(Episode 22) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

Nengi began to have distaste for Haliru because he was always horny, and she had to satisfy him every time. She had envied his romance with Jasmine; the way they went on vacations abroad, even shopping in Dubai. He would surprise her with cute little boxes of jewelry when the girls were hanging out. Their happiness made her jealous, and she had thought that if she had Haliru, all those things would be done to her. But, all she had gotten from Haliru was a sour honey pot. She stood up and began to pace;

Nengi: “I have to start taking my place in his life; I must be just a sex kitten to him. It is time to start making demands” she pondered. Then she picked up her phone and dialed Haliru.

Haliru had been invited to the hospital, which was their family hospital, for the collection of sample. The genetics technician had requested for blood samples to be collected, not because it was more accurate, but it removed any room for errors. Also, the hospital was chosen because the baby was not yet strong enough to leave the hospital.

They sat at a table with their parents present; the doctor first educated them on DNA testing, and also told them that the result was comprehensive and can stand as evidence in any court of law.

Haliru: “Yes, that way when it turns out this child is not mine, it will be a glaring evidence of your infidelity, and our marriage will be annulled, with you not getting a dime”

Jasmine: “I was never after your money, I got my own money, I have a brand, I have made investments, I can never go back to the status I was in before now. So I have no reason to be after your money. I have nothing to lose even if this child is not yours, your love is not good enough anymore” she said vehemently.

Jasmine’s parents just looked at the bickering couple; sadness was etched on their faces. Jasmine was the only child they had, they had tried to get another child, but it was never possible. And they had tried all the best they could as civil servants to give her the best life.  When she graduated from the University and wanted to relocate to Lagos, they had been against it, but the girl was adamant. But when she brought Haliru home as the man they wanted to marry, they were joyous, because their only child had turned out good despite their fears. But now, with all the things that had been uncovered, they were confused and scared of their daughter. How was she able to conceal the fact that she gave birth to a child years ago? They had a grandson somewhere and they were never going to meet him, and then she had slept with the same idiot that abandoned her years ago on the eve of her wedding. They were not only scared of her; they also did not understand how her mind worked.

Haliru’s father: “The two of you stop bickering” he shouted and began to hold his chest. Jasmine rushed to him and held him.

Jasmine: “Father, father”

Haliru’s mother: “Doctor, doctor please help him, he is having an attack” she said as the doctor rushed to hold the old man. “If anything happens to your father, Haliru, I will never forgive you, I swear it” she said as tears gathered in her eyes.

Haliru: “How is any of this my fault? Did I tell her to cheat on me?”

Haliru’s mother: “She cheated on you? And what have you been doing with that harlot?” she asked and used a long broom that was in the doctor’s office on him. She beat him with it till he ran out of the office.

Haliru’s father’s crisis passed with the help of the doctor, but he was put on bed rest and admitted in the hospital. The doctor called everyone back into the room, and instructed the nurses to draw blood from the baby, Jasmine and Haliru. When it was done, they were put in label specimen containers and put in a bag that was sealed.

Doctor: “Can you see this, this is credible and without mistakes, your result will be available in two days. The result will be faxed to the address you shall provide. It was nice doing business with you” he said.

Jasmine went back to the private ward where her daughter was, she filling out, they have been in the hospital for two months, and they had one more month to go, but her daughter was already looking beautiful, she was such a pink little cutie.

Jasmine: “I love you so much, whoever’s child you are, you are mine first, and I will always love you” she kissed her chubby pink cheeks. Ugbonna came in at that moment, he looked clean shaven and fresh faced. Jasmine remembered the first time they had met, there was something about him that drew her to him, not sexually, but like a magnet.

Jasmine: “Perhaps he is my soulmate” she thought as Ugbonna walked towards her.

Ugbonna: “How is our princess doing?” he said and looked at the baby

Jasmine: “She is itching to go home” she replied with a smile.

Ugbonna: “Yes she will soon be on her way. I know you are aching to go home again”

Jasmine: “I don’t know where is home anymore, I am sure not going back to the house I had with Haliru”

Ugbonna: “Mi casa su casa(my home is your home), my door is open, you can come live with me till you are settled”

Jasmine: “I can’t do that, like I don’t have enough scandal on my head? Abeg oh, I no get power again for more kasala” she replied and they burst out laughing.

Ugbonna: “Anyways I want you to attend a charity dinner with me, as a friend. Don’t worry about your daughter, she is in safe hands” he said

Jasmine: “Alright” she replied. She had accepted because she felt the paparazzi that were always following her will put her on the news. She hoped that Haliru would see it and get jealous, and reconsider their marriage. Even though she had said she would divorce him, she loved him still, and she couldn’t herself building a family with any other person, not even Ugbonna who she had come to like from the very first day she met him.

