(Final Episode 24) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!

(Final Episode 24) The Boss Babe … Realm of Darkness!

Mysterious Man: “How exactly did you two dumb ass ladies find yourselves here? how is it that you two missed the way at the same time?” he asked still infuriated at what he thought was their folly until it occurred to him that it was actually not their fault that He must have confused them one way on the other. “I see so it is your doing right? You never fail to amuse me do you?” he said looking up.

Zahra: “Who?”

Mary: “Dumb girl. Who else will he be talking about if not the one he fears the most?”

Mysterious Man: “Just shut up. I shouldn’t have sent you to that pastor in the first place. You failed woefully” he bellowed and then stopped all of a sudden “we are here” he said and disappeared. The ladies looked at each other and smiled. Power surged through them and they felt no other power would be able to stop them.


Mariam and Kendrick parked the car in front of Tabernacle of God and dashed inside looking over their shoulders. The pastor saw them and knew something was wrong immediately.

Pastor: “What is wrong sister Mariam? Are you okay?”

Mariam: “Pastor we need your help. Demons are after us and they are trying to kill this young man here. We need prayers, I can smell him and a dozen of others like him just that they are more powerful” she explained. The Pastor called everyone in the church together, there were just few of them since there was no service that evening. He had gotten the premonition to go to church even though he had nothing to do there. Now he blessed God he had listened. They are gathered together and started firing prayer at any unseen forces around the area.

Soon enough, Manny and a dozen of other demons arrived the church premises trying to get into the church but they couldn’t. Manny saw an opening when he looked into one of the ladies in the church and saw she had a doorway of lying and backbiting he could pass through and screeched into her followed by the other demons. While they were praying, she suddenly slumped down fuming in the mouth…

Pastor: “They have found a way to possess her. You all should ask God for the forgiveness of your sins now before they start jumping from one person to another” he said urgently. Many of them went on their knees crying and confessing their sins including Kendrick. He was overwhelmed by everything happening around him, he had never seen anything as such before.

The lady suddenly stood up and lounged for him with gritting teeth. It seemed like her artificial nails had suddenly grown into fangs as she tried to grab hold of Kendrick who was still on his knees but some of the guys held her back. They kept firing prayers at her casting out all the demons one after the other even as she kept getting reinforcements. At some point, she would fall on the floor and become quiet acting like she was normal again but only to stand up even stronger than before.

Lady: “Pastor leave us alone so we can take him with us…he belongs to us now. Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. I just don’t know why you people has refused to live by His word” she groaned and grunted speaking with the voice of many men.

The pastor did not answer her as they all kept praying. Binding and casting them away and barring any further reinforcements.

She continued: “Pastor what do you want? Is it money? Women? Power? We will give you whatever you want just spare us and let us have what we came for” she became seductive approaching the pastor who did not even look at her but kept on praying and she was flung back from him again. She began to cry saying in the lady’s real voice “please save me pastor Abraham, you guys are hurting me” she whimpered on the floor but they all knew better than falling for the demons’ deceptions.

She started screaming all of a sudden and vomiting. The more she tried standing up to lounge another attack the more her powers weakened then all of a sudden she fell flat on her back and everything became peaceful again. She stood up with her eyes darting from one person to the other confused as to what had happened.


Timothy: “Celine stand up, what is done is done. Come let’s get out of here fast” he tried lifting her up but she refused to leave his side. She was afraid he would be dead for real if she as much as moved a muscle. The pastor kept persuading her until she got wearied with his talks and decided to stand up. She bent down to give him a peck on the cheek and saw his eyes flutter gently.

Celine: “Jeeeeeus!” she screamed “He is awake! He is awake, I told you he wasn’t dead pastor. Oh Glory be to God” she said still cradling his head on her laps. She stood up at last when the police men rushed to his side, wanting to arrest him. “If you dare touch his I will sue you both for misusing your uniform. He was innocent and you shot him, ask the pastor, he was not himself, he was being possessed. They looked at the pastor to confirm his words and when he shook his head in affirmation, they took some steps back.

Timothy: “Officers please help us take him to the hospital, we still have an unfinished business here” he said when he spotted Shania and his wife step out into the open looking like Jezebel incarnate.

Immediately Celine saw them, she began to pray and speak in tongues, the pastor joined her and together, they almost tore the realm of darkness apart. The two ladies both held their heads as the prayers went on. They saw the host of heaven descend and surround them and they started looking for a way to escape.

Mary: “Honey it’s just me, I am the one. Don’t forget how much love we shared” she said writhing on the floor in agony and trying to deceive him into feeling sorry for her so she could attack.

Timothy: “I know it’s you. This is how you have deceived me for eighteen good years. No way will I believe you again”

Mary: “Yes it is true I deceived you. I was sent to frustrate you into doing something wrong but no matter how much I tried you just kept being good to me. I made myself childless to torment and force you into adultery and that was the reason I kept using Abraham as an example to make you see reasons with me”

Timothy: “And what did you stand to gain in all of these? He asked sadly and she laughed out hysterically.

