(Episode 1) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

Jasmine was the hottest chick in town, and the most enviable. Every girl wanted to be like her; she was beautiful, with a butter scotch complexion, her skin was luminous and supple, her shape was a hourglass down to the H. It was not only Jasmine’s beauty that girls envied her for, it was also the way men flocked to her. Jasmine could not walk into a room without heads turning, in truth, she was a show stopper. But people knew her as a runs girl, or rather they felt she was because, she had an Escalade 2016 model, a three bedroom apartment in Lekki Phase 1 and a high end boutique cum beauty parlour in Victoria Island. So surprised they were, when Jasmine got engaged and her fiancé threw her a lavish engagement party. She did not just land a fiancé, but a rich one, the son of an oil magnate, Haliru Danlami. But all that glitters are not gold…

Jasmine walked through the lobby of the Four Points Hotel, with her iphone stuck to her ear, she had an angry scowl on her face.

It was dark outside, it was already 8:00pm, but in the hotel, it was like daytime, as lights from the sky high ceilings flooded the lobby. There were people going in and coming out, including white men and women, some even had their families with them.

Jasmine: “Where the fuck is your room, do you realize how risky it is for me to be in this hotel right now?” she yelled into the phone as she looked left and right, uncomfortably. She listened for a while, and then walked up to the receptionist who was standing and tapping a touch screen, built into her huge desk. Her male colleague who was tapping away at a screen built into the same desk looked up when Jasmine spoke, he was struck by her beauty.

Jasmine: “Hello, please I am meant to meet someone in room 1001, where is that?” she asked in her husky voice which always seemed like she was flirting with you. The male front desk officer allowed his eyes move from her dark eyes to her lips which barely moved as she spoke, to the rise of her cleavage out of the plunging halter neck top she had on. The female front desk officer glared at him and muttered inaudibly under her breath.

Female front desk officer: “Welcome to Star view Hotel, the room you are looking for, is on the third floor, you take the elevator to the third floor, the room is two rooms down, on your left” she said with a fake smile plastered on her face. She just wanted Jasmine to get off her face, these rich girls irritated her, especially the ones she felt were been maintained by rich, old men.

Jasmine: “Thanks darling” she mouthed off sweetly, even though within, she was boiling with rage. But she had come a long way to being a society lady, and one thing she had learned is that, no matter how you felt, you must always be sweet in public, smile with your eyes, flirt with yourself; you do not know who is watching. She had met Haliru this way.

She had gone out with her two best friends, Nengi and Ella; they knew themselves from their days at the University of Calabar, and when Youth service united them after three years in Lagos, they stayed friends. Nengi was the daughter of a politician in the South- South region of the country, so she didn’t have to work for anything she had. But she was not as beautiful and enticing as Jasmine was, and she was a sucker for love. A broke ass nigga was always singing love songs to her ears, and after she has spent a fortune cleaning the men, they would dump her ass and she would be heartbroken for months. Ella however was the most coolheaded one, a black beauty with hot brains, she was the only one doing a corporate job, with the ministry of finance, in fact she handles Jasmine’s business accounts and bookkeeping, free of charge. She didn’t have time for men either, she always told anyone who asked, that she would get a man when her bank account was in millions.

They were at the Quilox lounge in their skimpy wears, each holding a flute of champagne, they were celebrating Ella’s promotion at work.

Jasmine: “Bar man, another bottle of Hennessy” she said twirling the flute in her hand.

Nengi: “Hanhan Jas, you want to kill yourself ni”

Jasmine: “Come on, I am not paying for the booze, free booze girl, relax and drink on Ella’s account” she said a little tipsy.

Ella: “Drink oh, if my salary finish, na your house I go pack come” she said in pidgin and the girls laughed. Then Ella pulled Nengi to the dance floor, they were wriggling their bodies and sipping from their flute while Jasmine watched them with a smile on her lips, she loved her friends and it showed on her face. She was still smiling with her eyes, when Haliru approached her; she didn’t realize he had been watching her from across the floor.

Haliru: “Hello beautiful, I am Haliru and I like you. I have been watching you for a while now, and I like what I see” he said. Jasmine looked at him from head to toe, her smile never faltered, even when she realized he was the most handsome guy she ever met. Haliru was a dark Hausa man with a long pointed nose like the Bedouins.

Jasmine: “Really now, what do you see, my body?” she asked, with a sly grin.

Haliru: “I see your body alright, only a blind man wouldn’t , but I also see you, your essence, you seem so in love with life” He said and they got into a conversation, when they were tired of talking, they danced, and when they were tired of dancing, they talked.

Jasmine pulled out of her reverie as she stopped before the room marked ‘1001’, she told herself that, if she kept thinking of Haliru she would end up leaving the hotel without seeing the person she had come to see. She knocked on the door, and it opened to reveal a fair skinned man in his early thirties. Jasmine pushed past him into the room, and turned on him immediately the door closed.

Jasmine: “What the fuck do you want, Bali?” she asked through clenched teeth.

Bali: “Is that the way you greet the long lost lover?” he said with a smirk as he drew closer to her. He tried to sweep away the loose strand of hair that caressed her face, but Jasmine slapped his hand away.

Jasmine: “I am going to walk out of here, if you do not talk”

Bali: “I miss you, I still love you” he replied soberly.

