Apostle Suleman Sex Scandal: “I Want a Public Apology For All this Humiliation”, Otobo Insists

Apostle Suleman Sex Scandal: "I Want a Public Apology For All this Humiliation", Otobo Insists [Video]

The alleged lover of the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Suleman, Stephanie Otobo has demanded a public apology from the blunt Edo-born preacher for putting her through humiliation.

Stephanie in an interview with TV Continental, Stephanie claimed that things did not go the clergyman’s way because “he’s not God.”

“I think things didn’t go according to his plan because God is God, nobody can be God, when there is God.

“The day I was talking to him recently, he was like, ‘Did I put a gun on your fore head to sleep with me?’

“I am just fighting for my right because he did it. He must have done this to women and gotten away with it.

“He needs to ask for his own mercy because he did it. If he keeps denying it, God will expose him and I know that.

“I want a public apology for all this humiliation.”



  1. He did what? You pretend you know no shame. Why not tell us what he did. You are acting a script and want sympathy. Nigeria is not America. Go and find your money. You can open your own church. Any money acquired by destroying men will not serve you.

    • How do you know she isn’t telling the truth? What if she is actually saying things the exact way they happened. Instead of lashing at her, maybe you should demand the apostle prove his innocence. There are many ways he can dispute her claims, bank records, surveillance videos, travel records, pictures of body anatomy etc.

  2. Only GOD knows who is serving him. And Jesus had said there is no clean person except GOD.

    Pastor Sulaimon needs to ask HOD for forgiveness for even befriending a wayward lady.

    GOD saves us.

  3. Stephanie or whatever your name is, you went after the man. You’re looking for cheap popularity. I wonder why you didn’t report this until he has issues with the government. For Apostle, only God knows a true man of God. Judgement belongs to Him.

  4. Ms Otobo, ashawo Edo, this is not a better way to seek popularity. Man of God, u re not Jesus. You did it. Be very careful abt these ur state harlots that has no shame. Pls beg God for mercy and forgiveness. We know this girl is for blackmail otherwise why now. Man of God, 100% u are not above sin. Just plead to God and be very careful, I repeat.

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