(Episode 15) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

A day had passed and Osaze was yet to make a decision. He laid on the bed thinking.

Osaze: “Can’t I have everything?”

He said to himself. His wife was fast asleep. She had a very long day. She spent most of the day baking cakes for two occasions, a church program and a wedding. She was snoring and that only happened when she was really tired. He turned and looked at her, tears gathered in his eyes. Wouldn’t it be sheer stupidity leaving his family to chase shadows? He thought. Zainab was nothing but a venture with a glooming end but,

Osaze: “I love her,” he said.

HE thought of Alex and SandrA, his adorable kids. Was he going to leave them for a total stranger? He sighed,

Osaze: “ But I love her!” that was the excuse that keep coming up.

He wanted both his family and Zainab,

Osaze: “Why do I have to choose?” he sighed.

His phone that was on silent shone light. It was a call that was coming in. Zainab’s, the time was few minutes passed one in the morning. It shone twice and before it could do that for the third time, he tip toed out of the room and picked the call,

Osaze: “ Heyie,” he whispered.

Zainab: “ Boo of life!”

Osaze: “I miss you!” he didn’t know when those words flew out of his mouth.

Zainab: “ You know I miss you more and that is why I want us to be together forever!”

Osaze: “ Hmmm!”

Zainab: “ come with me,Osi!”

Osaze sighed again,

Osaze: “ what about my family?” She sighed too,” why not just settle down here?  I wouldn’t have to choose or we could all be happy!”

Zainab: “ what about my business in the UK? What happens to it? What about the dream of having a world class studio in UK? Are just going to let it slide form your hands? Can’t you see that the world is ours to conquer, baby?”

Osaze: “ I don’t know,Zee! The idea of leaving my family especially the kids behind gives me jitters!”

Zainab: “ You can’t have everything some times,baby! Some times you have to be selfish to achieve your dreams!” he sighed.

Osaze: “ I don’t know.”

Zainab: “ That means you are choosing your family over me right?”

He sighed and bit his lower lips,

Osaze: “ I have to go,please!” he could hear her crying,he sighed and dropped the call. Quickly, he typed a message:

Don’t bother looking for me my family needs more. Have a good life!

he stared at his phone for close to two minutes before sending the text. Light shone as it delivered. He placed his hand on the wall and rested his head on it. He sighed and licked his dried lips. The cold had made it frost and dried. For about ten minutes he stayed in that position.

“ I can’t leave my family for you,Zee. It hurts to let you go,” he sobbed.

As he raised his head up, his eyes went straight to his phone and there was a reply from Zainab. She sent it in caps lock,


Tears gathered in his eyes, he typed a message to send but he deleted it,

Osaze: “ I’ll let her be!” he found tears trickling down his eyes, “ I love you too,Zee but family comes first,” he whispered.  He decided against going to lie down on the bed for he wasn’t sleepy. One with a heavy heart was never a friend to sleep. He walked to the sitting room and took a very cold bottle of Coke, he sat in front of the TV He had just turned on. He shuffled stations but none caught his interest. He decided to leave it on CNN and the news making rounds was Trump’s call to President Buhari, how Trump assured the Nigerian President of the readiness of the US to cut a new deal in helping Nigeria in terms of military weapons to combat terrorism.. The news brought back Zainab’s thoughts how Trump also banned some Moslems country from entry USA. He could recall how they argued on the issue.

Zainab: “ I think Trump is wrong to put the ban in the first place!”

Osaze: “ I am in total in support of that. Let’s allow the man bring back sanity to his country!”

Zainab shook her head,

Zainab: “what annoys me is that his making American great again slogan. That is total racist! He has foregotten that America is a country of immigrants. The fore fathers of America were all immigrants even Trump himself if he traces his root he isn’t purely an American. So if he is to chase immigrants and refugees then he should be ready to move to. Nonsense!”

He could see the way he lips moved in his mind. He sighed, put off the TV and left the room. When he got to the room, he knelt beside his wife,

Osaze: “ I am sorry for ever hurting you,baby! I am here for you and the kids. I am not leaving!” he kissed her fore head but she was far gone. All she did was to toss on the bed.

Osaze dragged himself out of the bed, he had overslept. He checked the time it was eight forty five. He yawned,

Grace: “ Pass me the plate!”

He could hear his wife’s voice as he approached the sitting room with his red and tea bagged eyes. He yawned again,

Alex: “ Good morning,dad!”

Sandra: “ Good morning,daddy!”

He ignored them and wrapped his hands around his wife’s waist,

Osaze: “ You all should hold on lemme greet my baby first!”

Alex: “ You mean our mummy?”

Grace and Sandra laughed but he ignored the laughter and pecked her,

Osaze: “ Good morning, baby!” he could feel her melting in his hands.

