We Couldn’t Pay 2016 Salaries Because of Allocation Reduction – Complaints Commission

We Couldn't Pay 2016 Salaries Because of Allocation Reduction – Complaints Commission

The Public Complaints Commission, PCC, said the reduction in its budgetary allocation from N3.5 billion to N2 billion in 2016 hampered its operations and led to inability to pay its staff salaries.

Emmanuel Ogbile, the Chief Commissioner of the commission, made this known at a news briefing on Tuesday in Abuja.

“The sum of N2 billion was approved as the commission’s budget for 2016, while it required N3.5 billion for staff salaries; hence there was drastic drop in the commission’s monthly allocations.

“This situation was so critical that we found it difficult to pay the staff salaries in full, thus resulting to strike by the staff. All hands are on deck to ensure that the ugly situation does not repeat itself in 2017.

“The commission is not left out of the current economic recession in the country as the drastic drop in our budget seriously hampered our operations,” he said.

He, however, urged the commission’s staff to continue to do their best as patriotic citizens and show more commitment to serving the public for good.

The commissioner also expressed his gratitude to staff members for their patience, hard work, determination and commitment during the hard times of 2016.

Mr. Ogbile also expressed displeasure at the low rate of compliance by organisations to its decision.

The chief commissioner said investigation into many complaints brought before the commission was being frustrated by inadequate supply of necessary information that could lead to reasonable conclusions.

“Henceforth, the commission shall have zero tolerance for such recalcitrance from respondents and will apply full force of the law in accordance with the provisions of the commission’s act on erring respondents.’’

The commissioner advised Nigerians to lodge their complaints online through www.pcc.org or use the call centre which is 07003425722.

According to him, the commission’s dedicated platform is aimed at serving ordinary Nigerians, who have genuine complaints.



  1. One may be shocked to learn that this commission which claimed it couldn’t pay its staff salaries in full last year, 2016 actually bought new vehicles.

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