(Episode 6) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

Ella and Nengi were confused, one minute Jasmine was all smiles, and the next minute she was down and unconscious.

Ella: “Jas, Jas, what is wrong” she said as a sob choked her words.

Haliru: “Somebody, call the ambulance!” he roared like a wounded lion. Jeff already had a phone stuck to his ear, and he was pacing up and down. Almost all the wedding guests were already leaving the church, it was obvious to them, that the wedding was over before it begun.

Soon, everyone could hear the blare of the ambulance siren, it stopped in front of the Presbyterian Church, and paramedics rushed inside the cathedral, with a gurney. They carried Jasmine carefully onto the gurney and began to wheel her away. Haliru rushed out with them holding on to the gurney and calling out to his bride.

Haliru’s Mother: “I knew this union was doomed from the onset, what rubbish!” she said angrily.

Haliru’s Father: “Get hold of yourself, woman! That poor girl didn’t ask for any of this” he thundered, having so little patience for his wife’s bickering. He turned and held Jasmine’s mother, who was looking like she would faint.

Jasmine’s Father: “Shouldn’t we be going to the hospital?” he asked, wearing a confused look.

Haliru’s father: “Yes we should” they all rushed out of the cathedral.

At the hospital, the doctors worked to stabilize Jasmine, while the people who had converged at the hospital waited for any news. The nurses didn’t help their anxiety, as they walked to and fro the room where Jasmine was kept.

Haliru: “How is she, what is wrong with her” Haliru asked as he grabbed one of the nurses by the arm, unable to bear the situation anymore.

Haliru’s Father: “Son, you got to be patient” he said holding his son, who seemed like he was going to cry. He didn’t realize how important Jasmine had become to him, until now, he was so scared to lose her.

Ella: “She is going to be fine, right?” she asked Nengi, who just looked on listlessly, so she walked over to Haliru.

Ella: “Oga Haliru, she will be fine. My Jasmine is a strong girl, she has been through a lot, this is just a small thing” she said, Haliru looked at her, and turned his face away.

Just then the doctor came out, in his blue scrub, he removed the pair of spectacles he had on, his face carried the news of doom, and Haliru’s heart was already failing him.

Doctor: “Jasmine will be fine; she just went through a traumatic experience brought on by carelessness. She is pregnant, but the pregnancy was almost terminated due to high alcohol intake and stress to the uterine wall. I guess she engaged in strenuous exercises that were detrimental to the still very weak pregnancy. I am going to put her on one week bed rest and even after that, she is still on bed rest at home, and she should avoid any form of stress, till the pregnancy is past the first trimester” he said and gave Haliru a piece of paper which contained a list of drugs.

Haliru; “Thank you doctor, for saving the lives of my wife and my child” he held the two hands of the doctor, his heart bursting with joy and love. Jasmine’s parents hugged each other, their only child had turned out good after all, they had been scared.

Haliru: “Father, I am going to be a father” he said excitedly and hugged his father. His mother smiled, Jasmine wasn’t bad after all, because her fertility covered all the misgivings she had about her daughter-in-law. She embraced her son too.

Nengi: “So Jas is pregnant?” she asked unbelievably.

Ella: “Na so we see am oh, shebi you hear am with your ears” she said in pidgin. Nengi just flipped her off, she was deep in thoughts.

Nengi: “This girl just keeps getting lucky sha oh.”

Ella: “Ha, we hope it is her husband’s own sha oh” she said unconsciously…or not.

Nengi: “Ella! Why would you say that, what do you know that I don’t” she dragged Ella away from the others to the reception. Ella had no choice but to spill everything, telling Nengi about Bali and the sex video, and the threats to cancel the wedding.

Nengi: “Ehen ehen, you people can kill me oh, so all these were happening and you and Jasmine kept your mouth mute. So where is Bali now, how is it that the wedding was about to hold, if Jasmine hadn’t been rushed to the hospital?”

Ella: “I don’t know, I asked her, she said she hasn’t heard from him and even shunned me from asking further”

Nengi: “Hay God, if that child is Bali’s, that means that guy na real bastard oh, twice now! Jasmine should just stop running from her past, her past Bali, is also her present. She should leave oga Haliru for people that do not have baggage oh” she quipped.

Ella: “For people like you abi? You dey craze for that your head, remove your eye from oga Haliru oh”

Nengi: “Ha, I didn’t say anything about wanting him oh” she replied and walked away.

Jasmine opened her eyes and saw the white lights, she turned with confused eyes, and saw Haliru sitting beside her, and he was still in his tuxedo.

Jasmine: “Baby, what are we doing here, what about our wedding? What happened?” she asked in fright. All she could think about was that Bali had somehow come back and ruined her wedding day.

Haliru: “Relax my beautiful bride, get well first and we will get married. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and you have given me the most beautiful wedding gift. I love you Jasmine Danlami”

Jasmine: “That sounds sweet even to my ears. So I am in the hospital, did the doctor tell you what was wrong with me”

Haliru: “You stressed yourself too much, and almost took away our gift. You are pregnant baby, the rest is history”

Jasmine: “I am pregnant! Oh my God” she exclaimed and made to jump up but Haliru held her back.