She blushed and replied,

Grace: “ Good morning,love” she turned and planted a kiss on his lips. Alex and Sandra covered their eyes,

Sandra: “we didn’t see anything!”

Everyone laughed.

Osaze yawned and sat down,

Osaze: “ aren’t you guys supposed to be in school?”  they laughed at their father, “ what’s funny?”

Grace said,

Grace: “ It’ Saturday,” she said as she dished out the breaksfast.

They were having chips and egg and natural brewed fruits as break fast.

In the evening, Osaze took his family out. They ate out that evening. They all felt alive again. The drama was killing that bond they always had. Osaze could see the glint in the eyes of his wife and kids. They were happy as they sat and ate together. People looked at them in admiration. An awesome family. As they got back that day, osaze and Grace made love passionately as if it was their first. They snuggled all night. It was as if they were courting again.


In the morning as Grace opened her eyes her husband wasn’t on the bed. They slept off in each other’s arms, she didn’t know when he left the bed. The love making had exhausted her. she felt very much alive. As she stretched her hands fell on a paper on the bed. When she looked at it, it was a brown envelope. The inscription on it, “ My lovely wife” astound her. Her hands shivered as she opened it, a nauseous feeling grappled her even before she tore it opened:

MY dear wife,

I know it was cowardice leaving this letter but that was the only choice I have. I couldn’t bring myself to tell you the truth face to face. I just lacked the courage. To start with, Zainab isn’t Alhaji’s daughter and she isn’t just a client. I am sure you know that. I never stopped seeing her. I tried but I couldn’t. I love you and the kids very well. You all are all I have but sometimes a man has to be a man and take certain decision. As you read this letter I should be on my way to Abuja with Zainab. We are leaving for UK. I know it is heart shattering for you right now but just know that you’d always be in my heart, you and my kids. I am not going on some teenage voyage but I am following my dreams and this is the only chance I have got. I hope you understand. Please, tell the kids that someday I’ll be back. Cos of time I couldn’t write as much as I would have wished.

It’s me,


There was no expression on Grace’s face. She just kept running her eyes through the letter over and over again.

How on earth is Grace going to explain to the kids that their father left them for another woman? Do you think Osaze took the right decision – CHANGE for GOOD?

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  1. Evening ALC&Fs,

    She has to diplomatically let the kids know their beloved dad set out on a trip and to be back soon.

    Osaze has sadly messed up.

    What a life indeed!!


  2. She has to tell her kids in a cool way, may be their dad went for a business trip cos he will definitely come bk and beg for forgiveness when the time comes. osaze has really messed up, I know he will follow that zainab of a girl but he will be very disappointed with the way she will treat him over there… he didn’t take the right decision at all…

  3. She has to tell her kids in a cool way, may be their dad went for a business trip cos he will definitely come bk and beg for forgiveness when the time comes. osaze has really messed up, I know he will follow that zainab of a girl but he will be very disappointed with the way she will treat him over there… he didn’t take the right decision at all…

  4. Wow, this is some kind of a dream…… Osaze will regret this for sure…… Grace should just hang in there, be strong and everything will be fine….

  5. I would have you called you a FOOL osaze…but because this is online let me just say WAKA.. You will regrt it that I promise you.

  6. Hmmm… Osaze is in deep shit. Grave should simply take it easy and live for God and her kids. God will give her wisdom to deal with Osaze’s shit.

  7. Hmmm… I said that Osaze is the greatest fool to have ever lived. How can a man descend so low and choose a fantasty over his family.
    Grace will braced up herself, take care of the children but Osaze will run into some trouble in UK and will regret ever leaving..

  8. osaze made the biggest mistake of his life. he will surely live to regret it. all dt glitters is not gold. Grace brace ursef up and b the god mother u av been. Osaze will surely pay for leaving u for a total stranger. osaze is d biggest fool ever.

  9. It quiet sad for osaze to leave his family behind because of zainab…. I pray grace should over come the situation and look for a story to tell his kids about were their dad went to. Zainab will show him the other side of her so he will come back to his sense. A very bad decision

  10. Hmmm osaze I knew you will go after zainab ever since you met her you have always chosen her over your family Hmmm pray that charms fade away soon,Gracye don’t loose hope know it hurts just keep praying for him, he will come home someday after learning his lesson.

  11. osaze has just made a great mistake of his life by following Zainab and he will dearly pay for it and for grace she should just go ahead with her life and forget about him although it will be seriously difficult but she need to summon courage

  12. Like seriously,guess that thing between his legs made the the decision for him,because I dnt get how on earth you would leave a lovely family and go After rubbish,Grace live for God and your kids,the Lord is your strength,shit some men are just stupid

  13. I said it,I know osaze wld elope with dat devil incarnate…..Osaze thanks for not disapointing me but u know Wat….u must regret dis,fool!!!

