So Sad!!! See What Happen to this African Player In Italy

So Sad!!! See What Happen to this African Player In Italy

You won’t believe this actually happened in real life. This is a true life story that happened in Italy.

A young boy tagged a racist disgraced star footballer Antonio Rudiger in Italy during a football match between Torino FC and  AS Roma.

Rudiger who was born to a German father and a Sierra Leonean mother on March 3rd 1993 didn’t find the shocking display of racism funny after the little boy above refused to stand in front of him because he thinks he is a black monkey, an eyewitness disclosed.

Most African footballers see Italy as a very racist country as most Italians do throw Bananas at African players and sing monkey songs for them.

That rude display of racism must have been very difficult for Rudiger to bare.

This goes to parents teaching their kids racism at a very young age because the rude behaviour this Italian boy exhibited was as a result of bad education by his family.

It is totally unacceptable for African players to experience such emotional torture because of their skin colour.

Such racial abuse must be sanctioned with the utmost energy by FIFA authorities.

Many Africans do not believe in racism because they do not live it and it is mainly because of this that the continent is exploited on a daily basis.

This is why some Africans treat racists who see their fellow Africans as Monkey as demi-gods in their continent.

Very sad!!!

Note: This story happened a while back, it was just brought to the attention of those who didn’t hear about.



  1. We should first remove the peg in our eyes before removing that of others
    What about several primitive and narrow minded Nigerians that use derogatory/ racist term on their fellow Nigerians such as;omo ibo, Ndi ngbati ngbati, Gambari, Ndi ofe nnmanu, yanmirin, rago etc
    Racism and tribalism anywhere in the world is a demonstration of utter ignorance by all those that practice it

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