Late Dr. Orji Allwell’s Family Blasts Reporters Over Reports

Late Dr. Orji Allwell's Family Blasts Reporters Over Reports

The elder brother of late Dr. Orji Allwell, who jumped into the Lagos Lagoon on Sunday, has blasted the newsmen for the manner the media gave ‘undue’ publicity to his death.

Orji’s elder brother, who was away, returned to the family house in Lagos was angry following the recovery of Allwell’s corpse from the Lagoon on Wednesday, rushed into the apartment and marched everybody out of the residence including journalists, and thereafter shut the gates with keys to prevent people from gaining access.

He openly expressed his displeasure at journalists for the way the media carried their tragic story, stressing that the death of their brother was a complex one.

Orji’s brother said: “We don’t want to see any journalist. We are mourning our brother; we need privacy to sort out something. We didn’t invite journalists.”

This was confirmed by an emergency response team member, who craved to be quoted under anonymity.

He told journalists following up on the late doctor’s story: “The last time I called the family, one of them rained abuses on me until I informed him that I was not a journalist but an emergency officer.”

Another source said that Orji’s relatives were angry that what was seen as the most tragic incident in the family was blown out of proportion and celebrated by the media.





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