(Episode 20) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

(Episode 20) Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast!

Nkeiru: “Hello girl! How was your night?” she asked Vanessa who slept over at her place and was yawning with her mouth wide open.

Vanessa: “My night was fine thanks to your comfy bed and yours?”

Nkeiru: “I don’t know” her eyelids dropped sadly.

Vanessa: “Hey! What’s wrong dear? What happened? She sat on the edge of the bed, holding her two shoulders so she could look into her eyes. She was trying so hard to fight back her tears.

Nkeiru: “I miss him. No matter how much I try to deny it or try to shut him out of my mind, I really do miss him and I feel so lonely. I really don’t know what to do right now” she started sobbing quietly and this only made Vanessa bitter towards her so called husband the more.

Vanessa: “I guess your case is worst here. Would you like to talk to him?”

Nkeiru: “He is not picking my calls. No matter how many times I call or text him. He just isn’t saying anything or replying to my chats. Do you think he is seeing someone else over there?” she looked up at her hoping she would answer otherwise but the look on her face was too obvious for her to ignore. “You think he is don’t you?”

Vanessa: “My dear, to tell you the truth that is the only explanation I have for his actions or inactions. If he didn’t have another woman there, then what will is motive for doing this be?”

Nkeiru: “Hmmmm…that is no consolation Vanny”

Vanessa: I am sorry but it’s the bitter truth. We have both reached the point when we should be telling each other the truth. Do you want to talk to him? I can make that happen”

Nkeiru: “How?”

Vanessa: “We will call him with my line. As long as it’s not yours, someone will surely pick it” she said enthusiastically.

Nkeiru: “Oh that is a good idea. Why haven’t I thought of that?” she picked up her phone from where it laid uselessly beside her on the bed, looked at the picture of her husband she used as screen saver and shook her head. The call was picked in the second ring but it was not Lanre who picked it, it was the same voice she had heard the previous time she called. Her breath caught in her throat as soon as she heard the voice again.

Nkeiru: “Please can you give the phone to Lanre? He is the one I want to speak with”

Anna: “I am sorry but my husband is not in right now. Can you call back in like thirty minutes time?”

Nkeiru: “Wait your husband?” she sat upright on the bed with every hair on her body standing straight.

Vanessa realising that she was about to break down quickly snatched the phone from her.

Vanessa: “Who are you bitch? You are a fucking husband snatcher. You see that man you call your husband? He was already married in Nigeria before banging your hoe ass. What I am saying is, he is fucking married ma’am” she could not stop herself from yelling into the phone.

Anna: “I am sorry but you seem to have gotten the wrong number. I am the only legal wife he has and I am even carrying his child. So whoever you are, please look for the real number you wanna reach” she was sure it was a wrong number since Lanre had never given her any reason to doubt his sincerity.

Vanessa: “We got the right number lady. When he comes back, ask him who Nkeiru is, and hope you will get it right with your stupid accent? Write it down, it is N-K-E-I-R-U.  Seems you have been played ma’am. He probably did that so he could become a citizen, you are fucked over” her anger knew no bounds as she watched her friend begin to withdraw into herself until there was nothing left of her but a heap of brokenness.

Nkeiru: “Lanre is married to another woman and she is even pregnant. Lanre is married to another woman. Lanre is married. Lanre has a wife. Lanre…” she kept muttering unintelligibly until Vanessa could take it no more.

Vanessa: “Please let it all out. Cry yourself silly, break down in tears as much as you can now cos this is the only time I will be permitting you to whine over such a man. So cry!” she sat beside her as she started weeping convulsively on her laps. She felt her tears seep through her nightie onto her laps. “Sorry dear, It’s gonna be fine. Shit like this happen but we gotta move on. Life goes on. No one who left is ever meant to stay, let him go” she tried to repeat T.D Jakes’ words.


He got back home that day only to meet his things outside the house. He tried using his spare keys to unlock the door but the lock had been changed. She came out furiously when he started banging on the door.

Lanre: “Honey what is going on here?” he knew something must have happened for her to act the way she was doing.

