(Episode 2) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

(Episode 1) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Osaze dressed in an expensive tuxedo with a blue tie entered the restaurant. The interior was very beautiful with appealing shades of lights. Close to the door, he stood as his eyes darted to the left, right and then the center. A lady dressed in a northern regalia with patches of gold and black and a veiled face smiled at him as their eyes met. He smiled back and walked towards her direction. It was some sort of a hideout. He drew a chair and sat, she smiled at him again. It was the charming Zainab,

He pouted his lips and apologised,

Osaze: “I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long?”

She smiled and said,

Zainab: “You should never keep a beautiful lady waiting you know?”

He rubbed his hands against each other and didn’t know if he should smile or hold back but chimed,

Osaze: “ I am sorry. You know like I said I have never gone on a date with any other person asides my wife for the past years.”

She smiled at him,

Zainab: “ It’s okay!” she smiled again and he noticed her beautiful and white set of teeth, “So, what would you be taking?” she beckoned on the waiter.

Osaze: “I insist to take care of the bills,please. Since this is our first!”

Zainab: “This was my idea remember? And c’mon I thought you were a liberal person. One who didn’t mind if it was a woman who foot the bills.”

Osaze: “Well maybe I am a true African!” he smiled as she giggled,

Zainab: “or one is who has adopted the ideology of my people?”

Osaze giggling,

Osaze: “and that would be?”

Zainab: “Where it is all about the men and the women are relegated to the background!”

Osaze: “Oh that?” he raised his shoulders, “I have spent close to twenty years in your land and have embraced with both hands the culture of your people so it’s natural that the patriarchal ideology rubs off on me,you know?” he smiled.

Zainab: “What…ever!”

They laughed. She ordered for an expensive wine. And the wine was brought in a small bucket full of ice with a ribbon on it,

“You don’t take alcohol and that is because you fall among the folds of Christians that believe taking anything alcoholic is a sin,” she spewed out the information, smiled and laid back, “thank you,” she told the waiter.

Osaze was shocked,

“And every last Saturday of the month you bring your wife here and the second Saturday of the month it is always the family outing. You guys eat out and have fun. You sure are the most romantic man after Obama!” she held the wine as Osaze held his breath, how did she get to know a lot about him? He thought.

Osaze: “I can’t remember telling you all these about me or my family?”

She smiled,

Zainab: “ Yes, you didn’t divulge any of these to me. You know when one takes interest in a particular person that one takes time to know a lot about that person!”

He sighed,

Osaze: “So should I feel like you are stalking me?”

Zainab: “Stalking,” he pouted and nodded, “stalking, that sounds like a rather too harsh word. I’d prefer ured in her own glass too.

Osaze: “It’s a sin,” their glasses clicked.

Zainab: “Cheers to a great friendship,”she gave a seductive smile.

Osaze: “Yeah,”and at the same time they sipped. She lowered her glass and stared at him.

Zainab: “But your Bible says Jesus turned water to wine in a wedding in Galilee.”

Osaze took a sip again and said,

Osaze: “it wasn’t alcohol!” he said softly.

Zainab: “How can you be that sure? Your Bible is against being drunk remember Ephesians 5: 18!”

Osaze smiled,

Osaze: “Wow, that’s impressive you read the Bible too?”

Zainab smiled and took a sip,

Zainab: “I read anything and everything! A ferocious reader, you can call me!”

Osaze smiled,

Osaze: “And about the wine, Proverbs 20 verse 1 states that Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise.”

Zainab giggled,

Zainab: “we should let the wine issue be for now. Someday, someday I’ll give you twenty scriptures from your own Bible that talk about wine and most in support!”

He giggled,

Osaze: “I’ll be waiting!”

Zainab: “So tell me how did you come to settle you here? Why Jigawa?”

Osaze sighed,

Osaze: “I came here as a corper and after service the then governor Sule Lamido started a television station,Jigawa TV and I was employed. We were sent to South Africa for some months training in broadcast. And after working for a few years, I just wasn’t satisfied…”

Zainab looking at him with keen interest,
Zainab: “… and you took up photography?”

He nodded,

Osaze: “Yes I am here today!”

After a long conversation. They went into a well furnished room. The restaurant was a part of a five-star hotel. Zainab glued him to the wall and kissed him passionately.


He sat in the studio that afternoon and the only thought on his mind was Zainab’s. what’s wrong with him? He was taking a portrait of a lady. He spent minutes adjusting the setting of the camera. It was a Canon D7.  He pointed to one of the lights and said disinterestedly to one of his workers,

Osaze: “adjust the light. Yes, bring it closer! Thank you!”

