Cleric explains Why corrupt politicians are welcomed in church

Cleric explains Why corrupt politicians are welcomed in church

President of Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministries, Prophet Sunday Iyunade, is of the opinion that those convicted of corruption should be welcomed into the church.

Speaking recently at a press conference to herald the church’s 21st anniversary/15th convention in Ijebu-Ode, the cleric described the church as the only place where ex-convicts could be refined by the word of God.

“A lot of you have been criticising the Church for accepting corrupt leaders. Where else will they hear the truth if not in the Church?

“It is only the religious bodies that can give them a course to feel guilty of whatever crime they have comitted. They may pay offerings, tithes and even do thanksgiving, they will surely be told the truth they need to hear,” he argued.

Prophet Sunday said: “We need to pray for political stability as there will be threats to democracy. We need to seriously pray for our governments.”

While highlighting the shortcomings of the government, the prophet lamented that the Treasury Single Account (TSA) has killed the Nigerian economy.



  1. Stupid excuses
    It’s an open secrete that corrupt politicians and top civil service thieves are welcome, especially in Pentecostal churches, because of their ill gotten wealth

  2. How many truths has anyone preached to any of the filthy rouges ? Those churches that only preach prosperity & welcome the blood money with open arms. Shame on any such church. Zacheus proved repentance by refunding all he had defrauded in multiple folds, got rid of all hindrances before following Jesus. The greedy church leaders just feed fat on the bloody loot or the man should point to whoever had returned such money after being preached to.

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