(Episode 23) Torn Hearts of Ghosts in a Shell

(Episode 23) Torn Hearts of Ghosts in a Shell

Detective Boniface got a return call from Lady Anita that evening. She informed him that Omini Oil was pursuing a major oil deal which they lost to a small company based in Warri. It seems they are trying to get the company to subcontract them for the contract. She said that was all she could get a short notice but she will be able to get more information as time goes. He thanked and ended the call.

As soon as the call ended. Barr. Odumodu’s call came in. he answered and Barr. Odumodu informed him that according to Felix who had carried Preye to her father’s place but had stayed outside to watch at her insistence, Chief Bright had another stroke and was presently in the hospital but not before the police had come in to arrest him.

Detective Boniface: “where is him and Preye now?”

Barr. Odumodu: “they are at the house. Why?”

Detective Boniface: “good. Am on my way.” He ended the call then grabbed a squad of policemen and they headed to Chief Bright’s family residence.


Detective Calixtus was at his desk at his station in Lagos. He was on a case of a robbery gang terrorizing Lekki area. He had just returned from interviewing a family that had just been robbed. He sat, reviewing his notes. His phone rang. The number was unknown. He picked it,

Detective Calixtus: “hello.”

Mr. Orilade: “am I on to detective Calixtus of the Lagos State CID?”

Detective Calixtus: “yes you are sir. Who am I speaking with?”

Mr. Orilade: “this is Mr. Orilade, Kelvin’s course adviser. He dropped a package for you with my lawyer with the condition that if he disappears for a week without him calling the lawyer, the parcel should be given to me for onward transmission to you. I would like to know how to send it.”

Detective Calixtus: “hold on, a parcel? You know what, I will give you a detective right there in delta state who will collect the parcel on my behalf.”

Detective Calixtus ended the call then placed a call to detective Boniface who was already on his way to Chief Bright’s residence. Detective Boniface immediately directed one of his men to head to Benin to get the said parcel.


Detective Boniface and his team storm into the Chief Bright’s residence and place Benson under arrest. Felix and Preye where placed in the custody of the police and taken to the police station. At the station, they tried to interrogate Preye but they could not get straight answers from her until he came to stop them, informing them that she was mentally ill and also experiencing amnesia. Felix was allowed to go home but Preye was immediately moved to Uselu Psychiatrist hospital for further treatment.


Bright had been placed on life support and he rasped as he breathed. Mama Benson sat with him, her hand on her cheek as she stared at the man she called her husband for over 41 years. She sighed and thought back to the revelations she had heard. Despite all the girls, all the wives, the he goat went on to sleep with his own daughter? What will I not see? And my son knew and he kept quiet! Benson! Ha! She sighed sorrowfully.

She went out to stretch her legs, as she passed she saw the police seated by the door pressing his phone. She greeted him and went on.

When she came back the police was still there, playing cards. He looked up at her

Policeman: “your son came o. he waited a little then he left.”

Mama Benson: “Benson?”

Policeman: “yes. Serious looking guy.” She nodded her head absentmindedly and entered the room.


The policeman sent to Mr. Orilade at UNIBEN, to receive the parcel from the lawyer had returned by the time detective Boniface got back to his office. The man had been waiting for some hours. He handed over the parcel to detective Boniface, saluted and left.

Detective Boniface opened the parcel as soon as he left. Inside the parcel, were pictures of Preye with different politicians, business men, directors of companies… Pictures of her in hotel rooms with them, parties, conference rooms, and so on. Detective Boniface was confused. He opened the parcel again and brought out two envelopes. The first one he opened was a message from Kelvin.

‘I am getting myself into a rabbit hole, I do not know if I would ever come out. Preye was my friend. Yes she had her faults but her father made her who she was. During the rape, she told me, one of her brothers caught her father. She never told me who. Anyways, if you have this it would mean that a diabolical man has got to me. There is a bigger evil than the one who raped his daughter. There is one who blackmailed father and used sister. She kept these pictures as a protection, in case she needed to defend herself. She didn’t expect to die, I guess. But now, Pere says something is going on at an estate. I am worried that the monster, Preye feared more than her father is on the loose. Please contact a Barr. Balogun. She is Preye’s lawyer. Preye won a contract from one of lovers. She gave this contract to Omini Oil. The contract would have made her a millionaire. It makes me wonder if her death was accidental. Preye also claimed that there is a camera containing a video of her and her father in a hotel. i send you this as what I know about Preye and her family. I hope it helps.’

