(Episode 12) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

Ikenna: “I am all ears”

Nkechi: “Guess please…”

Ikenna: “You won a lottery” he said nonchalantly.

Nkechi: “Is gambling the only thing you know? Can’t you think of something better?” she said feigning annoyance.

Ikenna: “I can’t think of any other good news you can probably have so tell me already, I’m not in the best of moods this noon” he said impatiently.

Nkechi: “Okay then, since you are that curious I will tell you. I am pregnant” she said clasping her hands together in excitement.

Ikenna: “Pregnant? For who?”

Nkechi: “What kind of dumb question is that? I’m pregnant for you of course. We are having a baby”

Ikenna: “You and who is having a baby? You must be out of your mind” he said springing up.

Nkechi: “What’s with that reaction?”

Ikenna: “There is no way I am the father of your baby. So free me please”

Nkechi: “Don’t do that Ikenna. Please don’t. I know you are like this because of your wife. But think about this: has she really ever acted like your wife? Who does all your cooking? Who mates with you? Who washes your dirty underwear? I’m sure she hasn’t opted out of this marriage because of Ndishi. If not, she would have left you in a lurch a long time ago.”

Ikenna: “Well you are right but she is still my wife and I’m not supposed to be doing this to her. At least she is not sleeping around, if she were Ndishi would have arrested her. So let’s handle this ish with maturity…”

Nkechi: “What maturity? If you are talking of abortion, just know I will never do it so don’t mention it. The best thing for you to do now is go to my mum in the village and pay my bride price because you’ve gotten yourself another wife. Please do take care of us.” She said curtsied and stormed out of the sitting room.

Ikenna: “This is a terrible situation, if Pamela gets wind of this, she’d abandon me and I’m just a load carrier without her. I’d probably have to go back to that degrading apartment. No way will I let that happen.” He picked up his phone and dialed Obinna “Hello Obaino, please meet me at the park ASAP. This is a matter of life and death…”

Obinna:” What is the problem this time o” Obinna noticed his voice sounded hoarse on the phone.

Ikenna: “I will tell you when we see just meet me there in the next twenty minutes” He said and hung up the call.


Pamela at her in-laws’ place in the village had to put up with their irritable actions towards her for not having a child yet. They treated her like an outcast and picked on at every single provocation.

Pamela: “Here is your food mama, I prepared your favorite of Otipiri.”  Otipiri was a kind of traditional food made from grounded maize. It’s usually prepared with vegetables and beans. It was a delicacy in Enugu Ezike Oba.

Mama Ikenna: “Which food, please get it out of my sight you worthless girl. Isn’t that all you know to do? Eat and grow fat. I’m sure you must have milked my son dry to look this good.”

Pamela: “Here you come again mama. Why don’t you just let me rest for once? Why do you always have to pick on me?”

Mama Ikenna: “Did I hear you say rest? There is no rest for a barren woman. You are better off dead, there is no use for a woman who cannot conceive.” She stood up looking Pamela in the face and in the process bathed her with showers of her spittle.

Pamela: “Did I hear you say dead? And what if I were to be your biological daughter? Would you have used such a word on me?” she wept.

Mama Ikenna: “There’s no need for you to be shedding crocodile tears. You think I don’t know you are a witch? You bewitched my son into marrying you. I will make sure you leave his house one day, ogbanje. Mtcheeeeeeew…”

Pamela: “Thanks mama but I’m sure the truth will be revealed one day and we will know who is evil and who is not.” She said and ran into her little hut, locked the door and cried herself to sleep.

Mama Ikenna: “What truth? We already know the whole truth, you are a witch and you’ve donated your womb to your coven. My soon is just a victim, a victim of circumstance. Heeeeei my poor son! And I warned you, I told you this girl is too beautiful and has the eyes of an ogbanje but you refused to heed to my warning. See what’s happening now?” she soliloquized. “I must do something about this, I can’t let some woman kill my innocent son for me. Mba ajum!” she said retying her wrapper.

The next day she packed her things and went back to Lagos. On stepping in, she met Nkechi in the sitting room reading a novel.

Pamela: “I’m back…” she announced but Nkechi pretended not to have heard her. “Nkechi, I said I am back” she emphasized and snatched the novel from her hand. “What kind of novel are you reading that you are so lost in? What if I were to be a thief or someone more dangerous? You are supposed to be taking care of the house.”

Nkechi: “Sorry madam, I did not know you were back, Welcome. I thought you said you will be in the village for two weeks? It’s been just a week.”

Pamela: “Whichever way I’m back. Aren’t you happy to see me?” she said sitting down unbuttoning her shirt.

Nkechi: “Why will I be happy to see you?” she muttered inaudibly.

Pamela: “What did you say?”

