63-Year-Old Man Weeps Bitterly Over Trump’s Immigration Law [VIDEO]

63-Year-Old Man Weeps Bitterly Over Trump's Immigration Law [VIDEO]

An Iranian immigrant who had been resident in the US for several years before the immigrant bill, wept uncontrollably, begging Trump to reconsider his decision as the ban would affect his means of livelihood.

The 63-year-old man, Hossein Khoshbakhty, spoke with Immigration officers, insisting he is an Iranian-American.

In tears, Khoshbakhty said, “The American and Iran relation is affected already? But we are people, we are not government. We are not doing nothing.

“If the government does something wrong with this government, we are not responsible.

“I am American and Iranian. What I can do?

“Why I have to be punished for somebody else’ problem? I don’t know what I have to do.

“We ran away from Iran to this country because they do something like this but we did not know we are going to have the same situation here.

“I’m a U.S citizen for about 15, 20 years, please Trump, take back your order.

“And my brother didn’t do nothing wrong in no place in the world and I did not do nothing wrong.

“I’m a contractor, I’m working hard here, I’m building the houses for the people – the American people and I am American too,” he added.

Other immigrants were at the background murmuring, ‘the order is unfair.’

Meanwhile, Nigerians were also not left out as the Trump order, which took immediate effect, indicated that Nigerians holding valid two-years’ US visa may also be affected.

Also, no fewer than 83 Nigerians were deported and they arrived in the country on Wednesday from the Queen’s land.

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  1. Trump is pushing too hard, he shld peddle gently or else….


    ……….. Make i no talk sha, but………………………..
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