Detective Boniface got up and rushed to the interrogation room and asked for Benson. He gave her kelvin’s note to read. Benson read this with a surprised look on his face.

Benson: “I don’t know about this. I only know that Preye was raped because Papa told me when Preye had the accident. He needed somebody to confide in I guess. I didn’t know that they were still sleeping with each other until I saw the video on the camera…”

Benson then went on to tell detective Boniface all he knew. He denied knowledge of Kelvin’s whereabouts. He also claimed that the contract was Preye’s but she had subcontracted to Omini Oil. He knew that Preye killed Bimbo, because his father told him before telling him to go to the airport to hand over some cash, a credit and help Preye and Janet board a flight out of the country.

After Benson’s confessions, he was released and sent home as he had not been seen to commit any crime. There was no evidence to hold him with.

Detective Boniface working on a hunch, made a call to Felix. After the call. He called Maria and informed her of the progress they had made. She was excited and agreed to meet him at the station the next day.



Mama Benson entered the private ward that they had placed her husband. Along with her was Alero. They entered the room and met Bright sleeping. They settled down and started getting Bright ready for the day. While they were cleaning his body, he started coughing. They rubbed his back then called the doctor. The doctor checked him, his face expressing confusion. Bright started coughing blood then he started stretching and jerking, blood bubbling out of his lips. His wives watched, screaming helplessly as he died.

The doctor stared at the dead man in confusion. It made no snese. This was not a heart attack. He called the nurse and asked the body be taken in for autopsy. Mama Benson and Alero were in each other’s arms crying. They remembered a time in the distant past and they wept for what was lost.


Benson sat in his apartment, staring at the revolving ceiling fan. He could not believe that his father was gone. God this family had kept a bad secret for too long, now it’s destroying everything. I am not ready to be head of this house, God… I have not seen Kennedy today sef. I guess he is aware too. Mama will have called him. He silently said his goodbye to his father.

Suddenly, his door burst open. It was the police. They handcuffed him saying he was under arrest for the murder of his father. He stared at them in shock as he was led away in a Hilux truck.

Question: Did Benson kill his father?

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  1. Hmmmm we will find out in the next episode, this is a case of the evil that men do living with them not after them

  2. Kennedy was the son who went to see Bright and killed him.
    Like I earlier said he’s worse than the father and he’s the one Preye is scared of

  3. Adelove, I really don’t know how to thank u guys for ur interesting, inspiring and educating stories. u guys are wonderful. more grease to ur elbow,more wisdom by God’s grace.he will take u to greater heights. I’m so happy to be one of ur fans.well done guys

  4. I don’t tink is Benson. It is Kennedy kus wen mama Benson went outside, d yeye police man dat was busy playing game told her dat one of her son’s came there.

  5. It wasn’t Benson , it was Kennedy that knows about everything
    and have been blackmailing his father he was the one that went to the hospital because Benson was in police custody then.

  6. Ha ha Kennedy.so you are the son at the hospital ba?I suspect you because Benson was in police custody then.No,not Benson but Kennedy. What a useless policeman, ha,I tired for them for this country imagine,you are to stay watch over a criminal but you engaged yourself with something else,the Policeman suppose to be charged for Negligence on duty&be given just three month imprisonment. Just like that.
    The Evil men do……….
    Bright didn’t suppose to die without confession. But at least everything is becoming clearer.

  7. I don’t think so.. There’s someone in that family who’s behind all these misfortunes and I think it’s Kennedy.

  8. No he didn’t but Kennedy cos according to the Policemen of watch informed mama Benson of her son that came in and the person is Kennedy.
    Thanks Adelove.

  9. Well dis is serious I d’t think Benson kill is father. It should be Kennedy d despite son who kill d father

  10. hmmm this is serious Benson is even more dangerous than his father even if he did not killed his father, but keeping quiete all this while where as he knew everything that is happening is even worse than the rape itself.

  11. Yes, by keeping the secret of all the abominations his father and preye has committed for so long, if he would have open up on time, they will go to their village to perform the what it will take.

  12. D suspense in each episodes is killing and delay is wat u guys need to work on. God will increase u guys in Jesus Name

  13. Benson wouldn’t have killed his father because he was in policy custody, probably Kennedy is the murderer or two of them might be a conniving beasts.

  14. Kennedy is the one behind everything
    He’s greedy,he’s the one that came to the hospital, but d policeman mistake the name for Benson.
    He’s also the one that has been blackmailing his father n using the daughter
    He’s the one that killed pere and also knows about Kennedy’s disappearance, he’s just too greedy

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