Anna: “Who is Nkeiru?” she pronounced the name slowly in order not to mispronounce it.

Lanre: “Nkeiru? I don’t know anyone by that name” he was so surprised by the question that he stammered.

Anna: “Of course I knew you were going to lie you fucking liar” she raged and the veins on her neck stuck out as she spoke.

Lanre: “Can we go inside to discuss this please? See people are staring at us. Let’s go inside please” he made to lead her in but she pushed him back with all the power she could muster.

Anna: “You’ve been playing me all along, taking me for a fool. How dare you do that to me and to an innocent woman? Get out of my sight please. You will get divorce papers soon. I cannot have a child for a liar and a cheat” she said and slammed the door to his face.

Lanre: “But what of my baby?” he shouted loud enough for her to hear him from inside.

Anna: “It is not your baby. It is my baby so fuck off before I call the police on you. Please get the hell out of my compound with you filth” she shouted back from inside. He could hear her sob. He picked his things up and headed for Pete’s.

Pete: “Oh man! What happened?” he asked as soon as he stepped into the house with his bag.

Lanre: “She threw me out”

Pete: “What? Why?”

Lanre: “She learnt about Nk. Only God knows how she got to know about her” he sat on the chair with his two elbows resting on his knees.

Pete: “But I warned you didn’t i? Now what are you going to do about your child in her womb? The thing is, you have no case to even fight. You will be ruled out as a liar and a cheat”

Lanre: “Well I know that much but I will not give up, I will keep pleading with her. So I guess I am back to where I started from” he said looking around the house as if he hadn’t stepped into it since he left.

Pete: “Lanre you cannot stay here again. I am now a married man and there isn’t much space to contain us all. I am sorry but I cannot help you this time”

Lanre: “Please don’t do that. Where exactly do you want me to go to?”

Pete: “I don’t know. You must have made friends at your place of work, you can go ask them this favour. I cannot let you stay here” he announced disappointedly and went back into the room where Lucy was and had obviously overheard everything they discussed because she quickly stood up and sprinted over to Anna’s place.

He picked his bag back up and walked out. His heart sagged under the weight of his grief.  He started sleeping at his place of work until one day his boss found out about it and got really mad. He was shown out the door and asked never to show his face there again and that was how he became homeless and jobless. His green card and citizenship he realised was not going to help put shelter over his head or food on his table. He went back to the house where he had lived with Anna and found out she had packed out and no one in the neighbourhood knew where she had packed to. All she left for him were divorce papers and a note never to try looking for her.


They threw their hands in the air in surrender but to their consternation. The men started jubilating, and dropped their gun before him. He stood up slowly when he realised they were the men fighting for him and said a prayer of gratitude to God, something he had never done before.

Boss: “How did you guys manage to win?”

Masked Man: “We fought hard sir and some of us managed to convince our friends at the other side that they were making a mistake. When they saw you running towards Audu, they thought you were coming for them so they chickened out. Some joined us and that is how we were able to fight off the rest”

Boss: “Oh good! And what of Locust?”

Masked Man: “He was not there. We checked all the dead bodies thereafter but he wasn’t among the dead”

Boss: “Oh I see!” His mind went back to Erica and he dispatched his men in different directions to look for her. He still had mixed feelings of whether she ran away or was captured.

Boss: “Erica…Erica…” he called her in a loud voice, running to and fro. Most of the men picked up the name they heard him call and her name rent the air yet they heard nothing or saw nothing of her. Most of the men started giving up hope of finding her, they still had bodies to bury and to clear the campsite since they knew they were going to move from that site. Who knew who their gun booming must have attracted? They went from searching for Erica to burying the body of the men who had lost their lives in the rebellion. Locust was nowhere to be found and they wondered if at all he was actually the one behind the whole thing. Maybe it was just some discontented bunch of hoodlums among them?