Nengi had started living in the matrimonial house that belonged to Haliru and Jasmine. She had demanded to, and Haliru could not refuse her because, he didn’t want her to refuse him sex.

Haliru: “It is better now, I can have you whenever I want” he replied and grabbed at her, but Nengi went out of his reach.

Nengi: “I want a vacation, the heat is too much, and everyone calls me a harlot” she said and began to cry.

Haliru: “If that is why you need a vacation, then you don’t need a vacation, you need a whole new identity. Come on, why are you bothered about what people say?” he pulled her into his arms. She thought he wanted to give her one of those cute hugs he usually gave Jasmine, but instead he turned her around and bent her over the table, then he began to pull down the bum shorts she was wearing.

Nengi: “Stop it, stop it!” she yelled, but Haliru was under the influence of the charm, the baba wanted sex and he had taken control of Haliru.

Haliru: “What do you mean, stop it, don’t you like it. Isn’t that the reason you asked to come live with me?” he asked while still holding her down. When her bum short was down and gathered around her feet, she began to struggle to free herself from Haliru’s hold. But the baba woul not have it, Haliru saw himself hitting Nengi.

Haliru: “Bitch come on, open up for me” he said and spread her legs, with his hand cuffed around her neck, he took her from behind. When he was done, he pushed her away, and the hold of the baba on him left him.

Haliru: “Nengi, I am so sorry, I don’t know what is going on” he said holding his head.

Nengi: “Just get away from me, you beast” she said and rushed upstairs to the bedroom that was once Jasmine’s.

When she came into the room, she saw the baba sitting on a love couch that was in front of the bed.

Nengi: “Jesus!” she screamed

Baba: “Jesus ke, Jesus doesn’t know you, omo esu” he said and laughed in a loud mocking voice.

Nengi: “How did you get in here?”

Baba: “You have made a mistake; you shouldn’t have come to this house. Don’t you know that this is not just any house, but their matrimonial house? Her spirit will fight you. You did not tell me that the man you wanted to get was the husband of your friend. You betrayed the laws of nature and nature is fighting you too, I cannot help you. I have gotten what I want, as long as he is under your spell, he will have sex with you and my life will be prolonged! Hahaahahahahaha” he bellowed in a dark laughter that sounded like that of a dead person, and disappeared.

Nengi: “No, he was not here, it is just my mind playing tricks on me” she said and began to feel like she was going crazy.

Nengi: “Perhaps it is Bali, he is the one playing with my mind, he knows about baba and is using it against me” she sounded hysterical. She dressed up and rushed out of the house.

That evening Jasmine dressed up in a simple blush color lace gown, and nude shoes, with a metallic diamond encrusted clutch. She looked beautiful, but when one looked at her eyes, all you could see is sadness. She walked into the Balmoral convention center where the charity dinner was to be held, on the arms of Ugbonna. The moment they stepped through the door, camera flashes went off, it almost blinded her.

Reporter: “Mrs. Danlami, are you already seeing someone”

Reporter: “We heard the DNA test have been conducted, do you think your husband wlll turn out to be the father of your child?”

She remembered how she was, before this whole incidence, how she could smile with her eyes, even when she was feeling bad inside.

Jasmine: “Game face on” she whispered, and Ugbonna turned to smile at her. He admired her strength, some other women would have been bawling in front of the camera, looking for pity, but not his Jasmine.

Ugbonna: “Wow my Jasmine? When did she become mine? Watch it bro, this is deep waters” he thought to himself.

Jasmine smiled with her eyes and flicked her dainty hands as she posed for the camera. She was the picture of a joyful and content woman, even though that was far from what she was feeling. Then her eyes popped, she had seen someone, someone she had never thought she would see again;the woman who took her child, Mrs. Henshaw.

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Question: Will Mrs. Henshaw give her back her son, is the child even alive?

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  1. It won’t be easy for Mrs Henshew to give her back the son cos of what she has gone through trainingvup the child.. yes he’s still alive

  2. Halleluyah! d child is much alive but I doubt if Mrs Henshaw will just return d child lik dt.well I pray dt Jas sees her child again .

  3. Wow…thank God. The child is alive and Mrs Henshew will give her her child but on a condition that the child will also be hers.

  4. AM AL&Fs,

    It could always be a long painful process, with some good luck Mrs Henshaw could return her child …. God’s faithful.
    The child was born healthy and has been under good care. He should be alive.

    Watching out…


  5. her child is alive but Mrs henshaw will not give her the child cos the child is mrs henshaw’s joy. But Jasmine will get her child back from her after some tests will be done.

  6. Baby mo, baby your love is sweeting me. Haliru won’t fell anything cause he’s still under a spell. I guess the charity will turn out to be an event for people like her abandoned child which will be reunited with Jasmine but will give him to Mrs Henshaw back.

