(Episode 1) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

(Episode 1) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Osaze came into the dining area where his family was seated already.

Three of them; his wife and kids, Alex and Sandra. He drew the chair and sat, rubbed his palms together and there were smiles on the faces of everyone. The smell of soap and water oozed from his body. He had just had a very cold bath. The table had on it two big bowls  as everyone sat with a plate staring at him or her. They were having rice and stew. It was their favorite except for his wife, Grace, who preferred Semovita. They all exchanged glances and the very bold Sandra who found it very easy to say what she was thinking chimed,

Sandra: “what’s everyone waiting for? I’m hungry!”

They all giggled. She was daddy’s girl. He couldn’t hide the fact that he loved her even more than his wife and son. Osaze, stroked her cheeks,

Alex: “Miss foodie!” Sandra gave him a cryptic gaze.

Grace: “Okay, who’s gonna pray?” her glance fell on her husband,

With raised shoulders,

Osaze: “I prayed this morning!” Sandra and Osaze looked at Alex, who certainly got the message,

Alex: “Yeah,Yeah! I get it!”

Grace: “All eyes on you man,”she rubbed his head as they chuckled.

Alex: “Let’s pray. Father, thank you for this meal. Thank you for daddy and mummy. Thank God for my lovely sister! Thank You for provision. I pray for those kids and families who have nothing to eat provide for them as you have provided for us. Bless this food and nourish it in Jesus name I have prayed.”

They all chorused “amen!”

Grace opened the dishes and served everyone. Sandra couldn’t wait as she pounced on hers.

Osaze ate lazily, pecking on the food; he smiled, as he watched his daughter devour hers.

Alex: “sometimes I wonder where all the food you eat go into!” he teased his sister, with his mouth full. Sandra and her mother Grace starred at him in return.

Grace: “Lex!” she reprimanded him

Alex: “Sorry mum!” Sandra smirked and she also received her warning with a stern gaze from her mother,

Sandra: “Sorry,mum!”

Osaze smiled. He couldn’t have been happier with such a near-perfect family; beautiful wife and cute kids, what else could he ask for.  Sandra was fourteen while her brother was twelve. He was very satisfied with having two kids even though his wife wanted more,

Grace: “Baby, let’s have one more now, please!” she would say, whenever she brought up the issue of another child.But that was certainly a no for him. During courtship Grace had told Osaze that she’d love four kids but he wanted just one and they agreed on two. But deep inside, she wanted more. After pestering him for months he told her:

Osaze: “Okay, fine! You win but it’s going to be after we have completed the new house.”

They were building a new house  in an area called Kuho, close to the Mobile base in the state capital of Jigawa state, Dutse. The new house was bigger. Osaze had it designed to his taste, he loved space. And as a photographer, he made provision for a home studio in the new house.

Grace: “Is the new house not too big for us? We could put it up for rent once we are done and renovate this one!”

The house they were living in was theirs too.

Osaze: “Eh,eh oo! You know how much I love space. This new house is just perfect.”

Osaze couldn’t wait for the house to be completed. What made him euphoric about it was the home studio. It was just what he wanted. As the biggest photographer in town he wanted do some shoots away from the rented studio and the home studio was going to be designed in a beautiful way. He had seen the design in a photography magazine.

Osaze: “This is it,man!” he said to Alex when they were perusing different magazines for a particular design. Alex was being groomed in his father’s profession but he wasn’t forced into it. He had a creative eye and was in love with the art. Osaze wasn’t the kind of father who would force what he wants down the throat of a child.

Alex: “It’s superb,dad!”

Alex looked like his mother with red lips and an ebony complexion. Sandra was a photocopy of Osaze fair in complexion with a gap in the teeth and dimples. What Osaze had was a very beautiful family. He felt very at peace with living in the north in spite of the sectarian crisis. His elder brother,Tony, said to him to relocate, in so many words:

Tony: “O, boy you for jus relocate come Lag abi Abj e for beta oo. I no jus understand dis wan wey yhu kack for Aboki land. You know say to kill person no dey hard dem oo. To dem na cow yhu bi oo!” But Osaze would wave him off, he was assured that he was safe in the north, and told his brother so. He had stayed in the northern part of the country for close to eighteen years. He came as a youth corp member, and decided to stay after his service year, so he was used to the terrain.