    • A fool is even a decent word to describe him…… He’s the most stupid man I’ve ever read since I started reading adelove stories

  14. Dats a drastic decision osaze made, grace should just look for something to tell the kids. Osaze will pay for the decision he took he will definitely regret his action and I pray that it should not be too late for him to realise

  15. Adelove, happy val.im among the lucky winners dt was shortlisted,i have sent an inbox mgs to you with my details butvhave not recieve anything as other’s. y is mine different? This is making twice now but no reply.

  16. Osaze is a coward and a foolish man. am very sure he will regret his action…… grace should just move on, is not easy but she has to try

  17. Too bad he didn’t learn his lesson d 1st tym n wen he falls no one will b able 2 help him . Grace shd find a way of telling her kids without hurting their feelings

  18. Osaze is the most stupid man….. I feel like giving him a hard knock to regain his lost sense….. You made a damn mistake … Grace you ain’t praying

  19. I have always said that Osaze is a weak man,who trades a beautiful and faithful wife like Grace and two lovely kids for an illusion called Zainab?I knew he will follow Zainab but I bet him when Zainab is through with him,he will be discarded like an orange that has been sucked.I just can’t wait for the end.Rubbish Man.

  20. The problem with the family from begining is that they keep God out of their home,they lack prayer as a family. The wife shld have dealt wt zainab in prayer,but she never pray. Now she will run to God in prayer,then its never late wt God!

  21. He just made the worst mistake of his life and he will regret it. Zainab is going to break his heart for sure. Hope it will not be too late for him

  22. I still pray all this is a dream cos if its true, it will surely shatter Grace and the kids and he might not get forgiveness.

  23. Grace wont be able to tell the kids their dad left them for good with another woman, its very heavy to say. Wow thw fooliness of Ozase has made him abandon his lovely family. he took a very wrong decision. kai

  24. hmmmmmm. speechless. I was happy at first. BT everything change..grace has to open up and tell them the truth. gosh so painful

  25. Am not sure God will spare him now cos He has given him second chance to make amend,but see he dey follow where he follow come life go back na wa to you o Osazeeeeeeeee

  26. It’s a pity for Osaze and I hope he turns back before is too late. For Grace I pray God to strengthen her to carry on with her children.

  27. Lol…I said it, Osaze will leave….anyway i tink he tuk a wrong & right step….1st he shld av considered his family b4 chasing d beloved dream in da UK

  28. First, Osaze will be taught how to do drug, Secondly; Zainab will so mess up his life up over there. Grace dear, just tell the children the simple truth…that their idiotic and promiscuous of a father has absconded with a woman to an unknown land.

  29. Rubbish, he took the decision that would make him regret in a life time, I pity him because he has fallen into a pit of shame and destruction. Grace has to tell the children that daddy has travel, just to hid things from them so that everything would not be complicated maybe With time the truth would reveal itself. I feel like crying, so heartbroken

  30. This is one of the most stupid decision osaze made which he will always leave to regret. How can a man leave his family for a mistress who might as well desert him any time. Soon he will understand that it is family over everything. I pray it won’t be late by the time. Grace should just take it easy for the sake of her kids. She shouldn’t disclose that them as that might have an emotional and physchological effects on them in d future.

  31. Ve always been calling him a stupid man,he’s a fool cos he ll come back with somuch regrets,he ll regret his action n decision.

  32. Some men are pigs sha, no matter how hard you try to make them happy n loved they will still fuck up… Grace shld pick up the pieces of her life together and take gud care of her children, they are her world… That big fool will soon be hit in a big way n he will come back for them

  33. He will definitely comeback with his tail in between his legs and I pray that when he comes grace will toss his sorry ass to the garbage cos that’s where he belongs. Sorry for my strong language but the guy is just pissing me off.

  34. Grace is not going to kill herself for Osaze…She should tell their kids that their dad travelled out for business and will stay longer before coming back to avoid poisoning their mind against their dad… Osaze made a very big mistake,that he will live to regret,because following Zainab is like following the devil…Zainab will later throw him out after extracting life from him..

  35. Osaze chose the wrong path. Grace should just tell the kids somehow.
    He will learn in a hard way,I pray he should not die but should live in a worst situation for the rest of his life.

  36. osaze have taking the wrong path Grace should just tell the children that he travel on a business trip…. wow is story is getting hot oooo

  37. Osaza is headed for distruction, i just pity grace and the children, telling them that their father left them for another woman will break the heart of those children and they will never forgive him. Meeen adelove you guys are just too much

  38. Osage has been bewitched by Jezeebel, i sorry for him. He threw away a nice peaceful family God gave him and he is gona regret it.

