Group plans five-day fasting and prayers for Buhari

Group plans five-day fasting and prayers for Buhari

A socio-political group under the aegis of Cross River State Progressives Forum will on Monday commence a five-day fasting and prayer for the quick recovery of President Muhammadu Buhari.

President Buhari’s medical holiday in the United Kingdom had elicited a lot of public comments in the last one month.

However, chairman of the group, Mr Eyo Nsa-Ekpo, who disclosed this in Calabar on Friday, said that it has become imperative to pray for the quick recovery of President Buhari following the ongoing anti-corruption war.

He said that the five-day fasting and prayer session would commence in Calabar on Monday, February 27.

Ekpo said that the group was totally in support of the administration of Buhari, which he said, has done well since it took over the mantle of leadership.

He said, “Members of the forum unanimously agreed to declare prayer and fasting from Monday 27th of February for the quick recovery of President Buhari.

“As you are aware this group has been in support of the administration of Buhari and would continue to support the President because of the good works he is doing in Nigeria.

“This is the first time we are having a President with integrity who has declared war on corruption which has been the bane of the development of this country.

“Our support for him is unanimous so we pray for his quick recovery so he can return to continue the good works he is doing for the country.”

Ekpo said those wishing the President dead should desist, adding that God has destined Buhari to deliver the country from years of misgovernance and corruption perpetrated by past administrations.

“It is unfortunate that we have become so demonic and evil. If you ask people why they are mocking this President you will discover that it is because he is fighting evil and evil is fighting back from so many directions.

“It is unfortunate that the man, who is trying to help the masses of this country that have been short-changed for several years, is being vilified by the same masses. But I think it is a product of ignorance and I know that with time we shall overcome.”

Ekpo also expressed optimism that the President would soon be hale and hearty to continue with his good works for the country.

He, however, said the economic recession currently ravaging the country would be a thing of the past as the President was doing everything humanly possible to salvage the country from its present economic woes.


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