(Final Episode 24) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

Patricia kept running and hiding, she fell many times and bruised her knee, but she didn’t feel pain, all she felt was fear for her life. She kept asking herself where she even saved Bali, if she had just left him in the hospital, she wouldn’t be in this position. She ran till she came out on the road and fled.

Nengi when she could not find Patricia resigned and left. When she got to the mansion, she met Haliru’s parents, they were holding Haliru, it seemed he had been crying.

Nengi: “Honey, what is wrong?” she asked and went to him. The spirit possessed him again, and Haliru slapped her hard on the face and pushed her, she fell on the floor. She stood up in anger and put her hand in her pocket. But she remembered that she had finished the bullets on Bali. So she just stared at Haliru, who shook his head vigorously and then began to apologize. All these was observed by the keen eyes of Haliru’s mother. She had seen the result and was doubtful if her son’s marriage would move forward, it was one thing to forgive your wife for cheating, but to have to train another man’s child, that was asking too much. Regardless, her son needed spiritual help, for he was behaving like he was possessed of a spirit.

Haliru had decided to see his lawyer and proceed with divorce, he had followed his lawyer to the hospital to serve Jasmine the divorce papers, he wanted to see her face. When they got in, Jasmine was praying.

Haliru: “Go on, pray, for I am not sure God will answer you, you are so filthy” he said and nodded at his lawyer to serve her the papers. The lawyer brought out the envelope and gave it to Jasmine. She looked at it and shook her head. It was another envelope, just like the one she had read. The one, that shattered her hopes of getting her husband back. She looked at the envelope and smiled a bitter smile.

Jasmine: “I know now that you are not the father of my daughter, so I am more than happy to give you your freedom. In fact, I will sign it now” she began to tear open the big envelope, but the lawyer’s voice stopped her.

Lawyer: “Not so fast, the judge that is in charge has given a condition for your divorce” he said

Jasmine: “Which conditions?”

Lawyer: “You are to live together for one month. If in that one month, you still want to be divorced, the court will grant your request”. Jasmine was dumbfounded, what sort of a condition was this, was it like someone was out to make her life miserable. She couldn’t have Haliru and yet she couldn’t just leave, she had to suffer for one month, seeing him and not being able to love him.

Jasmine: “God must be playing a silly joke with me. It is not funny, Big Man” she said looking up. Just then the genetics technician who had done the DNA testing came in holding two envelopes in hand.

Doctor: “Oh it seems I am in luck. I was going to deliver your copy to you, Mr Danlami”

Haliru: “What copy?” he asked quizzically.

Doctor: “Your test result of course, what else would it be?”

Haliru: “This must be a joke, I already got the result”

Jasmine: “Me too, we already know the paternity of the child, she is not Haliru’s daughter” she put in

Doctor: “No way, this result was just sent in from the laboratory now, you couldn’t have gotten it. I personally deliver the results. The results are closely guarded to prevent errors, because we know the implication of a wrong result. So if I haven’t delivered any result personally to you, then you haven’t got any result. Here” he gave them each an envelope which has the hospital logo.

Jasmine and Haliru: “The one I have doesn’t carry the logo” they both said at the same time. And then they tore the envelope, and began to read.

Haliru: “She is my child” he said softly as the tears began to flow. Jasmine was too shocked for words, she picked up her phone and called her mothr-in-law.

Jasmine: “Mother! The child is Haliru’s, I am so happy mother” she said with excitement and explained to her mother-in-law how the results they had gotten, were fake and not from the hospital. However, she heard no reply.

Jasmine: “Mother are you there?” she askd, then she heard whimpering.

Jasmine: “Mother, are you crying?” she asked as she also broke down in tears.

Haliru’s mother: “I am crying my daughter, but not because I am sad, I am crying because I am joyful. Now my child, you have to fight for your marriage, but the weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. Haliru is not with himself, the Lord has revealed to me that someone has cast a spell on my son, fight Jasmine, but let your weapon be the Almighty God. Lets declare a fasting” They talked at length, and then the call ended. Jasmine turned to her husband and smiled.  She pulled out the paper from the envelope the lawyer had given her, and tore it into pieces.

Jasmine: “I am not going to give you a divorce, not now, not in one month, not ever” she said

Haliru: “I will frustrate you so much that you will beg me to divorce you. Also I am going to fight for the custody of my daughter, a slut like you should raise no one” he said and walked away, with his lawyer hurrying after him.