Mary: “You can never imagine pastor. I got the highest seat in one of the covens, I can travel to the heavens to attend meetings with the principalities and powers. Do you know what honour that is? And I also got to live in wealth. What can be greater than all these?” she laughed again.

Timothy: “For what shall It profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Well it is not too late for you to repent and accept Christ”

Mary: “Oh yes it is too late. The demons they are a legion inside me, they keep increasing I cannot take it anymore” she tore at her hair and her cloths. Before her husband could stop her, she was already out of the cloths she had on save for her under skirt and bra then ran off screaming and holding her head.

Zahra on realising the mysterious man had abandoned them and the demons inside them and when she saw what had become of Mary. She went on her knees and started begging for mercy. She had never experienced anything like that before in her life.



Shania was rusticated from school when it was learnt that she orchestrated the incidence leading to another lady getting disgraced in school. Zahra however gave her life to Christ and later got married to Kendrick. The two of them in a bid to make restitution for her sins made sure they took care of Ahmed’s parents and siblings. Kendrick became the governor of Kwara state and proved that a man with conscience can still succeed in politics.

Pastor Timothy was reinstated as the head pastor in his church with none of the junior pastors nursing any ill feelings towards him. He became more careful in his dealings and also helped move Celine’s parents down to Kwara state where they didn’t have to struggle anymore. They started living the kind of life they had always dreamt of. The pastor however adopted five children from different orphanage homes rather than re-marry. He was happy with his life even though he missed his wife. He prayed for her redemption and healing every day and also kept searching for her.

Sola survived the gun wound and could not stop apologizing to Celine. He revealed to her that he was among those who raped her. In fact it was he who deflowered her because he started first and then he was not under the influence of any demon. He was still a womanizer then and when Zahra approached his friends with the offer he couldn’t help but jump in so he could have his way with her too. She could not believe her ears, she was hurt but who was she not to forgive a man God has forgiven and redeemed?.

She passed out from school with second class upper, the only one in her department to have such. She later got married to Sola who dotted on her like the queen she was. They were later blessed with a handsome boy followed by a girl.

Portrait of smiling family

They all however lived a life worthy of emulation. They never relented in prayer knowing the devil was still up and about looking for who to destroy, where to steal and whom to kill next.

(Please share your thoughts on this story and the lessons you learnt from it. thanks for reading, we appreciate you all…Mmuuaah)

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  1. Wow! Lovely ending. All we need is God, the help of the Holy spirit & should nt dwell in sin wen we fall. Kudos adelove & crew

  2. human being should be careful with people around especially room meet. being a virgin is a pride but keep it to yourself.

  3. hmmmm. wonderful story but wasn’t happy when I read the line in which sola confessed that he was among the guys that raped Celine. Anyway kudos to you guys @Adelove

  4. I learnt dat we need to be prayerful and he dat thinkth he stand should take heed less he fall,so praying without season is d only way out of dis wicked man viles satan

  5. thanks adelove….
    the story is also an interesting one as usual…. it seems so real
    i learnt that life is vanity and to always try to make the best use of it, i learnt that there is no one more powerful to turn to than the Almighty Himself, i learnt than pray is and will always be the key. and to always believe in God most especially in predicaments.

    in fact, i learnt a lot of life-happening lessons.
    thank you Adelove & crew…. muuuuahh

  6. Wow!adelove, God bless u for this wonderful story. I learnt that without God, we can do nothing,I also learnt that the devil can use anyone, we should be careful in dealing with people. the story was filled with lots of lessons. ride on guys.

  7. This is a great leason to the masses, nor matter how the enermy will set their trap on you if u ar true child of God He ll definitly protect you as he did to pastor Timothy and Celine. And also be good to other like mariam been good to Kendrick. Thanks so much.

  8. can’t believe it dat i av read 30 complete stories frm adelove. am luvin al. al d story compliation is 30. adelove keep it up.

  9. Wonderful story indeed. I learnt that we should not relent in prayer and avoid sin and live right in the sight of God.so that the devil will not see any loophole to penetrate and frustrate u

  10. And it ended well as usual. God over every other things. Tanx Adelove & crew once again. BBE- Best BLog Ever!

  11. Is gud 2 be prayerful at all time nd again is nt gud 2 be desperate in life if nt d devil wil use u as instrument 2 accomplish dere heart desire, d best adelove thnks alot 4 d wonderful stories kudos 2 u guys

  12. happy ending….as expected…. christian must be prayerful and be steadfast in God’s way.thanks for did Adelove.

  13. a house of prayer and a life of prayer…prayer is d key…jesus started wit prayer and ended wit prayer…we should learn to forgive and give ourself to d leading of d holy spirit….

  14. Such an inspirational story is good to be fervent in prayer and do not allow d love for worldly things take over u

  15. Adelove will always remain the best and number one..Each of your story seems to be the best..Thanks to God for reigning forever and putting the mysterious man and his likes to shame for ever..Thanks to God for blessing Celine and family…Restoring Zahra and Kendrick as a God of many chances..thanks at adelove.

