Sell your private Jets and feed the poor -Reno Omokri charges pastors

Sell your private Jets and feed the poor -Reno Omokri charges pastors

Former aide to immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan Reno Omokri has called on Pastors to sell their private jets and use the money to carter for the needy in their communities.

Reno was reacting to series of suicide and attempted suicides by Nigerians recently, noting that never in the history of the country had suicide been widespread.

Recall that a doctor had jumped into the lagoon at Third Mainland Bridge last week.

This was followed by another case of two women who were rescued from jumping into the Lagoon by the Lagos State Police Command.

Reno noted that the Government may succeed in policing the Lagoon, but wondered what happens to several unreported cases of suicide in the villages.

In a post he shared on his Instagram page, he wrote, “Never in the history of Nigeria has suicide been so widespread.

“There is so much despair in the Land. We need police presence around the Lagoon in Lagos. But my thinking is even if we police the Lagoon, how many suicide go unreported in villages across Nigeria?

“This is not PDP or APC. If doctors and business men and women are being moved to suicide, what about the increasing number of unemployed?

“I call on churches to shift focus from miracles and financial breakthroughs to extending love to the broken, abandoned, lonely and unemployed in their communities.

“Sell your founders private planes and ues the money to feed thousands as Jesus fed thousands.”



  1. You nko? Won’t you bring all you own or is there any place in the Bible that said only pastors should feed the people. You no get talk abeg.

  2. Most time I wonder how some people talk. What has the Pastors properties has to do with those committing suicide. What is the roles of the government? What about thieves and Biro robbers on power seat? Are the Pastors the Policy maker and implementer?

    Fine if you say they should contribute to development work but not talking that way. I don’t blame some shall. Do you know the numbers of sack workers this government has produce? is this not enough to cause wahala.

    Don’t leave the cause and be running after …… Our Government are bad, let them change there ways. Are they not receiving salary. Are Muslim clergy not owing Jet? Shoooo

  3. Pastors living affluent lifestyle in the midst of hunger stricken majority is not right o….let’s call a spade a spade. …. True talk is bitter!

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