Nigerian doctor arrested in US for sexually assaulting patients

Nigerian doctor arrested in US for sexually assaulting patients

A Nigerian orthopedic doctor residing in Texas, United States of America, has been accused of sexually assaulting at least two patients in his office.

The doctor, Donald Ozumba, was arrested by the police on Friday after two women said they were alone with him when he touched them inappropriately inside an examination room.

Both of the patients who claimed to have been assaulted by Ozumba told the police that he asked them to undress fully instead of wearing a gown and shorts they were given by the nurse.

Ozumba has been named a “rising star” as an orthopedic surgeon.

His website lists several school teams and professional sports teams he works with, and it says he leads medical mission trips to his home country of Nigeria.



  1. So he’s so stupid enough to touch two women inappropriate knowing well there would be witnesses? I no surprise sha , if oyinbo go fit fake him own death for money , why dem no go fit put another man for trouble to claim money ?

  2. They are lying! As patients, they can call for the nurse to be present during a physical examination . So why did they not? It is a set up to get financial settlement. The doctor also put himself in a compromising position knowing what American female are…….GOLD DIGGERS!!!

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