  39. What sort of change is that,he will certainly regret it,to leave a loving family for one stupid girl that made u to have an accident n abandoned u. May I never ever meet these kind of men O Lord.

  40. i hope he succeeds d 2nd death encounter, jus as he refused to learn his lesson from his 1st encounter. bt i know dat he has always b the indecisive type. he couldn’t withstand d challenges of vital decisions in his life, he has always fall flat & failed blatantly.

  41. Wow, this is unbelieveable. Osaze hasn’t learnt anything yet. But I sure would regret what he just did, if really he’s choosing Zainab over family

  42. He took the wrong decision by abandoning his family. He is dining with the devil himself. He will regret it after Zainab finish messing up his life for him

  43. What was he thinking? How on earth could he done such a thing to the woman that has sacrificed the better part of her life for him? He has no doubt taken the wrong decision and I have not even an atom of doubt that in no distant future he is going to regret his actions. He is obviously chasing shadows.

  44. Congratulation, Zainab. Your mission has been accomplished. Ozase has been recruited as drug mule for Zainab and her goons. What a shameless fool. He will reap what he has sown in due time. Grace should just tell the kids their father travelled abroad and may not come back soon.

  45. Oh fuck*it better be his imagination o or dream* adelove,if truly osaze wrote dat letter in his sense. This story must not be happy ending wit him o or else will disqualify dis story on my side. Thanks*foolish man(osaze).

  46. in his mind,,,he did d right thing..but he is gonna suffer n come back home empty handed..by den grace will av move on with her kid to a better man..n only him will b d loser.

  47. If Osaze was not pulling Grace’s legs with that letter then I think he is most to be pitied of all men. He is so foolish and blind that he decided to follow Zainab as a sheep to the slaughter. He must surely regret it.

  48. Grace will look for lies to cover up her husband in the presence of the children…. what osaze did is never the right decision at all… Grace should call on God for help it might be that Zainab used a charm on Osaze. Adelove your story is so intresting KUDOS

  49. its a lie,can’t believe dis
    am Sure he didn’t tink before he did dis,cos he is Sure going to regret his action.
    Grace is a strong woman so she wil kw wat to tel d kids dat won’t hurt dm.

  50. She should codedly cover up for her husband before her kids so they wont hate their dad cos Osaze must surely come back, just a matter of tym….
    Osaze has reached his peak, so the next thing is 2 turn back!

  51. Grace will look for lies to cover up her husband in the presence of the children…. what osaze did is never the right decision at all..Grace should call on God for help it might be that Zainab used a charm on Osaze. Adelove your story is so intresting KUDOS

  52. Osaze ! Osaze !! Osaze !!!. How many times did i call you? I can see you are a proper fool. You will live to regret this act. Foolish MUGU 1.
    Grace don’t worry,God will fight for you. Don’t even tell the kids now. Give it sometime but cook up a story for them.

  53. No Osaze did make the right decision by leaving his family at all.He will surely regret it some day but I hope it won’t be too late. As for Grace, she should be strong and also be more prayerful. she should look for something to tell the kids so that they don’t end up disliking their father for good

  54. He will have himself to blame, cause on getting to UK zee, will show him other side of him. Him go look for tear, tear no go come. God will give grace courage to tell her children there father whereabout. More grease to your elbow Adelove crew.

  55. Osaze is a big fool and he would regret it. How can he abandon his wife and kids because of another woman? thats foolishness sha.

  56. The kids are smart kids they will understand when she ez
    explain to them, but the Grace I know will definitely lie to them to cover up their father’s sudden disappearance. As for Osaze he made a grave mistake for leaving his family for Zainab, how is he even sure all the promises from Zainab are for real

  57. Grace is just gonna tell her kids that their dad has left them.
    Osaze has just dig his Grave by leaving his family and following a total stranger.

  58. Grace the lord is your strength at dis point In time.as for osaze,convetiousness is in u and DAT is what will eventually destroy u

  59. Coward!
    You are just a big baby man coward!!!
    I can just see ur downfall,
    I can see Zainab throwing u out when she tries of you, cos she never loved u (love never uses such swear words on d person u claim to love).
    She would so throw u out like garbage that u would turn out worse than when u started!

  60. Adelove please this story is very annoying, I can’t even give any advice because I’m very angry with Osaze. I can’t even believe that a fully grown man is behaving like a child. Many are searching for a lovely wife and wonderful kids, he is here throwing their love away. It will definitely not end well with him

  61. Time will tell if the decision is right or wrong for him, but one thing am very sure of is that Osaze will live to regret his decision.

  62. A vulnerable dog will never heed to his master’s caution. Just allow him when a dog rub shit for head finish, it will the road that leads to its master’s house.

  63. I pity Osaze because he is going to regret this decision, for Grace be brave and take courage it is not the end of the world.

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