Jasmine: “Oh wow, look who woke from his slumber. You fucking, good for nothing. When did you realize you were still in love with me?” she asked circling him like a predator circles its prey before devouring it. “Oh I get it, it was when you heard I was getting married to a rich, handsome man, right?” she yelled. Bali pulled her into his arms in one swift move and smashed his lips on hers. All the past, buried feelings came floating to the top, Jasmine could not control her feelings, because deep down she knew she still had feelings for Bali, he was her one great love, her first. She kissed him back, all the anger she had felt since he called her a few days ago and demanded to see her, flew away. He pushed her on to the massive king bed, and pulled off the body hug top he was wearing. Jasmine swooned at his biceps, and his trim ripped stomach.

Bali: “I know you want me girl, this is all for you” he said as he walked slowly to her. He crashed his lips on hers, and they kissed like their life depended on it. Jasmine rolled on top of him, and pulled her top, she wanted to see if Bali still went crazy at the sight of her boobs, like he used to, back then in school.

Bali: “Oh my God maami, you are just as I remember” he said licking his mouth hungrily. In seconds they had both flung every piece of clothing they had on them. Bali carried Jasmine, her legs wrapped securely around his waist, to the table, he pushed away the papers he had on the table, and mounted Jasmine on it.

Jasmine: “Give it to me now” she commanded. Bali wanted to make things play out longer, he had her to himself once again, and he really did not want to rush things, but he was never able to resist her when she commanded him in bed, so he plunged into her, and the way her eyes went wide and her lips made the ‘O’ shape made it worthwhile. He pushed back and forth into her, in strong penetrations, as she screamed his name. While he did this, he fondled her boobs and played with her nipples. When Jasmine shudders became stronger, he knew she was near her climax, and he allowed himself climb with her. They collapsed on each other after they climaxed and were spent.

Bali: “My Calabar chick, I want you back and I will do anything to get you back. Only you get me, maami, only you can make my body move” His words were like cold water poured on her, it dampened the great orgasm she just had and also brought her back to her senses. She gave him a resounding slap and pushed him away.

Jasmine: “Fuck you Bali, you cannot come and upset my life after so many years. You left me, what am I saying, you dumped me. Didn’t I make your body move then, when you left me. Now you are back, and think you can just pick up from where you left off?” she said, her face contorted in anger.

Bali: “If you ask me, I would say, well we just had sex, so yes, I can pick up from where I left off”

Jasmine: “One mistake and it is never going to happen again. I love my intending husband, move on”

Bali: “If you love him, why are you here?”

Jasmine: “You threatened to stop my marriage, otherwise I wouldn’t be here” she said as she hurriedly wore her clothes. Angry tears dropped from her eyes, she told herself she should have just called his bluff, she should never have come. She hurriedly powdered her face and made to leave, but Bali held her arms.

Bali: “I am not going anywhere Jasmine, I want you back and I must have you.  Did you forget, I was your first, are you going…” he didn’t finish what he was going to say, as Jasmine flung his hand away.

Jasmine: “Go to hell Bali, we are never coming back, why would I trade a responsible, rich, handsome guy, for a lowlife like you, who depends on the next maga to pay?” she spat and left the room in a hurry.

She got into the elevator, which took her to the lobby, she stepped out of the elevator, and the first person she saw, was Haliru.

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Question: How will Jasmine get out of this, is the game over already?

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  1. Jas shudnt have gone back talkless of sleeping with Bali… He would keep blackmailing her for more…she could just tell Haliru dat she came 4 a business meeting or turn the table around

  2. not yet over, I guess she will have some excuse to give…..but d question was what is she doing in d hotel? also d same question goes to Haliru what did he come to do in d hotel? lol

  3. Don’t really like the sexuality in Adelove stories. Itz like most of their stories is about sex escapade and unfaithfulness… Still on sexuality

  4. Nah,its jus d beginning. She will surely find an excuse,even question hailiru wat he is doing there n where going to. This sure to b cool story

  5. Why did she make the mistake of having sex with him already?! Anyways we are just starting, I hope Bali doesn’t resort to blackmail.. Na she sabi wetin she wan tell Haliru.. Thumbs up to Adelove.

  6. Hmmm, dats y is good for partners to reveal their past to each other before settling down for marriage all bkus of Wot is going on NW between Jasmine and Bali. I hope she find her way out sha.

  7. adelove una no go kill person with all these in stories o, ur stories are superb…… thanks guys. I guess Jasmine will find a way out

  8. Jasmine: “You threatened to stop my marriage, otherwise I wouldn’t be here”
    My dear Jasmine, u v just by ur own self stopped ur own marriage.
    A person that depends on a ‘maga’ for d next pay check is as dangerous as an armed robber! U shouldn’t v slept with him again…

  9. D game can’t be up just yet. Is still d beginning,she will surely find a way around it. Another thrilling story from Adelove. Next pls.

  10. Hmm…. This another breath taking story in action, I jasmine will find her way out with Haliru, but Bali will still be the pain in the ass

  11. jasmine should not have come in the first place but the deed has been done already she should used every trick she has and get out of that place without haliru seen her but if haliru see her she just open up for him if truly he love her he forgive her.

  12. The game just began…… Jasmine will find a wAy-out and harliru will not catch her… this is just the beginning of the Game….. WITH ADELOVE.COM LONLINESS IS JUST A STORY….

  13. Its quite a dicey situation. She made the worst mistake of her life going to meet bali in the hotel.

    She will surely overcome she has friends to advise her.

    But to be sincere who would let his calabar girlfriend go just like that.

    Adelove crew I think you will need to put a disclaimer on your posts stating stories are for 18 and above.

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