Tonto Dikeh had promised to damage husband’s reputation on social media, says Big Church Group

As the marital crisis between Tonto Dikeh and her husband, Mr. Churchill deepens, it has been alleged that Tonto Dikeh’s claims on her Instagram page that she lied about gifts her husband gave her and also that Mr. Churchill infected her with STDs are all lies.

A source alleged that Tonto Dikeh assaulted her husband before their crisis, sets his clothes on fire and has not even returned the Prado car gift she claimed was a lie. The source further alleged that as reports of their marital crisis went viral, the actress threatened to tell lies that will ruin her husband’s career on social media.

Here’s what a source from the Big Church Group said;

“They are all lies. If Churchill had ever laid hands on Tonto, she would have photo evidence, that’s the kind of person she is. She would have taken photos. She was the violent one. She set fire to his clothes and destroyed proterty worth millions in their home

She claimed he never bought her all those gifts but she returned the Lexux jeep he bought for her and kept the Prado. She drives a Prado, can she afford to buy one herself? She just became bitter. And she was always threatening him, saying she would go online and release lies about him and ruin his life and career because for some reason, she thinks she made him.

Olakunle is not perfect but he’s not the devil she’s painting him. This is a man who bought a G-Wagon for her dad.

She was still using drugs and Olakunle was seeking help for her as he was committed to their relationship.”



    • Jesus Christ knew all of us his creation is fake because of the Sinbad wickedness in our lives that is why He came and died a cruel death so that we can become put away our wickedness and sins from our lives and become real so please just so u know Christ died for u and all who is judging and He died for Tonto aswell we are all sinners u people are grieving the Holy Spirit and He will just turn away from u completely do u believe there is a God do u trust in God do u have a repentant heart a heart of love and compassion or a heart full of hate please stop do not let the wrath of God fall cause u might not be able to utter a next word Jesus is coming take heed if u can’t say good just keep quie.

  1. Sad. What went wrong? They should take it easy for the sake of their son. Demonizing each other isn’t a good thing for his reputation.

  2. instead of running off your mouths why can’t u people have hearts of love and compassion just like Jesus Christ has and pray and pray and pray some more how do u think the Holy Spirit us feeling now that u are not minding your own business or not praying we all are sinners the only difference is that some are saved by God’s Grace and others are not it’s sin in our lives that causes us to do these things u all are no better than Tonto do u have children or families how about if it was one of your own would u run of your mouths it would u pray look people Jesus is coming we are in the last days and we all will have to stand before God one day soon weather we like it or not and before the wrath of God falls very heavily on all of us I beg in the Name of God for the sake of our souls let’s us all repent and learn to love and forgive for it is the only two things that will cause us to not be thrown into hell’s fire .please take heed

  3. Abeg u people should just shut up, go in quietly and settle ur misunderstanding. Whats all these ranting on social media? Celebrity madness. Mtcheeww

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