Film Director, Chima Okereke says constant training will grow Film Industry

Film Director, Chima Okereke says constant training will grow Film Industry

On Tuesday, a top Film director, Chima Okereke said that constant training in the Motion Picture Industry (MPI) would boost the quality of movies being produced.

Okereke said in Lagos that constant training and researching deeply into story lines and handling of equipment were very vital to the development of the industry.

He identified talent development as fundamental in the film industry, saying it would help to increase the quality of films produced.

“If you train people on the job or they train themselves, development will come and you will retain high productivity and get the best out of employees.”

“It will also help to motivate people working with you and you get talent development persons to create high performance goals.”

“Training will sustain the organisation and its strategies, operational purposes and objectives would improve,’’ he said.”

He said that a good number of organisations were offering training in film-making and the likes.

“We have schools that train people in films both in Nigeria and abroad; people coming into the industry can key in to make the sector better.”

“Constant training in the industry will always present the good final product for the cinematographic art industry,’’ he said.

Okereke said that the MPI should develop not only in good pictures, but also in literature, creative writing, visual arts, animations and others.

“Training should also involve human resource management, knowing the different stages of a movie from casting, directing, producing, editing, directing and delivering.”

“We have obsolete equipment and cameras, but we need to improve on them or get new ones,’’ he said.

He said that training on the technical aspects of film and photo creation with specialist’s equipment, would go a long way to boost the capacity of the individual.



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