Osaze: “Besides BH boys dey fear to reash dis area. Jigawa safe die!” he would quip.



Osaze loved his wife very much and never had thought of ever cheating on her. She trusted him very much. The fifteen years of marriage was bliss. Their marriage was spotless, a typical Hollywood story.

Two months ago, a very fine spotless Fulani girl, who looked as beautiful and unearthly as a mermaid, had come in for some pictures. . She had just returned from the Uk, as could be observed from her British accented English. He was playing with his phone reading jokes and laughing alone in his office at the studio, when he heard a very tiny but pleasant voice ask of him from one of his workers;

Zainab: “Is your boss around?” it was the voice of a nightingale.

Who could that be? He pondered within himself. He was tempted to jump out and check but he fought the temptation and remained glued to the chair as one of the workers ran into his office and told him a lady was asking of him.

Osaze: “Let her in!”he exclaimed, unable to keep the excitement out of his voice.

Zainab entered with a blue gown and a head scarf tied in a beautiful fashion. The makeup she had on was lit and didn’t in anyway get into the way of her natural beauty. Her skin shone like refined gold. It was obvious that she was from a rich home.

Zainab: “My name is Zainab and I came here because, I was told you’re the best in town!” she said, rolling the words out without really opening her lips.

She was bold, and her essence filled the office. The perfume she had on was mild, and wasn’t intrusive like most of the perfumes worn by northern girls. Zainab didn’t look timid like most girls from the north there was something in her eyes that he couldn’t pinpoint, like embers of hot coal.

Osaze could feel the heat. He just didn’t know what to say to her.

Osaze swallowed spit and managed to say,

Osaze: “You’re welcome to G.A. S Images!”

That was the name of the studio, it was formerly known as O-Images but changed the name using letters of his wife and kids as the new signature for his studio. To him family came first.

Zainab: “Thank you,” she said simply, with a small smile. Osaze wasn’t himself. She was seductive in the manner she carried herself but Osaze wasn’t comfortable with her around. Maybe it was the fire in her eyes. The silence in the room was deafening, as she walked around the office, fingering the captivating images hung on the wall. She kept up with that for ten minutes and Osaze followed her with his eyes- they roved from one corner to the other. Every step she took his eyes moved with her even its blinking didn’t lose track of her movement of activity.

“Your pictures are poetic!” she smiled, and added, “ I’ll be back soon!”

She departed and as each day passed Osaze waited for her return; the joy he had while capturing his subjects had been jaded- he couldn’t find it anymore. It seemed Zainab had gone with it. He wasn’t in love with her, no, he was so much in love with his wife. But he couldn’t explain the effect Zainab had on him.

That night after the rice and stew dinner, he retired to bed early. The thought of Zainab popped up again. She had showed up after two months and left leaving behind same words,

“Your works are poetic! I’ll be back soon!”

He sighed as his wife entered the room.


Do you think Osaze is in love with Zainab? Why was she always coming and leaving without actually taking pictures? Would the way he was feeling affect his love for his wife in the near future?

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  1. Hmm morning adelove osaze is lusting over zainab not love and soon with the way he is going if we doesn’t disclose it to his wife his vision will be clouded with lust and his love for his wife will be affected.

  2. Osaze should tread with caution, I don’t trust dat Zainab girl. Osaze’s not in love with her just infatuation. Morning to u guys!

  3. Am feeling negative abt this story,I think zainab purpose is diff frm getting a pictures. It’s likely to affect his family in the nearest future.

  4. Osaze is in love. It will affect is family if he keep it with himself. Let the story begin. Adelove crew may God bless u all. More in into ur pen.

