Yves Saint Laurent’s Degradation Of Women

While the world is all about celebrating women’s day,Yves Saint Laurent released an Ad campaign which the world has seen as degrading to women.

One of the posters had a woman in fishnet , with her legs open, while the other had on a leotard and was bent over a stool.

The French fashion house’s new posters in Paris, has sparked an uproar, and caused a flood of complaints to the country’s advertisement watchdog,  Autorite de Regulation Professionnelle de la Publicite (ARPP).

According to them, they have told Yves Saint Laurent, to make changes to their campaign posters;

We asked the brand and the ad displayer to make changes to these visuals as soon as possible,”

ARPP head, Stephane Martin told Reuters. He said the ads were a serious breach of rules set by the advertising industry to maintain “dignity and respect in the representation of the person.”

Martin also said the fact that the models featured in the ads were very thin was also a concern because of the impact on fashion-conscious teenage girls. Saint Laurent has been reached for comments.



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