic up. He was so curious to know who the husband of the girl he loved was.

He knocked at the door but no one answered, it was a Sunday afternoon so he knew someone must be home. He turned the handle of the door, he was surprised to find it unlocked. He pushed it open and was rooted to the spot. On the floor laid two naked tangled bodies both oblivious to their surroundings. The man was moaning and groaning while the lady wept for him to go deeper inside her. The whole sitting room stunk with the odor of their love making. He wanted to turn back but changed his mind.

Tunde: “Hello peeps in this house.” But no one answered him. He cleared his throat and tried again, this time a bit louder. Ikenna and Nkechi jumped and fidgeted for something to cover themselves with. He looked at the ugly man struggling to put on his boxers and shook his head. “Please I’m here for Pamela’s husband but I think I have the wrong house, sorry for disturbing you. Carry on please” he said and made to leave.

Ikenna: “I am Pamela’s husband, who are you?”

Tunde: “You are Pamela’s Husband? You?” he wanted to be sure he did not imagine hearing what he heard.

Ikenna: “Yes na, please what do you….” Before he could finish what he was saying, a blow came flying his way which sent him staggering across the sitting room. He was dazed for a minute or two. “Wh…at was that for?” he stammered.

Tunde: “That is for cheating on your wife who is my friend son of a bitch. I will make sure she divorces you before this month runs out.” He fumed.

Ikenna: “Wait, you’ve gotten some things wrong. I love my wife and I wouldn’t have done this if she hadn’t denied me sex for close to a year now. I am married yet unmarried. Put yourself in my shoes Mr.”

Tunde: “Bastard, you could have found a way to make her yours again, rather than raping and molesting her. There simply is no justification to your barbaric acts. You are done for.”

Ikenna: “How is this any of your business? And what are you doing here by the way?” he shot back.

Tunde: “Bastard, you even have the guts to talk back?” he said incredulously.

Ikenna: “Wait, I smell foul play here. Are you probably in love with my wife? Are you?”

Tunde: “I am feeling sorry for you, very soon you will take back everything you just said to me”

Nkechi heard their battle of words and came out angrily.

Nkechi: “And who do you think you are to interfere in what is none of your business Mr. Tush? Please get out already. Go and do your freaking worst because we don’t fucking care.” She shot back at him.

Ikenna: “Nkechi please go back to the room, let me handle this.”

Nkechi: “No way! I won’t, I know you will only be pleading cowardly. You are just too soft for my liking. So I’m here and I’d treat his fuckup.”

Tunde: “But wait… miss, aren’t you the Nkechi she keeps telling me about? That you are her only friend and confidant in Lagos state? Wait aren’t you the one she brought from the village to stay with her?”

Nkechi: “I am all that and more. Now that you know, can you please pick up your phone and call her already? Tell her everything and see how grateful to you she’d be. Do it now or get out!”

Tunde looked at Ikenna furiously and walked out at last.

Ikenna: “Why did you do that? You should have just allowed me to handle everything myself. Now you’ve made an already bad situation worse.”

Nkechi: “I thought you’d be thanking me now?”

Ikenna: “Thank you for? You shouldn’t have talked to him like that”

Nkechi: “And were you talking to him any better than I did? The son of a bitch hit you and you could not retaliate. You disappoint me IK.”

Ikenna: “Why did you come fight him on my behalf then since you are all that?

Nkechi: “That is your headache. Besides there is something I need to tell you…

Question: Was Tunde’s reaction to what he saw justifiable? What do you think Nkechi would tell Ikenna?


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  1. it wasn’t. he was not meant to be there in Pamela’s absence since she doesn’t want to introduce him to ikenna.nkechi want to tell ikenna that she’s pregnant for him

  2. GdPM ALC&Fs,

    Grumpy day here, surprising!

    Tunde’s reaction was on point may with a bit overdone but natural. I suspect Pamela would finally be grateful to him for creating the opportunity for instituting legal action against him.

    Weldone Crew.


  3. Tunde’s reaction was 50/50, was justifiable but also wasn’t cos he should have overlooked the confused soul and thank him for making it much easy for him. ALC I think the right question should be “what do you think Nkechi would tell Ikenna” then my answer would be, she wants to tell him she’s pregnant for him cos he’s being the only person that has been banging her.

  4. Yes because he loves Pamela. she might not be perturbed about what her husband has done, but might want to use it as an excuse for divorce.

  5. Is it pamela or Nkechi, i guess is a mistake, but Nkechi want to tell him that she is pegnant for him, and for Tunde,his reaction was totally wrong.

  6. if she’s pregnant it will be better for pamela nd Tunde, so she can move on wit Tunde bt she needs prayer to be free from the curse nd spiritual bondage.

  7. Nkechi wants to tell Ikenna that she’s pregnant. Tunde was a little overboard but it serves Ikenna right…. There’s no justification whatsoever for such act.

  8. Yes judging the fact that he loves Pamela and also Pamela have been faithful to the husband. Pamela will just go ahead and divorce ikenna

  9. Tunde should have left immediately he saw them instead of putting more fire. I just hope pamela will be safe when she returns.

  10. Tunde’s reaction wasn’t justified because he s not suppose to look for Pamela in her matrimonial home since the lady in question refused to show him her husband. Nkechi is trying to tell Ikenna that she’s pregnant…

  11. I know this is what nkechi mother is planning while she volunteered for her daughter to be a helper to pamela… hmmmmm

  12. Yup the blow serve him right Hmmm guess Pamela is on the verge to leave that marriage as for nkechi she never see anything yet Cos ikenna doesn’t love her.

