EFCC plans invading my Okenne home to plant incriminating documents, cash – Adoke cries out

EFCC plans invading my Okenne home to plant incriminating documents, cash – Adoke cries out

Mohammed Bello Adoke, a former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, has raised the alarm that operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission are going to invade his home in Okenne, Kogi State.

Adoke, in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media, Victor Akhidenor, said the invasion of his home was in continuation of the move to soil his name.

The EFCC had earlier in the week broken into the home of Adoke in Kano.

The operatives, who were accused of having broken down several doors in the process, reportedly searched everywhere in the house, including the roof.

The statement by Akhidenor reads in full: “We have been reliably informed of a plan by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to raid the Okenne, Kogi country home of Mohammed Bello Adoke (SAN), the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation.

“We gathered that the swoop on the country home of the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice will happen any moment from now as part of EFCC’s sustained campaign to soil the good name of Mr Adoke in the guise of seeking evidence to indict him.

“It would be recalled that earlier this week, the EFCC invaded Adoke’s residence in Kano State, breaking doors, upturning chairs and tables, and generally disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood. They claimed they were looking for documents with which to substantiate their wild allegations of corruption against Mr Adoke. They did not find anything incriminating as there was no such document. That action alone has established one fact; that the EFCC has no shred of evidence on which they had charged Mr Adoke to court. It was after charging him that they now started hunting around for evidence. Is this justice?

“After turning up with nothing in Kano, now the EFCC want to conduct another dramatic campaign in Okenne for the cameras, and we are certain that like the previous raids which turned up nothing, no incriminating document or item would be found in the premises in Okenne or anywhere else for that matter because no such document exist.

“Mr Adoke has made it clear times without number that on the Malabu matter, he only acted as directed by the former President, H.E Goodluck Jonathan, and in the best interest of the country. He had also properly handed over all documents and items relating to the issue to his successor, Abubakar Malami (SAN) when leaving the government. He did not enrich himself or anyone through the course of the transaction, which had been concluded long before he assumed office. He completed his brief to the best of his abilities and knowledge, and has since moved on.

“However, for whatever reasons, the EFCC appear to have a different opinion on the Malabu issue and has made the harassment of Mr Adoke, his family and associates their past time, without providing any proof of wrongdoing. We wish to warn that Mr Adoke would no longer take these harassments of his family and serial invasions of his homes lying low and will now seek all legal means to enforce his rights, including asking for damages. He will also petition international human rights organizations, the UN and other international groups to intimate them of the wilful abuse of his rights by the EFCC.

“Finally, we put Nigerians on notice that with the desperation shown by the EFCC, it is not unlikely that they may want to plant incriminating document or cash in the Okenne home of Adoke and claim that same were found in the premises. The world is watching.”



  1. How does he know the specific time and the motive? Sounds like a confession to me. Mr. Adoke, if you are not guilty simply come back to Nigeria and vindicate yourself.

  2. This man has begun to sound like governor Wike in subterfuge and evasiveness.
    Why can’t he assemble his team of lawyers and vitiate the prima facie evidence before efcc.
    Nigerians are not swayed by such tendentiousness.

  3. EFCC should move very fast before he relocate the loot, all the top officials of former administration’s houses should be searched if possible bulldozed, Nigeria wealth resides in their bunkers

  4. Nonsense. Who does not know that “to be fore warned, is to be fore armed” Okenne people should wonder less, if lorry loads of ‘loots’ and documents are being evacuated by Adoke’s aides very, very shortly.

    GOD saves this nation.

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