Yakubu Dogara Admits There Is Poverty, Hunger In Nigeria

Yakubu Dogara Admits There Is Poverty, Hunger In Nigeria

Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, on Tuesday admitted there is hunger and poverty in Nigeria.

The Speaker acknowledged that Nigerians can no longer cater for their needs in the face of the prevailing economic situation.

He, however, assured that the legislature is working towards alleviating the sufferings of Nigerians.

Dogara said, “Going by the report of the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, economic recession is already with us.

“The double quarters of negative growth, high level of inflation, worsening purchasing power of the Naira and the increasing levels of unemployment are all strong indicators that all is not well.

“Today, some of our people can no longer afford to feed. Some school children are dropping out of school due to inability of parents to pay school fees.

“Transportation, power, healthcare are difficult for the ordinary citizens.

“There is general anguish on the faces of Nigerians due to poverty and hunger.

“We cannot continue to lament. The problems are well known. At this point in time, it is the solutions that matters more and that is what should engage our attention.

“As a parliament, we are committed to ensuring that the sufferings being experienced by ordinary Nigerians are alleviated.

“These challenges may appear too difficult to surmount but the good news is that they are surmountable.

“Other nations have surmounted greater economic challenges in the past and Nigeria’s case cannot be different.’’



  1. Lolsss All of a sudden the realization just hit them that there is suffering in Nigeria…………….Seriously you all are just insensitive and selfish greedy lots who are only after enriching your pockets How will you know when you receive your salary regularly with all other benefits and allowance and bribe,when your families are based abroad, when you go to summer abroad, when your kids don’t sell pure water in the traffic………Only God can judge you all

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