(Episode 8) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

Naya: “no no, just leave me alone. Pack your things and leave my house and I want you gone out of my room in school before I get there. In fact, you have packed your bag already so just get out and get out of our lives forever”.

Florence: “no, please don’t do this, you know that we have come a long way, how can I cope in school without your support? Do you want me to withdraw at this level?”

Naya: “it is none of my business what happens to your education after now. You ought to have thought of all these before allowing the devil to use you according to what you said. So, please just leave”.

Florence looked up to Maya, pleading with her eyes. Maya grabbed her feet and walked away, leaving her on her knees.

Florence: “Mummy…”, she turned to Mrs Lanre.

Mrs Lanre: “eh-ehn, don’t you dare mummy me. No daughter of mine will behave this way”.

Mr Lanre: “What are we even doing here wasting our time. Officers, please take her away and let the law take its cause”.

Florence: “No! please, sir. Temper justice with mercy. Have pity on me, it is the devil’s work. Just allow me go and I will never come close to any member of your family again”.

Naya was touched when she saw Florence crying. She had heard stories of how people suffer in Police cell and she couldn’t bear to see Florence whom she had come to regard as a sister suffer that much. She also knew that Florence’s mother suffered from serious high blood pressure and she couldn’t help but imagine how her health would be affected when she discovers that her daughter was in cell for kidnapping related offences.

“Daddy, please”, Naya knelt before her father and held his knees.

Mr Lanre: “What is it?”

Naya: “please don’t press charges against her, just allow her go”.

Mr Lanre: “and why would I do that?”

Naya: “for the sake of her hypertensive mother. Something terrible may happen to her when she finds out that her daughter is in cell. And we are already in 200 level, sending her to cell will make her abandon her studies and I don’t want to be associated with the reason why her dreams were aborted. Let us forgive her and let her go her way, please dad. Thank God my sister is here and fine, we should just allow God judge this case. That is what you have always thought us your children”.

Mr Lanre: “this is a different case. If you don’t allow the law take its cause with criminals, they will continue dwelling in crime”.

Naya: “I know, dad but just temper justice with mercy”, turning to Maya who was coming back to the sitting room, she said. “twinny, add your voice to mine and plead with dad”.

Maya: “daddy, I think you should listen to my sister. Just allow her go and let her go and pack her things and leave my sister’s house. I don’t want you to persecute her now and before you know her gang in school will come and attack my sister. The worst thing is that because we are identical, they may also come after me”.

Mr Lanre looked at the two girls who were standing before him. They looked so much alike that one could easily mistake one for the other. He remembered that for years after their bath, he could not make out their differences, he used to call any by any name. The only person who could tell their difference was their mother, nobody knew how she was able to do that. Even their nanny and domestic staff could not tell them apart. The worst was at school, their teachers were never able to differentiate them and in most cases, Naya who was the quiet and reserved one got punished for the offences of her sister. Mr Lanre loved them so much, more than his life and he knew that he could gladly give up his life any day for them to live. they were all he had. For almost ten years after he married his wife, she had been unable to conceive even though they had visited different hospitals within and outside the country and even patronized spiritual homes and solution centers all to no avail. When she did conceive, she had lost three pregnancies at the second trimester and after the third incidence, she had given up hope on ever carrying her child. He had withstood the pressure from his people to take on another wife who would give him as much children as he wanted, being a military man with his training, withstanding such pressure was no big deal for him. Then the twins arrived, their bundle of joy. He was away in Liberia leading a peace keeping troupe there when a telegram was sent that his wife had given birth to two cute girls who looked very much alike. For the remaining months he remained in Liberia, he dreamt of his girls daily and when he returned and saw them, it was like he had one child in two bodies. He had fallen in love with them right away and since then all that he had done was geared at pleasing them and giving them the best of everything in life. They knew this and they adored their father, he was their hero.

“daddy, please now”, the voice of the twins brought him back from his reverie. There were on his side, one holding his right hand and the other squeezing his left. “okay, fine. You have it. I will call them to release her right away, I am sure they have not even gotten to the station”.