  5. That is not love..Osaze is lusting after zainab..nd zainab knows he has taken a liking towards her …we will know her mission soon …Osaze shud control the way he feels so as not to cause a rift btwn his family

  6. osaze may end up loving zainab wahich will bring a very disastorous effect. but let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what happens

  7. He is not in love but if care is not taken he will fall for her seduction, and i think Zainab has a mission in Osaze life and family. pls u av a happy family and many temptation will come as a photography think wise i love dat family already. Adelove Thanks for d morning tea.

  8. This story is goin to be an interesting one,osaze has fallen in luv wif zainab nd i fink zainab actually wants to leave an impression for osaze so dat he ll continue to fink bout her. Osaze’s luv for zainab ll affect not only his wife buh also his children.

  9. Hmm, No Osage is not in luv with her.. Zainab has something in mind … he should be very careful so that it won’t affect his family…

  10. Osaze is in love with zainab somehow and that love affection for zainab will definitely affect his love for his wife but zainab want something from osazi but not clear what exactly is looking for,only time shall tell

  11. Men can’t see a beautiful woman and stay clear. he is not in love but infatuated and Zainab is also in the same situation with Osaze.
    His feeling for Zainab will certainly affect his love for his wife because you can’t served two masters at the same time.

  12. Hmmmmmmm Adelove is here again with another interesting story…… I think Zainab has a mission…. I think he is in love with her which will affect his marriage

  13. Thats how we roll, Adelove has come again, Osaze is having deep feeling for Zainab and there is g hiding agenda from Zainab.

  14. Another interesting story, Ozase is lust in the thought of Zainab which will definitely bring a little gap btw him and his family. This will affect his wife the more.

  15. Osaze is not in love with zainab his just found of her but zainab has come on a mission to seduce osaze she on a mission to destroy osaze family which might affect the love osaze has for the wife

  16. I don’t think Osaze is in love yet and at the moment the love he has for his wife is still intact until something happens. An interesting and promising piece coming from the masterpiece. Let’s roll people.

  17. Osazie might just have a feeling for her, probably Zainab is trying to seduce him. Osazie should control his emotions, so that it won’t affect his relationship with his wife. Nice one!

  18. osaze is in love with her.zainab might be a messenger from the marine kingdom and if not careful,his marriage is at the verge of collapse

  19. Osaze is not in luv w zainab nd i fink zainab is d one in luv w him n actually wants to leave an impression for osaze so dat he ll continue to fink about her. Osaze’s lust for zainab would affect not only his wife but also his children n Hus life.

  20. Hmm…I won’t call it love but lust.Osaze shouldn’t even think of doing something stupid to ruin the lovely family he has.nice work Adelove and crew

  21. Osaze is not in love with Zainab. And she have mission with him, that is why she is always coming and leaving she want Osaze to talk to her first. I can’t see that one happening, because he love his wife so much. Good morning Adelove and happy weekend

  22. Hmmmmmmm temptation is not a sin but falling into temptation is a sin. he should beware of hanging by the Corner…
    this story will be interesting

  23. Osaze has started developin interest in zainab.and it will affect d luv he hv for his wife n d kids.and for zainab she has mission

  24. Zainab is on mission, she might be inlove with osaze, osaze himself is beginning to be somehow attracted to her. For men, na one day e dey start. Sample us the next episode let knw d real direction

  25. Hello ALC&FS,

    First let me (even though I did not win) congratulate the lucky winners from yesterday on this intriguing story blog. Big congrats to winners and ALCrew! Dont mind my saying it but whatabout the last 5k, yet to get mine o #winking.

    Hmnn this story already evinces the features of the usual captivating story lines hosted here. Looking forward to it as it unfolds.

    Temptations and lust, that is what wrong with Osaze. Zainab is probably taking her time to put a album theme together but she finally unveils her business intentions or perhaps she is actually all out to seduce Osaze who is already plunging head first apparently AND this attitude could very well affect his marital relationship in the near future. Maybe he was never really put through the TEST before his courtship that led to his marriage with Grace.


