Nigerian Lady dumps fiance after helping her travel to US

Children of nowadays and fake love. What makes her think the other guy she ran to after her fiance wasted his money to bring her over to America will be sincere to her in the long run? Smiles!

According to Tèmítópé Adébiyi, a Nigerian-American man flied his woman (fiancee) from Nigeria. When the lady landed at the airport, she didn’t even allow the guy see her, but went straight to Indianapolis, the largest city of the US, to meet a secret boyfriend. The story…

The man should just put himself together and live his life.



  1. Its bad of.her guys start are now changing.but d gal stupid oh cos y didnt d one she ran too bring her to.US with rather dan waiting for anoda to him.

  2. That girl did not act well at all. The man has no blame because due to distance, he would not have known that he was dealing with the devil herself!

  3. Easy thing depending on the type of paper the guy filed, if visiting he should forget it but if for green card/permanent resident he should call USCIS and give her information to them for tracing. Her status will be flagged and then if she files for future papers she will be in trouble. I’ve seen people did this before and the guy got deported eventually.

  4. The man is a fool. You are in america, you did not see, Caribbeans marry, nor people from eastern europe that still maintains high family value . It is Nigerian Woman you sweat your money to bring to america. She and her parents don chance you. That is why the father replied you like that. Of course there is nothing you can do. Because she is now in USA. The world is now under her feet.

  5. infact if he wanted to come down, why not look for gambians, senegalise, sierra leonans. You can brush them up. And they will forever be grateful to you.

  6. Bros don’t worry ,it happened to me but my is just within the Country. The father said same thing but today i gave glory to God. The lady and her father is regretting it.
    God will provide you your own wife.

  7. It is simply a fraudulent act. She wasn’t honest hence she wouldn’t profit from it. It will hunt her throughout her sojourn in the US except she seeks restitution. It’s a simple law of nature.’s karma!

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