He sat behind the rock where he had left her earlier. His knees were propped up with his elbows resting on them. He was distraught, how was he going to live knowing she was probably dead or lost somewhere. He was giving up hope too easily. Just then he saw Locust coming towards him with Erica in his arms. Her legs and hands dangled on her sides like a person without life in her. He stood up with a start, with his gaze fixed on Locust, trying to decipher if he was a threat to her or not. They both walked towards each other slowly…

Question: What is Locust doing with Erica in his arms? What on earth could have happened to her?

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  1. I think locust knick her off so he can use her to buy back trust from boss
    That’s good for Lanre,he has lost everything including Nk
    His mom will die of bp when she finds out her so called oyibo daughter inlaw has dissappeared with her grandchild

  2. she was captured by locust, but when he saw there was no escape for him, he turn her in as her saviour to gain the trust of the boss and restrategise another attack on him, hmmmm very good for lanre, now he will no that he can’t eat his cake and have it again back to square zero.

  3. Just imagine!!! I have to borrow my uncle’s phone to continue reading. Adelove have turned me into a…………. Please KONTINUU.

  4. Locust kidnapped her so as to use her to get to boss.
    Lanre, thank God for ur life welcome back home in advance but make sure to buy casket for ur mother when coming back

  5. Lanre,ntor o.I warned you Lanre but you wouldn’t listen.chai.back to zero point.
    Erica dear,what happen to you now?mixed feeling&mixed reaction.
    Locust,can you please explain what happened? I believe you only rescued her for the sake of the boss since you no longer win,in order to win boss trust,but I believe all of you will retrace your step back to right track.
    Iya Lanre,I pity you.

  6. Good for Lanre…i love his treatment he will return to Nigeria with notin….as for Erica i pray Locust did not rape her oo…i

  7. Lucust hold her captive just to use her as a deal with the boss. And may- it’s when she was escaping she stumbled into the hand of lucust….. ADELOVE AND CREW YOU PEOPLE ARE SIMPLY AMAZING.


  8. selfish lanre go back to Nigeria and have your divorce latter from Nk. Nk if I hear say u forgive am. locust hmmmmmm only God knw your plan ooo. Iya lanre nothing will stop u from routine in hell this time.

  9. Locust Locust,wat av u done to Erica?
    Erica will u wake up n tell us wat happen.lol
    Lanre c ur life outside……mama ur oyinbo son ll soon be deported.

  10. He obviously kidnapped her but seeing now that his side failed I’m sure he will act as though he saved her to save his own life.. She’s unconscious. Lanrey this is just the beginning.. You will curse the day u were born for deceiving two innocent women.. HELL HATH NO FURY THAN A WOMAN SCORNED..

  11. This is just d beginning 4 lanre,he hasn’t seen a thing yet…locust is using Erica as a bait or he might say he rescued her 2 b on the bosses side again .

  12. Lanre the ingrate, the useless thing, the stupid man, you have failed cos your doom is near. Locus is a snake in a green grass, I’m sure he’ll say Erica tried to escape but he caught her. He is indeed a liar.

  13. Only if erica is conscious she will narrate wot happened to her. I knw locust want to use her to get boss.

  14. I have a feeling this will be ericas first kill. She has the knife boss gave her so as she is looking limp might be a plan of hers. Just thinkng.

    And as for that ingrate body go tell am soon. No house to stay again.

    Amaka of ALC I want to kiss you.

  15. Lanre I don’t pity u its gud riddance to bad rubbish. I knew Locust was nt to b trusted. Iya Lanre get ready to start feeding frm hand to mouth. Mtchew Erica pls don’t giv up now pls.

  16. I just hope something bad has not happened to her. Locust wants to use her to go into agreement with d boss. I think d boss will hand over his position to him and he will have to quit just to be with Erica. Lanre deserves what he got.

  17. Probably Locust found her where she was hiding n wants to use her to get to d Boss. Lanre I told u that it was a wrong step to marry that yanke Babe but u didn’t listen, I even told u that will things will scatter ur friend will abandon u, it’s serves u n year mother right. It pray Nk will not take him back.

  18. Yes Lanre this is just the beginning.
    ‘***That girl is a witch ***’, that is what Iya Lanre will say….

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