(Episode 12) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

Florence ran all the distance to the Naya’s house. It was some distance away from her friend’s house and normally she would have taken a bike but today was exceptional, she couldn’t think. She knew she had issues with Naya but that was not enough to wish her death. She didn’t believe and she needed to go to her house to find out the truth.

As soon as she got into the compound which was once where she lived, she saw Maya standing out and making a call. She ran up to her and hugged her tightly. “Thank goodness is not true, I knew it that nothing had happened to you. I am sorry for all that happened in your father’s house. I promise that I would always stay around you in school, in fact if you want me to move back with you, I will do. We started this academic race together, please let us complete it together.

Maya was dumbfounded by the sudden show of emotion. She was shocked when Florence grabbed her in a tight hug, she wanted to ease herself out of her embrace but she held her tightly. Maya’s heart began to beat wild, she thought that Florence was going crazy.

Maya: “What are you talking about?”

Florence: “In fact, it will not be well with all those rumor mongers who said that you are dead”.

“What!” Maya shouted and eased herself out of her embrace. “They said I am dead?”

Florence: “Yes o, that your body was found this morning in Philip’s compound”.

Maya: “who is Philip?”

Florence: “Who is Philip? Your Philip now, listen I know that you two have broken up so I am sorry that I used the word your Philip. Please open the door let me go inside and rest, this one that you standing out, are you on your way out? Me I am tired o, do you know that I had to trek all the way from that my friend’s house to this place?”

Maya: “I don’t have the keys to the house”.

Florence: “What do you mean? Is it that you lost it or something?”

Maya: “What is going on here? We don’t seem to be on the same page, Florence. First, you came here talking about some ridiculous rumor about my death as if anyone knows me in this school. Now you are asking what I am doing outside my sister’s house”.

Florence: “Ewo, it’s Maya, so this is not Naya?”

Maya: “of course this is Maya, and yes this is not Naya as if the two sentences do not mean the same thing to you. I have been here all morning waiting for my sister to return from wherever it is she went to”.

Florence: “Ah, there is trouble. That is the problem with identical twins, one can hardly differentiate them. When I saw you, I thought it was Naya because I wouldn’t have imagined that you would be in her house this morning. And this dress you have on, that was what Naya had on the last time I saw her in school”.

Maya: “Of course we have the same set of clothes, that is why we are identical twins. I bought this from London for the both of us. So, do you know where she is and what exactly do you mean by there is trouble?” she quizzed.

Florence: “Ah, shey you have not been listening to all that I have been saying since ni? I said that there is a rumour in town that Naya is dead”.

Maya: “What! Hell no! that is not possible. My own twin sister dead? How? Why? When? No, there must be a mistake somewhere. It must be another Naya, not my own sister”.

Florence: “That is what I think too. Let us go and find out from the place where they said they found the body”.

The two of them ran out of the compound. Even though Maya had high heels on, she out ran Florence who was on slippers. She had to slow down for Florence to catch up because she didn’t know the house. As soon as they got to the street where Philip’s house was located, they saw people gathered at the entrance of the lodge. As soon as they got close and student saw Maya, they began to run away, thinking it was Naya. Maya was surprised but she urged on and came face to face with the Police man who was standing at the door.

Maya: “I want to go in there and check the corpse, I don’t understand what I am hearing”.

Policeman: “What exactly is it that you do not understand?”

Maya: “I heard that my sister’s body was found dead this morning”.

Policeman: “Wetin come hard to understand inside that talk? No be university student you be?”

Maya: “I want to see the corpse and identify it, is that too much to ask for or too big for you to understand?”

Policeman: “Wo, this small girl, no disrespect me for here o, I look like the age mate of those your yeye sugar daddies wey dey make your mouth run anyhow like tap? You know see say them don seal this compound as crime scene? Wetin you wan go find near the body, you be Jesus wey dey bring the dead back to life?”

Maya: “What the hell is this one saying? What is wrong with Nigerians for God’s sake? Listen, if you do not allow me in there right now, I will call my father, Major General Lanre, that name rings a bell right? I will call him and we will not relent until we strip you of this uniform that is making you behave like an over grown peacock”.