  26. I think zainab is the one in love with osaze. that’s call for her coming and going without taking pictures…I can sense some problems that can destroy the ever happy family..

  27. Osaze is being carried away by Zainab beauty, Zainab intentionally came 2 his place 2 taunt him & eventually as time goes on it will effect d relationship b/w Osaze & his wife.

  28. Osaze is infatuated. Beware, as Zainab could be another agent of darkness, like Eno. The story is interesting already.
    Good morning, Ade love and crew.

  29. Another mind blowing story from Adelove and crew. Thanks guys.
    I think Osaze is lusting after Zainab. As for Zanaib’s intention dt I don’t know yet,but I sure knw is not going to be gud. And yes his feeling towards Zainab might affect his feelings for his wife cos he is already becoming so distracted and always thinking about d mysterious Zainab. Next pls.

  30. Osaze has been carried away with her beauty, he should be careful though it is lust but can affect his family because the lady is actually after something from him.
    My thought anyway, next episode please…..

  31. Peace is lusting over Zainab and Zainab is up to something that is why she’s always coming and going without taking pictures. It will definitely have effect on his family at the nearest future

  32. Osaze is carried away lustfuly not that he loves her.. I think zainab is an arranged distraction.. If he’s not careful, he might ruin his love for his wife n kids

  33. Osaze is infatuated with Zainab..Zainab is a seductress that came to seduce Osaze…It will destroy his perfect home,because Zainab is a Jezebel that came to destroy the serenity of his home..

  34. No Osaze is not in love with Zainab. I think Zainab is up to get Mr. Osaze to fall for her. Yes the way he is feeling if not careful will affect his love for his wife in the near future.

  35. osaze is already falling in love if not why would he be thinking of her every time, Zainab might have a very dangerous mission to carry out on osaze which she is still looking for a better chance to strike and this will have a great negative impact on osaze family in the future

  36. Osazie is just lusting after zainab and zainab somehow knows what she is doing to him and she really want him to fall for him, this will have a negative effect on his family.

  37. Zainab came on a mission of seduction and charm of ruining the peace and love that exist in his home and he is falling for it already. Note no love from him to zainab

  38. Adelove una don come again. He is lusting for her and not love. and his love for his wife will surely be affected in the future

  39. They both having feeling for one and other. Osage’s feeling is unexplainable but Zanaib knows what she wanted.
    In no distance time events will unfold itself.

  40. I don’t think what he is feelinh 4 her is luv,it may b infatuation or lost… And yes it will affect his marriage, and i think zanab is on a mission 4 she knws quiet well what her appearance is doing to Osaze

  41. Osaze is in love wit zainab.and if he doesn’t take his mind of her, it will really affect his marriage. Adelove pls do something abt this because i don’t understand why am just getting episode 1 just now

  42. I think Osaze is in lust.with Zainab, dancing to Zainab’s tune will be problem that will affect his family, Osazeeeeee, be careful.

  43. Another ogbonge story from Adelove.
    Na love dey shark Osaze. Zainab comes there to seduce him which will affect his love for his wife & family. I pray he doesn’t fall for her because it’s going to be disastrous.

  44. Osaze should be very careful becx I see her as an agent coming to destory d love he has had for his wife and children for d past 15yrs and he Neva cheated on her nor him so he should just clear d tot of zainab away from him or till leads to something disastrous in his life and family

  45. First of all, congratulations to the already winners of in this great blog.(though I’d wish to be among them).

    The issue of Osaze is that of lust. He already love and adores his wife and family and I doubt him doing anything that will bring any bad image to his family. Let him fight off that urge in him so as not to succumb to the tempting body of the girl.
    Zainab on the other hand, is coming and going because she’d waiting for Osaze to notice and read her body language. She’s out to put Osaze into problems with his family.

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