(Episode 2) Finding Sheila… a Morbid Tale!

For months Bukky skipped choir practice, to see Ayo, but he came up with excuses to prevent his going to meet with Bukky’s parents, until the choir mistress reported her absenteeism to her mother. So that day when she came back from her usual choir practice, her mother was waiting for her.

Bukky: “Maami” she said in a shuddering voice because, from her mother’s face, she could tell there was fire on the mountain.

Bukky’s mother: “Bukola Aderigbigbe, where are you coming from?” she asked, standing up from the couch she was seated on. Bukky began to search for what to say because her mother didn’t call her full name unless she was in big trouble.

Bukky: “Mother, it is choir practice na” she replied in an unsure voice.

Bukky’s Mother: “May God punish you, you child of the devil” she said in anger and then began to beg God for forgiveness for using bad words on her daughter.

Bukky: “Just abuse me once and for all, which one is asking for forgiveness when you will still abuse me again” she muttered under her breath.

Bukky’s mother: “Eh Bukola, what did you say?”

Bukky: “Nothing mother, the choir mistress took long today, we had to rehearse the songs for all the services this week” she lied.

Bukky’s mother: “Ha Bukky, why do you want to rub charcoal on my face?” she began to sob. Her mother’s cries were what Bukky could not withstand, so she rushed and knelt down in front of her mother.

Bukky: “Ejo maami, don’t cry. I am sorry; it was Ayo that asked that we have a date today” she pleaded.

Bukky’s mother: “Shut up your mouth. Your choir mistress was here and this is not the first time you have not been in practice, you always beg her to allow you sing with the rest, and because of your dad she allows you. Why have you chosen to go astray, Bukola mi” she asked still sobbing.

Bukky: “I am sorry mother”

So it was, that Bukky reduced the way she saw Ayo, in fact she insisted that they did not have sex anymore, she told him that if he could not wait to have sex with her, he should come see her parents and the marriage committee, so their wedding process could begin. Ayo saw her twice after the incidence with her mother, and he got tired.

Ayo: “This relationship is becoming boring, you call all the shots, when I am the man in this relationship” he flared up one day when Bukky told him on phone that she couldn’t see him because her mother was watching her.

Bukky: “Haba Ayo, why would you say that, I have done all you wanted, even when it was against my principles, and just this little one you cannot do for me?” she asked, but Ayo had already hung up on her. She called him severally, but he didn’t pick up.

She became depressed, and began to throw away her food because she couldn’t eat. Every day she called him, but he refused receiving her calls. The more he refused receiving her calls, the thinner she became, because she was throwing away her food.

Bukky’s mother: “Bukky, are you not going for choir practice today?” she asked coming into her daughter’s room. Bukky was lying in bed, with the duvet over her body. She went closer and pulled off the duvet from her daughter, Bukky was shivering.

Bukky’s mother: “Bukky, what is going on with you?” she asked and felt for her temperature; Bukky was burning up. She rushed to the living room, and with the house phone, caller her husband, Bukky’s father.

The preacher rushed home for Bukky was the only child God had blessed them with, and anything that harmed her, harmed them. He drove Bukky and her mother in his Peugeot car to the nearest clinic.

Bukky’s mother: “Where is doctor oh, my daughter is dying” she screamed as they drove into the clinic.

Bukku’s father: “Iya Bukky, get a hold of you” he said, obviously not pleased with her hysterics. The nurse asked them to pay for the registration card before they could attend to Bukky. Bukky’s father quickly gave them his ATM card and pin, not minding if the whole money in his account was withdrawn. All he wanted was for his daughter to be well.

Then the doctor came, and they wheeled Bukky to the doctor’s office, where a nurse drew blood from her vein with a syringe, which they would use to run tests.

Doctor: “I suspect Malaria, but let me stabilize her temperature first and foremost” he said and brought out some pills from a big container, which he gave to Bukky who turned her mouth away.

Bukky’s mother: “Bukky, omo mi, please take the medicine so that you will be well. You know you are the only one I have” she said.

Bukky’s mother forced the pills into her daughter’s mouth and poured water to chase it down. She patted her back and stroked her braids.

Bukky’s father: “Let us pray” he said and began to pray that God would heal his daughter. When the nurse, who had gone with the blood specimen to the laboratory came back, and saw them praying, she chuckled.

