Woman causes controversy as she strips and twerk n*ked on the road (Photos)

Woman causes controversy as she strips and twerk n*ked on the road (Photos)

A video making rounds on social media has left people shocked as a middle aged woman stepped into the highway, pulled down her panties and twerked n*de.

A young lady has been captured in a video clip where she stepped into the middle of a highway, pulled down her trousers, pants and starts to shake her massive bare buttocks to the amazement of onlookers.

The woman starring in the video clip which emerged online some hours ago and currently making rounds on social media, was seen as she lied on her back and started dipping her fingers into her private part while some men drew closer to get close shots of the action.

She even gave a piece of the action to the traffic officers around.

As at the time of filing this report, it is unclear which African country the shocking incident occurred, but the woman was seriously dancing for people as they repeatedly took pictures of her.

Below are more screenshots from the video which we couldn’t post because of its explicit nature;



  1. If she is truly sane then she is got it all wrong cos dancing nude in full public glare neither contributes to economic growth nor does it uplift her self worth…..

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