Jasmine: “Help me Lord to win my husband back” she said

Jasmine went to the business meeting with Mrs. Henshaw, the latter had requested that the meeting be held at her place. She dressed up in a pretty sun dress, with a lace shrug over it. She wanted to make Mrs. Henshaw trust her, and relax around her. It was the only way she would convince her to give her the child. When she got to the house, which was nestled in a quiet estate on Bourdillion road in Ikoyi, the gate man escorted her inside, and the first person that came to welcome her was a little boy, her son.  She looked at him and was dumfounded, all the scheming she was prepared to do flew out the window.  She saw those dark eyes that had looked up to her that day, it stared at her now, and it held a smile. Her little son was smiling with his eyes, something she had taken years to learn. She broke down in tears, and embraced her son.

Jasmine: “Oh my boy, my son. I am so sorry, please forgive me” she cried with phlegm running down her nose. Mrs. Henshaw came downstairs and looked at her. She saw the resemblance that she didn’t see before. This woman had known she had her son, and had schemed her way into her home, just to take the child away, she became angry.

Mrs. Henshaw: “What are you doing with my son?” she asked and pulled Sammie away from Jasmine.

Jasmine: “I am sorry, this is not the way I had planned to tell ou. Please forgive me”

Mrs. Henshaw: “You scheming bitch, you came to that dinner purposely to see me and get into my house. Let me educate you my dear, this child is mine , and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it. Now get out of here immediately before I call the police and tell them you wanted to kidnap my son”

Sammie: “Mom, please don’t be rude to aunty. I like her” he said softly and sweetly. He went over to Jasmine and held her. Hhe began to wipe her tears with his hands, while Mrs. Henshaw watched, with tears in her eyes. This little boy who knew nothing, was being drawn to her through blood. Was she going to deny her child the love this woman could give her because she was a bad person?

Mrs. Henshaw: “You are all sorts of despicable, but my son needs a mother” she said.

Jasmine: “How do you mean?”

Mrs. Henshaw: “I have cancer, I have got just one month to live, and my child cannot be left to strangers when her mother is here. Why did you abandon your own child? Sammie honey, please go and finish your home work, aunty won’t leave without saying good bye to you” she said and Sammie ran up the stairs.

Jasmine: “I was writing my final papers when I had him, I was young, my parents were strict church people, the father rejected us, after our papers he left and I never saw him again until before my wedding”

Mrs. Henshaw: “Hold on a minute, are you saying Sammie’s father is the same man you cheated with, on your husband, who was then your fiancé?”

Jasmine: “Yes” she replied

Mrs. Henshaw: “Interesting”

Jasmine: “I have regretted abandoning my child, I thought I was doing the right thing, I wish I knew better. Thank you for taking care of him all the while”

Mrs. Henshaw: “Don’t insult me by thanking me, he is my son too. I might not have borne him, but I love him and have taken care of him like a mother should” she replied.

Jasmine: “I am sorry, so sorry” she replied, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Mrs. Henshaw: “I guess you really did not want to invest in my foundation, it was all a ploy to come close to your son. Let’s talk some other time, I will contact you, don’t come to this house if I didn’t call you” she said and walked on up the stairs. Jasmine let herself out, her heavy was heavy, but she was also happy, finally she had seen her son again.

Jasmine: “Heavenly Father, I am so grateful, you have started working for my favor. I love you Lord” she said and blew a kiss upward.

Jasmine: “Take that God, this kiss belongs to you” she said before she entered her car and zoomed away.

When Patricia fled, she went to her sister’s place in Ajangbadi to hide, when she told everything to her sister, her sister called her Police boyfriend. The police officer went ahead and registered the case in the Ajangbadi Area Command. Since it was out of their jurisdiction, they contacted the Egbeda Area Command to hand over the case to them.

Nengi had gone to another herbalist, one that was in the outskirt of town, to help her break the chain that was holding her to Haliru. She thought that if she broke the yoke, she would also be free from the baba. Besides her honey pot was beginning to itch her, the other day she was washing, she had removed a maggot from her honey pot, she suspected it was because of the charm she did with the baba. So she had concluded that the best thing to do was to break the yoke.

Nengi: “Baba, I am tired. This is not what   expected. I wanted him to love me, but he doesn’t, he only uses me for sex. Plus the charm is destroying me bit after bit. Also, Jasmine is the cause of all my misfortunes I want her to die tonight” she said. The herbalist danced around, with the little bells tied to his clothe jingling like they were calling the spirits. He began to make incantations, and groaning, while Nengi looked on.

Herbalist: “My dear, I cannot help. This charm was not made by anyone living; it was made by a dead deity. You had sex with a dead person. I am sorry this is beyond me” he said.

