Navy confiscates N420bn stolen crude oil in 2016

Navy confiscates N420bn stolen crude oil in 2016

The Nigerian Navy said on Wednesday that it apprehended 810,725 metric tonnes of stolen crude in 2016.

They also confiscated 1,078,104 metric tonnes of unlawful-refined diesel in 2016 and destroyed 181 illegal refineries. It also arrested 33 vessels.

The Navy put the financial worth of the seized crude oil and diesel at N420.1billion, excluding the value of vessels, boats and vehicles seized by them.

The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice-Admiral Ibok Ekwe-Ibas, gave the figures at the National Assembly in Abuja when he appeared before the House of Representatives Committee on Navy to defend the NN’s 2017 budget proposals.

The CNS spoke just as the Chairman of the committee, Mr. Abdussamad Dasuki, disclosed that inadequate funding of the NN had resulted in an annual economic loss of N3trillion by the country.

The amount is almost half of Nigeria’s 2017 budget estimates of N7.298trillion.

Giving further details of its operations in 2016, Ekwe-Ibas said 38 barges and 263 wooden boats were destroyed.

He added that 53 other boats were arrested; 784 suspects were arrested; 145 outboard engines were confiscated; and 135 speedboats arrested.

Other seizures and arrests were, “2,97 drums; 4,753 jerry cans; 27 trucks; 47 vehicles; 15 motorcycles; 139 geepee tanks; and 224 surface tanks.”

In addition, the CNS said 468 arms and 1,659 ammunition were seized.




  1. Why aren’t the caught perpetrators named? It is practically impossible for “common” thieves to perpetrate this degree of criminality. A lot of human, financial and technical resources are required which are not likely to be within the reach of an average citizen. Are these perpetrators not paraded, as the police usually does with a goat stealer, because those behind these crimes belong to the privileged and powerful class in the society? The degree of theft is mind boggling and raises lots of questions. Despite the laudable war on corruption, nothing seems to have changed. May God help our dear country

  2. is this what we are now using the nigeria navy to do. Instead of constantly seizing the oil after the fact, why doesn’t the government try to stop it before it happens. we are busy seizing and shutting down illegal refineries, yet we continue to waste forex importing. why can’t this illegal refineries be brought online and made legal. DPR can focus on helping them improve the quality and ensure they are in compliance with government standard. this would be one means to provide people of this region employment and begin the process of improving their region and lives.

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