  7. Mrs Henshaw will not agree to give out the child,because the child is her joy…The child is still alive..and he has loved mrs Henshaw as his real mum..He will take the two women as his mothers and love them equally..

  8. The child is alive but I doubt if Mrs Henshaw will give Jasmine his son back easily. Anyway lets watch and see how it goes. Kudos Adelove and crew

  9. the child is alive..even though Mrs hanshew may not return n d child but may let them meet n she will still remain d legal guidance.

  10. It will be hard to get him bck if d child is still alive…Bt with an evidence d mata will be settled nd she will get bck d child

  11. Yes can u see Nengi now, u just started u’ve not see any thing yet wait and watch ur end it won’t be gud. Jas will see her son and his not dead but their will be tough desition among the two and all will be well again.

  12. Its a difficult thing to do, but after some talks she may release the boy. The is alive and believe he is the reason for the presence of Mrs Henshaw.

  13. What you are looking for is what you get. Nengi, this just the beginning of your many woes. When nature is fighting against you, who will fight for you.

  14. I blived the child is still very much alive. Taking her child back won’t be an easy task 4 her but I bliv she will laugh last on him.

  15. probably d child is alive….. but is going to b a long case in court in other for Jasmine to claim it…but I just pray Mrs Henshaw should not lie that d child is dead

  16. D child could b alive, but ‘ll b better off with Mrs Henshaw. At least Jasmine ‘ll know dat her child is in good hands unlike Bali.

  17. See how everything is falling perfectly into places for Jas. Nengi’s time is up. She hasn’t seen anything yet. Not only will she get sore, pores and magot will grow there unless she confess her crimes.

  18. It would be difficult for mrs henshaw to let go of the child, cos she is childless n the boy has come to b her only joy presently. They can only reach compromise but not letting the boy go completely. For Negi she never see anything yet. Oju kokoro can kill

  19. Adelove.com thank u so much for all the stories so far. There is non to turn down. I have learnt a lot. Readers I hope u are not just reading the stories of adelove for reading sake but trying to pick out lessons from them. The best thing in life is to follow Godly life because what goes around comes around.

  20. whaooooo…..i see light at d end of d tunnel. even if Mrs henshaw refuse to give up the child…they would reach a common ground.

  21. waoooo, at last there is light at the end of tunnel. I think today will be one of jas but it will very difficult for the woman to let go of child just like that but they can reach a compromise.

  22. The child is alive but i doubt if mrs henshaw will hand over the child to her, she might just allow her see the child anytime but not take the child away.
    Nengi is reaping what she sowed hahahahahaha

  23. Its gonna be a tough one on Mrs Henshaw…but for the sake of the child’s sanity they will have to come to a conclusion that will benefit them both

  24. Sure the child is alive. It will be difficult for mrs henshaw to give back the son because he would have been her only source of joy since the death of her Husband.

    As for nengi she just start. Her under go soon catch fire after Haliru deal with her. And as it is she can’t stop having sex with him because of the pact she made with the devil.

  25. I forgot to add “first to comment”. So annoying.

    Adelove crew should start giving trophies to the first person to comment “First to comment”

  26. Definitely she won’t agreed to give her child but I think with time, Mrs Henshaw will be persuaded to release the child but will still love the child. The test will come out positive i.e Haliru is the biological father.
    Bali will beg Mrs. Henshaw to release his son to him

  27. The child is still alive,MRS hensaw will first refused to give her the child but with DNA test and court case against hensaw the child will be released to her.season film indeed

  28. The child is still alive but Mrs hensaw will not want to willingly give back the child ,dis is another battle she needs to fight and conquere.

  29. Hmmmm, it will not be easy for Mrs Henshaw to give her back her son especially if she have never have her own child, but all the same she will get her son back. The child is still alive.

  30. I can’t wait to know how the meeting between Mrs Henshaw and Jasmine is going to metamorphose. Well done Ade.love. May we not read these stories only for entertainment, but more importantly to learn life’s lessons

  31. The child is very much alive but i don’t think Mrs Henshaw will give back the child to her, maybe an arrangement could be made for jasmine to be in the child’s life

  32. How will jasmine convince Mrs Henshaw that the baby is her’s,Nengi this is just the beginning of your woes anybody that wants to dine with the devil must have a very long spoon.Next episode please.

  33. Will Mrs. Henshaw give her back her son, is the child even alive?
    The child is alive. ofcourse is Jasmine child, if she wants to take her child she will.

  34. Wat a small world, all her joy will return to her in full….Very soon Haliru will be free bcos Nengi will not be able to bear it using her as a sex machine…..I hope she wouldn’t marry dat doctor oooo dat will make it 1child 1father

  35. The child is alive, after all said and done, Mrs Henshaw may accept Jasmine as his biological mother but not giving her the custody of the child.

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