Nengi: “If you don’t know your trade, why call yourself a herbalist, you are one of those scammers. How can you say someone I met korokoro is a dead person” she said and began to leave in anger.

Herbalist: “I would have cursed you, but there is no need, you are already cursed” he said and began to dance.

Patricia came with the police men to Egbeda to tell them what happened to Bali, and then she took them to her house. When they got there, they found Bali; rigor mortis had already set in. They bundled him and took him away. They started building a case against Nengi, Patricia also told them about the blackmailing.

The doctor had certified the baby good to go, she had developed into a cute pink bundle, everyone who saw her fell in love with her. Jasmine decided to purify the house, Ugbonna invited his pastors, Haliru’s parents were also present, even Jasmine’s parents. Haliru was home, but he remained up stairs. They began to pray over the house and the occupants of the house.

Haliru’s mother: “Any spirit that is not of you, residing in this house, burn by the fire of the Holy Ghost”

Jasmine’s mother: “Any spirit, fighting against any member of this family, die by fire”

Jasmine: “Any power that is wrestling against my marriage become powerless”

Pastor: “The lord has revealed to me that, your husband, Haliru is under a spell cast by a strange woman, who is carrying the spirit of death around her. Our prayer point is, every yoke must be broken, every bondage must be broken and the captive set free. Haliru Danlami, I set you free by the power vested in me as the prophet of God. I set you free from bondage, every yoke, every chain in the mighty name of Jesus” he shouted and the whole house raised a thunderous “Amen”. Thunder clapped above, and the house was like it was shaken. Then they heard a loud, piercing cry, it was the voice of Haliru.

Haliru’s mother: My son oh” she cried and rushed upstairs, everyone went with her. There in front of the bedroom was Haliru on the floor, he was vomiting black water. The pastor continued to pray, and the more he prayed, the more he vomited. After a while, he fainted.

Haliru’s mother: “Please let us get the doctor”

Pastor: “No, this is spiritual warfare” he continued praying, soon the others joined. They prayed on till dawn. Just when the night was giving way to day, Haliru moved and then he began to say something.

Haliru: “Jasmine, Jasmine” he called. Jasmine wanted to rush to him, but the pastor held her back. Haliru was filled with unclean spirit, because he slept with a woman that was carrying death around her. After a while, he slept off. That was when his loved ones were allowed to come close to him.

Meanwhile, Nengi had returned and was at the gate of the house, she banged on the gate but the gate man refused to allow her in. That was when a police van came, and police men jumped out of the van. They rushed at Nengi, she tried to run, but…

Just at that moment, she went mad. The policemen still bundled her into the van thinking she was fooling them. But after a week, they couldn’t keep her anymore, because she was rotting away like a corpse while living. Maggots were gushing from her honey pot, her skin was decomposing, and her hair was falling off. Rigor mortis was setting in, on a living person, the police had no choice but to throw her out, as the goo oozing from her was an eye sour and reeked of corpses.

It was the day, which the new baby would come home. Haliru had forgiven his wife and she had told him about the child she abandoned years ago and also about Mrs. Henshaw, now that he was free from the charm, he was now filled with expectations for his new family, The day was like a public holiday in Lagos, people had come from far to camp outside the hospital, reporters from different news outlets gathered outside to catch the first glimpse of the new baby, who fought to live, even while her family was under attack by the enemy. Ugbonna was happy, he didn’t get to be the man in her life, but he was happy that he was instrumental to her happiness.

When Jasmine and Haliru came out with their daughter, everyone cheered.

Haliru: “She shall be called Zahra because she is beyond beautiful” he said and everyone cheered to the baby Zahra. Then Jasmine saw Mrs. Henshaw walking towards her, with Sammie by her side.

Mrs. Henshaw: “I have just a few days to live, and I want to know this wonderful family that our son will be with.  Sammie this is your real mother” she said and Sammie smiled at Jasmine.


Sammie: “Aunty, are you now my second mummy?”

Jasmine: “Yes I am my son. I love you so much” she passed baby Zahra to her father and embraced her son.

Haliru: “In have been doubly blessed” he said.

Last notes

The man Ella was dating turned out to be a man who really loved her, she had learnt from Jasmine’s case, so she did full disclosure, told him about her dabble into the runs business. But he loved her regardless, and soon they were engaged to be married.

Ella: “Jasmine, I want you to be my chief bridesmaid”

Jasmine: “Ha, me ke. I be mama of two oh, no be young girl suppose do am” they burst into laughter.


To God Be the Glory

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