Etisalat Director assasinated in broad day light in Benin (Graphic photos)

Etisalat Director assasinated in broad day light in Benin (Graphic photos)

A yet another brutal assassination has been reported in Benin city, the Edo state capital, after some reported hired assassins murdered an Etisalat director in broad daylight.

Below is how a Facebook user, Sochima Nweke, who posted the graphic photos, shared the story on social media;

“While i was grumbling dat my day was not good enuf, the worse happened in front of me. I was driving along siluko road in benin city, close to oliha market , with this white hilux vehicle far far ahead of me, suddenly a black toyota highlander overtook,me a high speed, while i was wondering wat kind of speed dat highlander was on, the next tin i saw, same highlander double crossed this white toyota hilux 2016 model, while i held my brakes, to observe wats happening btw those two vehicles, only for me to see 4 men on black and black, steped down from d highlander, with heavy ak 47, opened fire on dis hilux van, blew d passengers side front tire, sprayed bullets allover dese hilux, den one of dem went to these man driving the hilux, opened his door and finished him up , immediately they zoomed off, while all dese all dese has happened, people who ran for dere dear life started comming out wen d police at 45 division came to d scene,i went dere to discover that d man who was assasinated happens to be d director of Etisalat benin city, with his wife and little kid inside, d little boy was shot, while his wife was lucky to have missed d bullet , bcos she was at d back sit. Infact my spirit left me and came bck. Wat a brutal assasination



  1. A story is not complete without the four W and H..which includes the what happened, why it happened, who it happened to, where it happened and how it happened… The name of this director is not here so I say the story is not valid… Thank you..

  2. This is inhuman, wickedness and heartless, no matter what the family must have done it doesn’t warranty killing them like this,may nemesis catch up with those involved, in shaa Allah, and may Allah forgive dead,amin

  3. For this guy to drive freely without security goes to tell us he is a free man. The person who did this must have something against him he couldn’t handle. The police should meet mtn and other communication companies to find out from his last conversation who must have threatened him.

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