  13. Wow!, Tunde now have a good reason to nail his relationship with Pamela. Obviously, Nkechi want to tell Ikenna she’s pregnant!.

  14. For sure now, Nkechi wants tell Ikenna that the seed he had been planting has started germinating. Tunde’s reactions to some certain extent is not justifiable.

  15. Hmmm happy for Pammy I hope this their village Ndishi won’t hurnt her ,anyway Nkechi wants to tell him that she is pregnant and tunde thumps up

  16. Tunde over reacted since he is in love with Pamela n she is married to a cheater. Nkechi is pregnant for Ikenna n Pamela will b so happy since all she wanted is a way out!!

  17. Hmmm mmm. ….. Water don turn enter snail mouth oooo…
    Nkechi has finally achieved her mother plans and Tunde will try to make Pamela his at all cost..

  18. Tunde reaction is not justified he shudnt av done DAT but handle it in anoda mature way
    Pamela will av to tell ikenna who tunde is to her
    Nkechi will tell ikenna DAT shesshe’s pregnant

  19. Tunde now has a good opportunity to take what he wants and pamela will be very grateful….. I pray nkechi gets pregnant and her mother will come to realize that not all that glitters is gold (she will see the help pamela is going through, getting married to an ugly man who is not even rich, nawoo) but one thing is for sure, Tunde and pamela will end up together

  20. Well,tunde did no bad cus he was dissapointed knowing and meeting pam so called husband in such a way 4 d first time. I also think nkechi will say she is pregnant even thou she is not to make him hers. Nothing much pam will do,thou she will b mad @ herslf and her husband cus justifying it,she caused it. That will make her v choice and reason to let her husband be 4 d main time.

  21. Tunde’s action is 100% justified. I like that.
    obviously Nkechi is pregnant. she n her mother’s aim has bn achieved.

  22. Nkechi is already pregnant and wants to tell Ikenna about it.
    On the other hand, Tunde did not try al all. There is a reason she doesn’t want him to meet her husband. His visit though is beneficial as it will help Pamela know what they have been hiding and obtain a quick divorce.

  23. tunde ‘s reaction is not right he over reacted instead of videotaping them that would be a reasonable evidence against them denying. but for nkechi she will claim that she is pregnant

  24. What Tunde did wasn’t justifiable. He was in someone else’s wife. He should have comported himself & left the house.
    Nkechi wants to tell Ikenna that she is pregnant.

  25. What Tunde did wasn’t justifiable. He was in someone else’s house. He should have comported himself & left the house.
    Nkechi wants to tell Ikenna that she is pregnant.

  26. I like Tunde’s action and his presence at the house and I think it will help Pamela to know what is happening between her husband and her so call friend.

  27. i think Nkechi wants to tell Ikenna dat she’s pregnant 4 him already. Tunde did a wrong thing by slapping Ikenna, he shouldn’t have gone dat extent, bt cos of his feelings 4 Pamela…

  28. I think Pamela will be happy with the news and will be an excuse to leave ikeanna. wt tunde did was kind of justiable cause he was fighting for his fnd

  29. Tunde shouldn’t have visited the house while Pamela wasn’t home …as for ikenna that serves him right …what else does nkechi wanna tell IK Dan she is pregnant

  30. He is not totally justified. He shouldn’t have gone to her house in her absence. Nkechi probably wants to tell Ikenna dt she is pregnant. Hmmmmm….nxt pls.

  31. I think Tunde is going to make an already bad situation worse. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at some point it will play out in Tunde favour but….. It could get worse for him and Pamela.

  32. He was right with the words he said bt over reacted with the blow he added.. Nkechi is gonna tell him she’s pregnant.

  33. Tunde’s action is not too justifiable. He has no locus standi whatsoever to interfere in the issue in the absence of Pamela.
    Nkechi might fake a pregnancy news to him or that she wanted Ikenna to divorce Pamela in order for her to have way into his life permanently.

  34. No his actions was not justified but he did that bcos of the love he have for Pamela. Nkechi wants to tell Ikenna that she’s pregnant

  35. Tunde’s deed was not justifiable on the ground he was fighting a man whose wife she is in love with, I think Nkechi is about to tell tunde she is pregnant

  36. Tunde reaction is not good at all, but he did it because of the love he have to Paloma. And nkechi is about to tell Ikenna that she is pregnant.

  37. what tunde did was nt justified. nkechi probably want to tell ik that she’s pregnant or they should blackmail Pamela.

  38. Tunde acted out of anger he never expected to see what he saw especially frm pamela’s husband Nkechi wants to tell him she is pregnant

  39. Yes and no. Yes because pamela is her friend. No because he is acting on jelousy for having love pamela and he has no right to threaten ikenna on divorce.
    And nkechi wants to tell ikenna that she is pregnant.

  40. Tunde’s act was so off point ,u get into an apartment u nt even sure of n c two couple making love n u just interuptedlike it’s ur home? N u pick a fight at 1st sight? No wonder love is blind n Tunde is treading on harm’s way.

  41. I mean Tunde do not have the right to burst into Pamela’s house and pick up fight with her husband because he caught him with another lady. On nkechi part,maybe she’s pregnant or he want Ikenna to divorce Pamela.

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