Tackling cattle rustling in Kano

Tackling cattle rustling in Kano

The Kano State Government has in recent months, been battling with the problem of cattle rustling. The rustlers have been committing rape while stealing a large numbers of cattles. This has left a lot of cattle farmers in a state of despair.

In 2016, some 74 cattle rustlers were paraded by the security agencies and about 818 cows and 87 sheep were recovered from them.

It is indeed saddening that, as noted by the state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, the cattle rustling problem is happening at a time when the nation is yet to overcome the menace of insurgency.

However, the fact that a committee has been set up to ensure that recovered livestock are returned to their owners means that all hope is not lost for cattle farmers in the state.

In this connection, the formation of a Police Anti-Cattle Rustling Squad, Ambush Squad and Tactical Observation points along the Falgore forest must be commended as a step in the right direction.

As the police teams have been deployed  to Tundun Wada, Doguwa, Sunmaila and other areas of the state, I urge Governor Ganduje to ensure that the police are given all the support that they need to arrest the rustlers and prevent further loss of cattle  in the state.

Umar Mohammed,



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