Nkechi: “I said I am extremely happy to see you. Welcome once again” she said and returned to reading her novel rather than taking her madam’s bag inside.

Pamela: “Are you not supposed to take my bag inside? Or am I to remind you of that too? You scatterbrained girl.” She said jokingly. Nkechi snatched the bag from the floor and headed for the room without uttering a word. Pamela thought her actions were strange but she quickly discarded the thought.

Nkechi went to the room and dropped the bag angrily on the floor…”Witch why did you have to come back now? To spoil my good chance of becoming a wife in this beautiful house? Heeeeeiiii… why didn’t she just have an accident on her way back? How much I prayed for that to happen. Chukwu Okike Abiama you no longer answer prayers o” she fumed.



Pamela could not wait to see Tunde so the next day she prepared and went to the office even though she still had a week before she was due to report back to duty. She headed straight for Tunde’s office. Without knocking, she pushed open the door and saw him on his desk engrossed with the sketching of the recent project he was to work on. He looked up slowly from it and smiled warmly at her.

Tunde: “See who is back…” he said standing up from his seat. “It’s my beautiful village girl who did not bother calling me for a whole week” he continued, walked up to her swiftly to hug her but she stopped him beaming with smiles.

Pamela: “Don’t forget Ndiiiishiiii” she mouthed.

Tunde: “Urrrghhhhh” he groaned. “How was your journey? How is everyone at home? Why are you back so soon? Missed me right?” he winked at her.

Pamela: “Missed who? I wouldn’t do that for the universe. I just feel you wouldn’t survive in this office without your able PA” she pouted her lips.

Tunde took one look at her pouted lips and felt his erection rise. He had to cross his legs to hide it. He felt anger surge within him for not being able to hold the woman his heart belonged to. He felt rage when he remembered what transpired between he and her husband the time he had gone there.

Tunde: “Sweets, I have to ask you a question about this Ndishi you keep talking about”

Pamela: “Please ask away”

Tunde: “What about men? Does it arrest any man who engages in extra Marital affair?”

Pamela: “Not really. A man can have as many mistresses as he wants as long as they are not married. It can only arrest him if he sleeps with a married man. Also, if he has an idea or knows that his wife committed such act and did not take the necessary actions for her to appease the god, it can lead to his death while the woman would be free.”

Tunde: “Wow, that’s huge but it is a little partial now. Men can do whatever they want with unmarried women while women can’t? That’s outrageous. Well that’s by the way. I have something I need to tell you…”

Pamela: “Okay? This one you are looking so serious, it must be a serious something o, hope you are not about to ask me to marry you?” she said crossing her arms across her chest jokingly.

Tunde: “I don’t even know whether to tell you or not…”

Question: “Should he tell her what he saw at her house that day?”


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  1. Tuned should tell Pamela what he saw so that she will know the kind of girl Nkechi is…. at least she will have the reason to leave that marriage and return the pride price back to Ikenna’s family

  2. He shouldn’t joor,he should make up some stories and let pam figure that out herself cus no matter ow late or sooner it is,nkechi can’t tolerate her 4 long anymore witout making her knw abt her position. Goodnyt to all

  3. if he is her friend indeed then he should tell her what he saw last time…. so that pamela will be caution of how she relates with Nkechi because she is but A GREEN SNAKE UNDER A GREEN GRASS

  4. If he like let him tell her or not, Pamela is the cause how can you marry nd refused to sleep with the man, Ikenna i like wat you did, dont be afraid noting wil happen just keep the child pls, as for Pamela go and marry Tunde idiot.

  5. lobatan gbese re ooooo Tunde must not tell her let her find out her self…… o da ro … I can’t just for the next one

  6. Hmmm, he should make use of words discretion in telling her . Also he should observe her reaction to know when to stop and change to another matter or whether to go on.

    Thanks sok much #Adelove.

  7. Tunde should not tell her what he saw, because with time she will know by her self. Adelove good night and I don’t know what is happen ooo, since yesterday I can’t be able to share your story on my Facebook.

  8. Hmmmm
    This is very dicey oooo
    He should tell her and also make sure she doesn’t go violent.
    It’s hard either ways…

  9. Even if Tunde didn’t tell her…she will find out soon..becos nkechi can’t tolerate her in d house any longer..especially with d pregnancy… Nice one adelove…next episode plssssd

  10. He shouldn’t tell her, so that it wouldn’t be has if he is happy for her family to fall.. He should tackle the incident with maturity…

  11. He might tell her to keep her for himself, or not bcos he might not want to hurt her…….. Either way, I think he should tell her bcos Ikenna doesnt deserve pamela

  12. It will be good for Pamela if he tells her, but won’t be good for Tunde if he tells her, bcos he must explain himself what he went to her house in her absence to do.

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