As he posed to shoot, the face he saw was Zainab’s. After taking a few shots, he couldn’t get what he wanted he handed the camera to one of the workers and left for his office. He wanted to see her but a part of him was afraid. Any affair with Zainab could leave his life quite messy.

“Oh, my God!” he buried his head in his hands as he sat on the table. His phone rang. Hoping it would be Zainab, he rushed at it but stared and refusing to pick the call since it wasn’t Zainab. It rang and rang and after the fifth missed calls, he picked,

Osaze: “Hey, Sweety!” he said dryly.

It was Grace.

Was Osaze having an affair with Zainab already? Was the date real or just a dream? Do you think he is falling for her?

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  1. Osaze has not started having an affair with Zainab…but he is more than infatuated with her..The date was a dream..He has falling for her and it can only take God’s grace to stop him..because he has started daydreaming and imagining their togetherness..

  2. Osaze is sure falling in lust wit her……d date is probably a figment of his imagination or a dream. I just hope he doesn’t jeopardize d wonderful family he has for some fling. Next pls.

  3. I think its an imagination of wot it is in his mind bt alrdy I think he is falling 4 her o. Ozase pls be more careful,u alrdy had a wonderful n lovely family.

  4. Osaze is having an affair with Zainab already he shouldn’t go further with these relationship if he still want a happy home not the other way round because zainab is set to destroy his marriage someone u don’t know and is telling u ur family story osaze be careful

  5. The affair have started already. Zainab is on a mission to destroy Osaze and his family. Is a real date and he is falling for her

  6. Osaze has to be careful,what does he stand to gain by dating Zainab?He will end up destroying his family because Zainab spells doom.

  7. Osaze is madly lusting after her maybe hes seeing something in her a quality that he’s wife does not possess he needs to slow down before he breaks he’s home

  8. Osaze is falling in lust w her……d date is probably a figment of his imagination or a dream. I just hope he doesn’t jeopardize d wonderful family

  9. I will believe that he is day dreaming, he can’t just be so in love with Zainab for one date that will make him not to pick his wife call deliberately at five missed called. It must be a dream and a bad one.

  10. Osaze is falling for seduction and charm seriously this one that he cnt concentrate on his work anymore and losing interest gradualy in his wife.

  11. It was a dream but on the other hand, he’s getting distracted already. This will affect his happy family negatively. Osaze be warned!

  12. Osaze has been taken away by her beauty, he now thinks every minutes about her. The date must be his imagination, this is already affecting his family.
    May God deliver him before it’s late.

  13. Hmm Adalove you at it again Osaze is already having feelings for zainab and for what am seeing by their next meeting they have affairs together except God’s intervention because osaze has sold his soul already by given the devil way in to his life

  14. all this things is just an imagination from osaze or dream so I don’t think is real because osaze so much love his family and he will be avoiding anything that can destroy his family and Zainab can not just bring her self too low like that by just jumping on a man that never approach her since she came. from wealthy family

  15. Osaze has bcome obsessed wit ainzb dat he is dreaming abt her. If care is not taken, it may come to reality n there relationship will destroy him n his family.

  16. Osaze is just falling but fell already. He is playing with fire in his bosom. Zainab is an evil agent from the pit of hell who is ready and prepared to go for what she wanted at all cost.
    May God deliver Osaze from the hand this Delilah.

  17. Osaze is just falling but fell already. He is playing with fire in his bosom. Zainab is an evil agent from the pit of hell who is ready and prepared to go for what she wanted at all cost.
    May God deliver Osaze from the hand this Jezebel.

  18. He’s not having an affair with her yet. The date was an imagination. He better tread carefully and devote more time to his wife so he doesn’t loose track.

  19. The date might be in a dream but Osaze should be very careful because if anything happens to his family,i will not forgive him. Osaze is falling for Zainab,be it lust,infatuation or love.

  20. Just an imagination and he is falling for her but not in love with her… He should not do what his mind is telling him oooo in order not to jeopardize the lovely and happy home he has with with wife.

  21. My best story ever is the Aboderins…chronicle of a Royal prince and the devil incarnate. Intriging from the beginning to end.

  22. One good thing about a Christian is that before anything wanted to come ur way, there will be a sort of knowledge of it beforehand either via dream, a figment of self imagination or, someone else will have the feeling and will come to tell U.
    Already Osaze has beginning to lust after Zainab which if he wasn’t very careful and cautious, will leave his beloved family in shambles.
    In this case here, the date is just a dream or a figment of his imagination. Its to forewarned him about the dangers that lies ahead of him to his family.

  23. I tink he has fallen head over heel with dat zainab and I don’t even see d reason why he picked his wife’s call dryly

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