Democracy has been murdered, Bode-George reacts to Court’s ruling on PDP

Democracy has been murdered, Bode-George reacts to Court's ruling on PDP

Bode George, former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed shock at the Court of Appeal judgement in Port Harcourt, which affirmed Senator Ali Modu Sheriff as the authentic chairman of the PDP.

George said the development showed that “democracy has been murdered”

“I was shocked. Shocked is the minimum I could say. It is worse than being shocked,” George was quoted as saying.

“My immediate conclusion was that this is the voice of Jacob and the hand of Esau.

“My spirit has never been this dampened”, he added.

George said court justices had murdered democracy for setting aside the convention held in Port Harcourt where the National Caretaker Committee headed by Senator Ahmed Makarfi was appointed.

He insisted that the Makarfi Committee can only be removed by the same National Convention which gave birth to it.

“Our National Convention from what we were told was set aside. National Convention decisions set aside?

“I leave that to the political pundits to analyse. But for whatever it is, it is a very dark day for democracy. This is a very sad day.

“The party that was in government, very well established, the most populous political party in the whole of Africa being decimated and reduced to Sheriff as its Chief Manager.”



  1. Mr Bode George I did not expect this from your mouth, are you not the part of the people that murder democracy. I heard you said that your “ spirit has never been this dampened” so you have a spirit and when are those your so called spirit when you are embedded the country money. And thank God the case is between your party not another party that will make said that government have influence the case as they did for your own case.

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