Our Girls; Maths; ‘Violent Death Calculator’; Love Nigeria

Our Girls; Maths; ‘Violent Death Calculator’; Love Nigeria

By Tony Marinho

Our Girls are still missing since April 15th 2014. Watch Trump for entertainment and ‘reality TV’. Anambra State’s clampdown on thugs collecting illegal levies is ‘photocopy-able’ nationwide.

Governors must save citizens from Government 419 and illegal taxation from LGAs staff and Ex-staff ‘419ers’. Lagos State Employment Trust Fund gives loans of N1b for SMEs. Good. Please investigate East Uganda’s $19m solar farm with 32,000 panels across 30 acres providing 10Mw to 40,000 homes and offices. Even SUN Nigerians refuse to utilise!

Malcom Gladwell’s book ‘Outliers’ mentions Alan Shoenfeld, Berkeley Maths Professor who found the more maths you do the better you get. Simple? I remember failing maths in St Gregory’s College. In Form 5 with WASC looming, I fearfully sat Past Question Papers (PQPs) for 2½-3 hours. Self-marked, I got a F9, 33%. During the next six months, by working PQPs 1-2 hours/day, I got better achieving a ‘C‘ in Maths in WASC. Tell Nigeria’s children: ‘MATHS PRACTICE MAKES MATHS SEMI-PERFECT’. Maths requires a Martin Luther King’s ‘I shall Overcome’ Attitude not prayers. Maths practice is ‘Maths Practicals’ and for weak students is DIY, Do It Yourself, at HOME and DAILY AND PRACTICAL MENTAL ARITHMETIC!

Lest we forget and before we forgive, add up the INCALCULABLE COST on our ‘Nigeria’s Violent Dead (VD) Calculator’ of our dead and injured in this boastful ‘power dark’ country. ‘THE MATHS OF WAR CASUALTIES is simple = DEATH: INJURY: DISPLACEMENT’– 1 DEAD: 10 INJURED: 20-100 DISPLACED from – BOW/ARROWS, BAYONETS/MACHETES, BIKE, BULLETS, BOMB, BIOLOGICAL WARFARE-typhoid, cholera etc. Start with the Civil War 1+million dead. The ‘revelation’ of 10-20,000 dead in Southern Kaduna require ethnic and religious breakdown. Government underestimates by 50-200%, suggesting that 50,000 are dead. Since Deaths: Injuries are 1:10 then the injured, psychological and physical, amount to 500,000 from Southern Kaduna and IDPs in hundreds of thousands, many have fled nationwide. Add the 30,000 dead and 3,000,000 IDPs from Fulani herdsmen: Farmers, also murderous in Southern Kaduna, and the 30,000 dead and 3,000,000 displaced by Boko Haram, including University of Maiduguri mosque murdered and the 10,000+ kidnapped. The ‘Nigeria’s VD Calculator’ has post-slavery dead of 1,100,000 dead and five million IDPs without adding the dead from government incompetence–the pothole and power failure dead- the fuel explosions, generator fumes, remember Jesse’s 1,000 and dead from scooping fuel from punctured or corroded pipelines or crashed tankers, and from military and government extremism exemplified by murdered Ken Saro Wiwa, Uncle Bola Ige, Funsho Williams, Odi’s 100, coup plots -real and imagined-, ECOMOG, et cetera. Add ‘one chance’ victims of public transport kidnapped or ritually murdered for body part concoctions to ‘guarantee success’ in studies, business, politics and love, the victims of student cultism e.g. ‘The Ife 7’ and the murdered lecturers in Ilorin and the police killed in robberies and police killings by ‘accidental [-ly on purpose] discharge’. ‘All present and correct’-ly dead! Add 30,000 ‘Deaths by Politics’. Add 100,000 deaths and 1,000,000 physical and psychological injuries by the political class supporting the Okada Epidemic infecting even your family.

Even ‘Nigeria’s Violent Dead Calculator’ cannot calculate the death of the 1960 Nigerian Independence Dream to live and love Nigeria ‘In A Great Country Turned Into A Great Nation By Great Leaders’. The Martin Luther King’s I had a Dream and the American Dream may dominate Hollywood but we have had a dream and desire for Nigeria’s greatness from our St Gregory’s days in the early 1960s with Johnny Uku, Tokunbo Marinho. The dream survived coups, conflicts of conscience, and the Nigerian Civil War when my best friends were ‘First In Class’ Pius Idigo and Charles Hammond and the yet-to-be Great Fela was our idol and Sunday Jump our home. It grew into a patriotic raging bull in the University of Ibadan with great medical student friends like Cyril Etomi, Funso Onafowokan, Wale Kabiawo and Wole Ogunseiyinde in the late 1960s- early 1970s. It became a huge badge of pride during NYSC in Jos/Lafia in 1975/6 and in the late 1970s-early 1980s, when the naira was Baba Dollar and the Green Passport was ‘The Passport to Beat’ and UCH was UCH and members of The Group notably Dele Fawole and friends like Tobi Aken’Ova made families into families. Later ethnic and military politics, time and circumstance cut every dream into mere harmattan mist and I have lamented in 1,000+ articles and with friends like Toks Abiose and Banwo Smith the Murder and Death of the Nigerian Dream. I mention these wonderful people as representational of true Nigerians so that you may know that we are many, legion, hands chaffed, clothes bloodstained and hopes dashed at the barricades of moral rectitude and integrity. We are assailed daily by a spiteful greedy ‘POLITICAL EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRY’ which charges so highly for services of questionable quality and pays itself outrageously, while failing every leadership test. We witness the looting of treasuries and erection of empires while we work, with bare hands, at nation-building on farms raided by Fulani herdsmen.

Dream shattered, true Nigerians may not be rich by Nigeria’s outrageous rich-political thieving standards, but we are rich in the spirit dampened by naira, political, fuel and power failures. Nigeria must stop THE UGLY MATHS OF NIGERIA’S SELF-HARM -VIOLENCE AGAINST ITSELF! I dare to modify Wole Soyinka/Tunji Oyelana’s chant for Nigeria@57¼ to ‘I love my country I no go lie, na inside am I don de die’. Find and raise Political Leaders Who LOVE NIGERIA!



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