I am happy my son is dead, Mother reveals

A woman whose son had just been killed, has revealed that she is really happy the young man is finally dead.

Members of a South African community recently became ecstatic, sang and danced when they learned that two alleged thugs had been murdered. Even the mum of one of the victims said she has finally found peace.

According to Daily Sun SA, The two young men were found stabbed to death in School Side squatter camp in Philippi’s Browns Farm, close to Cape Town, on Sunday.

The mother of one of the victims, Nobanzi Pokolo (62), told Daily Sun she had been waiting for this day for a long time.

“My son, Sandiso (23), was in grade 12. He started robbing people in 2015. I wasn’t surprised when people told me that my son was dead,” she said.

“Since he started robbing people I have been ill and have been in and out of hospital.

“It was all because of him. I even suffered a mild stroke when people came to my house to take my belongings, saying my son had stolen their things.

“I can rest now. There will be no more stress because Sandiso is gone for good.”

Residents said they were happy Sandiso and his partner-in-crime were dead.

“We thank the Lord. My sister doesn’t have a cellphone because of these two thugs. We don’t feel sorry for them. Dogs must die like dogs,” said one resident.

Inspector November Filander confirmed the incident.

“Cases of murder were opened for investigation,” he said.



  1. How will a mother rejoice dat her son is dead, omo eni kii buru titi ka fi fekun pa ( one’s child isn’t given to the tiger to kill coz he’s wicked). When deriz life, deriz still hope, he myt still change 4 good if he’s alive.

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