Buhari’s Supporters Blast Critics After President’s Return

Buhari's Supporters Blast Critics After President's Return

The Buhari Support Organisation (BSO), Enugu State Chapter, has said that the return of President Muhammadu Buhari home after weeks of medical sojourn abroad has ended to unwarranted suspense, anxiety and all manner of rumour from traducers some of whom wished him dead.

In a statement signed by the Publicity Secretary of BSO, Eze Chibuzo, noted that the return of President Buhari has reinforced their infinite confidence in Almighty God, stressing that the world rests in His hand.

“And on the worldly sphere his return has put an end to unwarranted suspense, anxiety and all manner of rumours from traducers some of whom wished him dead. BSO Enugu State in league with patriots and well meaning Nigerians had maintained that the life of any of us rests squarely in the hands of God.

“We subscribe to the ageless folklore which posits scenarios that while women in the village were anxiously waiting for the old dry tree to fall in the harmattan, to be used as firewood, year in and year out the harmattan came and went, the old tree stood its ground whereas the fresh young trees fell with the rain.

“In sum, we pray that Mr President reflects the old tree cited above so that the quiet Buhari revolution aimed at laying a solid foundation for a transparent, prosperous and progressive Nigeria will be consummated” he added.



  1. Shame on all those thieves that looted our money,who were wishing evil for my beloved PMB. I have bad news for them: they must return all our money to the last Naira,however long it may take! It’s very obvious that God does not support evil!

  2. Fayose asked Buhari to address him directly to prove that he’s alive. Does Fayose think he’s that important? As far as I’m concerned, the President did everything according to constitution. Whoever doesn’t believe he’s back and alive can remain in illusion.

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