  16. Nice job crew, this is not just a story but a message to all believers that we should put on the whole armor of God and let him direct our part. You guys are just too good. Keep it up. One luv

  17. this is wonderful.this story is really powerful n highly spiritual.lesson is that prayer is the key n at d mention of the name of Jesus which is above all names,every knees shall bow n every tongues shall confess.i really enjoyed every bit of it.#WATCH n PRAY.shalom!

  18. Woo!Adelove, this story is the best among all.I learnt we should always be prayerful not only when we are facing challenges or affliction but pray always without ceasing. what a happy ending! God pass Devil.

  19. Hmmmmm happy ending, interesting a prayerful xtian is a powerful xtian. Jesus is d only answer d reason for dis season. A man in God is more than ten thousands demons. He’s merciful n righteous to forgive our mistakes if we ar ready to forge on with Him. God bless u adelove crews.

  20. Ehn ehn,so sola was one of celine’s rapist? Na wa o,anyway its good dey got married @ last. Thank God also s zahra n kendrick union. I hope God find it in his mercy to redeem mary 4 pst timothy. Shania u loose @ d end,what a shame. Well, I learnt is good to be praying,and holding on to God’s path. Thanks 4 d stories Adelove,u r one in a million blog. Goodnight to all ALF.

  21. Happy easter to you all
    … Its a lovely and touching story building ones spirit in christ… love you guys alot

  22. Wonderful story, if pastors of now a day will be like pastor Timothy then the body of Christ will not have problems.
    Thanks Adelove and crew.

  23. is good to be prayerful, and when you fall rise up again by asking God for forgiveness. know the kind of company you keep,imagine the pastor living with a demon possessed woman for over eighteen years? God! sola being one of the guys that raped Celine. na wa ooooh! wonders shall never end. kudos Adeline!!!

  24. Prayer is the key. It’s always good to put God first in everything we do in life. We should also be careful with the kind of friends we keep.

  25. A beautiful ending i must say.Hold on to God in every situation because only he knows the end from the beginning.He will bring u out of evry storm.Be sensitive in the spirit

  26. God is great! U just increased my faith with this story, nothing is simple, sin is sin and the devil never rests!! God is great! Tnx Adelove!

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  28. Wow Adelove so interesting. Prayer and studying God’s word are the weapons we should always use to defeat the enemy and his agents. God bless you all, my prayer life is taking a new turn with this story. More grease to your elbow

  29. Yea indeed God is faithful in keeping promises, interesting tale wit a challenging stories on d need to be fervent spiritually….applause to Adelove crew u guys are d best….keep it up

  30. God is indeed a merciful Father and is not good to lose hope and trust in God. Thanks and good night all.

  31. welldone adelove. this story is so lovely nd good. l av learnt so many lessons as a Christian. God will continue to give u wisdom nd power

  32. Hmmmm! very interesting story. I really gained a lot to hold on to the Lord come what may. Also to retrace my steps back when I sin unto God and to be extra careful.

  33. God is the greatest, He is all in all, no matter what we are going through, He is there for us as we obey Him. What a true life story. May the Lord increase you(Adelove & crew) in knowledge, wisdom & understanding IJMN. Good morning.

  34. What a lovely story, I learnt a lot from this; that we should be steadfast and replace complaints with prayer and be assured that God hears us and will surely answer us

  35. wow wow wow wow! I have learnt a lot of life lessons from all your stories Adelove and crew….
    God will continue to give you guys wisdom.
    Moral lessons of this story: to the guys, be careful of d ladies you make out with…not all that glitters is gold, some might be on mission.
    And we should always hold on to God and be prayerful…. He is the ultimate.
    Thank you Adelove….

  36. This is a very interesting story. He who thinks he’s standing should be watchful lest he fall. The devil is our worst enemy, he never rest, he’s always moving about seeking whom to devour.

  37. Kudos adelove. Sometimes I wonder where and how you get your inspiration because it’s not easy to write. More greese to your elbow. God bless

  38. The place of prayer cannot be over emphasized in the life of every christian. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood… And just as the Bible admonishes, pray without ceasing… Happy easther adelove.

  39. Prayer is d key)2ce,Prayer is d master key, Jesus started wif prayers n ended wif prayer, Prayer is d master key!!!…Nxt one pls….

  40. Thankyou Adelove.. Prayer is really a key against the wicked ones and no matter how sinful we are, if we repent God will forgive us.. I love the part where Celine forgive d Sola.. What an outstanding example for me.

    • Awwwwww so you have someone you need to forgive? please forgive him fast, its for yourself anyway. the peace you get from forgiving others is worth it.

  41. Awwwwww so you have someone you need to forgive? please forgive him fast, its for yourself anyway. the peace you get from forgiving others is worth it.

  42. Wow! We all need God, consistent payer and fasting to be able to overcome this evil world. God help us; kudos to Amy Glee and the Adelove team

  43. Adelove, this is powerful and interesting as well I must say. A spiritual storyline too. Waow! Kudos to you and more power to your elbow.
    But I want to ask and I need you to answer me sincerely. Please, is this a true life story of someone or just fiction?

  44. luv dis story so much adelove u guys rock to all d ladies out dere be careful of those people u call friends nd roommate

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