“This is a ghost, they heard someone scream from the compound”, the Policeman turned and saw the cleaner shivering.

Policeman: “What is it madam? Looks like we are acting a movie in this house. Make I do return to my station jeje abeg, hungry seff don dey catch me”.

Cleaner: “Oga, na the ghost of the aunty wey they package her body be that.”

“Oh, not again. It is clearly a sin to be an identical twin in this part of the world”, Maya thought.

Florence: “She no be ghost, na her identical twin be this. Dey resemble well well, na only their mama know their difference, even their father no know”.

Cleaner: “Eyya, na so my own twins too for dey had it been their father people witch no kill them for me. Them for don dey like twenty years now”, she began to weep. The Policeman hissed, “This one na Fuji House of commotion we dey”, he said.

Maya was informed that the body had been taken to the general hospital to be deposited in the mortuary pending when investigations would be concluded. She picked a cab and together with Florence, they left for the mortuary.


The Policeman who was in charge of investigations concerning Naya’s death knocked on Philip’s door. who was curled up on his rug weeping opened the door immediately. He was conscious of whatever he was doing so as not to give himself away.

Policeman: “My friend, I see that the death of your girlfriend really took you unawares”.

Philip: “I am shocked, she does not deserve to die now, she was such a sweet girl”.

Policeman: “really? So, who deserves to die? You or me?” he smiled mischievously.

Philip: “sir?”

Policeman: “Oh, never mind. I was just joking. You appear tensed, I had to make that joke to crack you up”.

“What a silly joke, Philip thought”.

Policeman: “You said she was such a sweet girl? What do you mean by that? You mean she was very good in bedmatics? You young men of nowadays, we know what you like”.

Philip: “erm, yes, no, I mean I don’t know”.

Policeman: “You don’t know that she is sweet and yet you said she is sweet?”

Philip: “I don’t know how good she is in bed, we never had sex”.

Policeman: “I see, a celibate relationship then, very rare among students. So, is it because she didn’t give you visa into the promise land that you killed her last night and dumped her body under the stairs?”

Philip: “What! Me kill Naya? I would never have thought of that. I loved her so much and I was wiling to wait for her till she is ready to give it to me”.

Policeman: “Okay, so you raped her and when you thought she will have you arrested, suffocated her in her sleep and dragged her body out right?”

Philip: “Hell no, I never said that”.

Policeman: “Wait a minute, what is that I am seeing at the corner of your bed?” Philip’s heart flew to his mouth.

Question: What do you think the Police man saw? Will the Police believe him if he tells them the truth?

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  1. gobe……… I feel it’s something dt belongs to Naya. d police won’t believe Phillip wen he tells dem d truth…..

  2. Maybe the police saw Naya’s handbag or earring or something that is hers. No one will believe Phillip if he tells the truth. It’s difficult to believe such story.

  3. Ha,Philip, this is real crime only God can vindicate you.can you see what happened now what you don’t want is already at your step,you are on your way to prison.You didn’t kill her but you dump her body somewhere who will believe you know?You shouldn’t have done that in the first place,only God will help you o.
    Police,they will surely see something, what did he see?earrings,necklace, handbag,wristwatch etc.i pity you Phillips.
    But Adelove, the episode in this story are too short&no 9pm episode again?haba.anyway kudos.

  4. Evening ALC&Fs,

    Maybe Naya’s handbag or related item. They cops won’t believe him but he’s self roped now..,..can’t believe Maya would die just like that.


  5. Naya died jus like that, No I dnt wanna bliv it. Following ur questions,I think is a related items to Naya d police noticen I dnt fink they will bliv or freed him either wit truth words or lies.

  6. Maybe the police man have seen one of Naya’s dress or foot wear.
    It will be very hard for the police to believe Philip even if he tells them the truth

  7. Its Definitely Naya’s belongings it is definitely going to implicate Phillip but adelove you never tell us wetin kill Naya

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