Doctor: “Is the result ready?” he asked, glad to end the prayers. Bukky’s father continuednevertheless until he was ready to round up the prayers.

Nurse: “Yes doctor” she replied and handed over the envelope to the doctor.

Doctor: “I am sure it is Malaria” he repeated, and pulled out the lone sheet of paper from the envelope. His brows knitted in a frown as he peered at the paper.

Bukky’s father: “Doctor, what is it, tell us already, why are you having that face?”

Bukky’s mother: “Please doctor talk oh, my husband is suffering from mild hypertension oh” she said putting her head on her head because her instinct told her that whatsoever was on the result was not Malaria.

Doctor: “There is no cause for alarm, she does not have Malaria, only pregnant” he said. Bukky raised her head immediately, the headache she was feeling was gone, or it was replaced with dread.

Bukky: “That cannot be” she whispered. Her father looked at the doctor like he was not sure of what he heard.

Bukky’s father: “Doctor, what did you say?” he asked, pushing his head forward, so that perhaps he could hear properly this time, and it wouldn’t be what he heard before.

Doctor: “Your daughter is two months pregnant” he said and slipped the sheet of paper back into the envelope.

Bukky’s mother: “Hay God, Bukola you have killed me” she stood up and began to wail.

Bukky: “Doctor, that result must be wrong, I am not pregnant” she said.

Doctor: “Really, are you a virgin?” he asked. Bukky looked down, as shame overwhelmed her, and a single tear dropped from her eye.

Bukky’s father did not utter a word; he just stood up and left. Bukky’s mother ran after him, and Bukky also went after them. Before she got out, her father had driven off, leaving her mother staring at the departing car in confusion.

Bukky: “Maami, I am sorry” she said, and that seemed to open the gates of hell, as her mother turned and began to hit her.

Bukky’s mother: “You child of the devil, what have you done to us, why have you brought calamity to our house?” she said as she hit her daughter and cried.

A woman who was in the waiting area of the clinic saw the display and asked the nurse what was going on with that family, and the nurse told her that the girl was pregnant.

Nurse 2: “Olofofo, how you take know?” another nurse on duty, asked rhetorically.

Nurse 1: “Haba, na lab technician tell me na, no be me give doctor the result? If you see the way her father dey pray for common Malaria, dem no know say na belle, I wonder whether him go pray make God abort am” she narrated, while the other woman listened with rapt attention.

Coincidentally, the woman was a member in the church where Bukky and her family attended, with her father as one of the ministers. So it happened that the news spread all over the church, that Bukky was pregnant.

Question: Will Ayo do right by Bukky, and accept the pregnancy?

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  1. He won’t accept the pregnancy, that is how so many wolves in sheep clothing flood the church and deceive sisters all in the name of love,pretending to know the bible,it is a pity bukky fell for him

  2. Ayo will not accept the pregnancy, I’m very sure Ayo is married wt kids, he will not pick her calls again, remember she does not know where he live .

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    1. A girl who asks for money all the time is
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    members is called “National Investment Bank”.????
    4. A girl who prefers to have sex after marriage is “Social Security Bank”.????
    5. A girl who is very faithful to you is “Fidelity Bank”.????
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    7. A girl who dates men from different countries is “Intercontinental bank”.??
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    9. Dating a woman older than u is called “Wema Bank”.????
    10. A girl who is always faithful and trustworthy to her guy is called “Guaranty Trust Bank”.?????
    11. A girl whose guy disvirgined her is called, “Firstbank”.????
    12. A girl who uses all ur money to buy jewelries is called “Diamond bank”.????

    Ladies which “Bank” Are You?
    Guys Which “Bank” is ur Girlfriend…???
    Pls be honest….????????
    I beg laugh jare. Life has no duplicate joor!!!����

  4. Ayo will not accept responsibility because he a stupid play boy. He knew that the girl is naive in relationship act. He took advantage of it and put the girl in a dilemma.

  5. Ha,I pity this name sake,so naive,gosh.
    Ayo will never accept the pregnancy&that will be the beginning of woes for her&her family.

  6. Ayo will denial the pregnancy and will not claim responsibility. Because from onset he has been deceiving bukky.


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