Haliru: “Hey madam, you are on bed rest, no getting up, tell me whatever you want to do and I will do it for you. You want to jump up for joy, I will do that for you’ he said and began to jump up for joy, while Jasmine laughed uncontrollably.

The next morning, while the birds were chirping in the trees, and the leaves were opening their veins to the coming sun, an idea was forming in Jasmine’s head. So, as Haliru entered the room from the café where he had gone to get himself mocha latte, Jasmine threw the idea at him.

Jasmine: “Let’s get married” she exclaimed.

Haliru: “Of course we would get married, but first, you get well”

Jasmine: “I mean, now. A civil marriage, we tried the church, didn’t go well. Let’s do this right here”

Jeff: “If that isn’t the craziest I have heard, I don’t know what is” he said coming into the room, having overheard their conversation.

Jasmine: “It is not that crazy joh, do you even know what love is?” she teased.

Haliru: “Okay, whatever you want babe”

That was how preparations to do a customary wedding started; a judge was called to come to the hospital, everyone dressed up, except Jasmine. The doctor did not allow her do anything, as much as dress up. Ella did a little touch up with makeup, and stuck a tiara on her hair.

Ella: “Now you look like a princess in distress, thank God Oga Haliru is here to save you” she said.

Judge: “We are here to join these people, Haliru Danlami and Jasmine Umoren in wedlock, according to the laws of the land, does anyone have any reason why these two should not be joined, speak now or forever hold your peace” everybody was quiet, Haliru was smiling at Jasmine, but the latter was anxious, she wondered why the judge had to pause for so long, was he waiting for someone to speak against the marriage?

Judge: “In absence of any objections, I shall proceed to ask the intending couple of their will to be married”

Jasmine: “If wedding on a hospital bed is not a clear case of will, I don’t know what is, Judge, please go ahead and marry us, we are willing” she quipped and everyone laughed.

Judge: “Say your vows”

Jasmine: “Many couples can boast of years together even before their wedding, but I cannot boast of that. It doesn’t mean that we haven’t been loving each other in the little time we have known each other. My heart recognized you, even when my head was still playing with semantics. I love you, Haliru Danlami, and I promise to be with you through every phase of your life, even in mid life crisis, but just don’t get another babe when my pretty legs are no longer pretty, or when this gorgeous body is sagging with love handles, because we are in this together for better or worse. With this I do wed” she said and turned her head away to hide the tears shining in her eyes. Haliru was short of words as he looked at her, he had no doubt in his heart, that she loved him, and he told himself he didn’t care about her past, or whatever she did before this time.

Haliru: “You know me; I am not very good with words. I love you dearly, and I want to be with you, not just in this life, but in the next. Don’t worry about counting years, because we will have a lot of years to spend together.” He said.

Judge: “By the power vested in me, as an upholder of the laws of this land, I pronounce you, husband and wife” he said and Haliru kissed his wife gently.

Ella: “congratulations babe” she kissed her friend on the cheek.

Nengi: “The new Mrs. in town, congrats babe” she said and blew a kiss at her friend.

While the congratulations were ongoing, Ella’s phone rang, she received it and then brought it to Jasmine.

Ella: “The caller is asking for you, Jas”

Jasmine: “Who is it?” she asked

Ella: “Don’t know” she put the phone in Jasmine’s hand.

Jasmine: “Hello” she said into the phone

Caller: “Murderer, your sins will find you out” the caller hung up. Jasmine was dumbfounded, she just held on to the phone tightly, starring at nothing in particular.

Haliru: “What is it?” he asked, and pried the phone out of her hand.

Ella: “Jas, Jas, what is it?”

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Question: Who called Jasmine?

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  1. The cleaner Because she saw her leave the hotel in a hurry and has gone to see her guest meanwhile Bali isn’t dead anyway

  2. Hmmmmm, is Bali alive? Or Jasmine friend what’s to set her up? Is hard time she just open up to her husband so that the man will know the next steep to take, because Nengi is up to some thing

  3. I think Bali called him….hmmm!!!ECHOES of the ugly past indeed. Jasmine should not ruin her marriage because of lack of self control . She started all this in the first place, and I pray she gets out of this problem she ignorantly put her self through

  4. Its bali, the bobo no gree die, am sure the cleaner entered the room when she saw d manner@ which jas rushed out, she probably met bali in a pool of his own blood, n raised alarm. They rushed him to d hospital thereafter. He is now fine n ready to terrorize jasmine life n marriage. Its getting more interesting…….

  5. I think is d cleaner which might also be d private investigator hired by Haliru. He helped her cleaned d mess so as to use that to be disturbing her.

  6. Most def is Bali who happens to survive. The cleaner could not have known Ella & then called her number demanding to speak with Jasmine.

  7. Definitely Bali but not the cleaner. The cleaner went into the room after Jasmine left in a hurry & found Bali in his own blood. She alerted the management & he was taken to hospital were he regained himself.

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