“dad, put that call through now”, they chorused simultaneously. They had the habit of saying similar things at the same time and their mother often wondered if this was one of the characteristics of identical twins.

Mr Lanre called the leader of the operation who was in the van that took Florence away and in no time, she was released. She returned back to school and packed her things out of the house she lived in with Naya.


Some days later, Naya returned to school from home and discovered that Florence had packed her things and moved out of the house. “Well, good riddance to bad rubbish”, she said and proceeded to cleaning her room which was dusty after staying without an occupant for days. She ran into Florence when she went to lectures the next day. Florence almost walked past her, ignoring her until Naya stopped her.

Naya: “Na wa o! Didn’t you see me?”

Florence: “So what if I saw you? How does that stop me from going to where I am going?”

Naya: “at least we can greet, say a word, anything”.

Florence: “me, greet you? For what? After the humiliation you caused me in your father’s house? Greet indeed!”.

Naya: “I didn’t humiliate you and you know that. If you had not gotten yourself involved in that kidnapping mess, by now we would have still been best of friends and nothing would have changed”.

Florence: “oh yeah, shout it so that everybody in this school will know that I am now a kidnapper. Rubbish!”

Naya: “anyway, where do you leave now? I am worried about your safety”.

Florence: “I don’t know how that is any of your business. Anyway, I leave with my boyfriend in town”.

Naya: “Florence!”.

Florence: “Abeg, abeg, I don’t have time for too much talk. Time is money, excuse me”. She hissed and left Naya astonished.


Philip: “Florence, what are you doing here by this time of the day? I mean you are my girlfriend’s friend and roommate and you should not visit me this late before people will start gossiping”.

Florence: “biko Philip, Naya is not my friend again and we don’t live together anymore. So cut that crab”.

Philip: “why? What happened? Last time I heard about you two was that you were following her home”.

Florence: “Long story. Besides, I know that Naya and you are not in good terms. She told me she caught you with a girl and so she dumped you, the silly girl that she is. She will not allow you touch her and yet she will not allow another person give it to you, useless girl”.

Philip: “What bullshit are you vomiting about my girl? Say what you have to say and use the door, like I don’t know that you are one of the people gingering Naya to dump me”.

Florence: “I want you”, she rolled her tongue, undid the robe of the loose kimono she was wearing, revealing her pink pant and bare boobs”.

Philip: “Philip’s eyes popped out as he was staring at the goodies offered him on a platter of gold.

Somewhere on the next street, Naya was on bike coming to Philip’s house, she was coming there to spend the night with him, the very first time she was ever going to do a thing like that.

Question: Will Philip fall for Florence’s seduction? Will Naya meet them there?

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  1. Florence should have been allowed to face the music.
    Imagine her behaving as if she was the one wronged.
    Naya must be stupid after what the idiot did to her twin, she’s still wanting to be friends with her.
    She’ll meet both of them

  2. Oh Phillip, you are falling already.
    Naya,leave this evil friend of yours alone&concentrate on your studies o
    Naya,will meet them romancing, quick way to drop the man for good & move on with her life.
    Florence, I only pity you.Useless girl,Shameless pig

  3. What a word, she still has the guts to talk, well given philips history its likely that he will fall and Naya will meet them

  4. Florence nids to b taught a very big lesson. she is a tramp. Phillip will adjust and walk her out. Naya might meet dem both.

  5. Like seriously,diz Florence is a bad friend.
    But seriously ADELOVE,Y ARE U USING MY NAME.
    Let pple not think am a bad person oooooooo,Lol.

  6. Phillip will fall for her seductive act, yes Naya should meet them so that she can know that Florence is not a friend but an enemy

  7. Florence is a bad girl & friend as well d twin could ve dere dad to teach d lesson she not forget in her life & also Naya will catch her in Philip house

  8. Philip has already fallen and Naya will catch them in the act. Florence is a very stupid girl, I know she will strike again.

  9. I think she will fall 4 it n Naya will get to see them. Even florence will make it possible to knw wots going on since she is shameless n worthless.

  10. Hmmm! I said it that forgiving that Florence will be the worst thing that will happen to them. Any way naya will catch them and Philip is already falling for her seduction self.

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