(Episode 9) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

Philip: “What is all these? Why are you standing here naked? Please put your clothes back on”.

Florence: “Stop acting like you are not interested, Philip. That’s how you deceived us all into thinking that you are born again whereas you like the thing die”.

Philip: “I like which thing?” he was surprised at her courage.

Florence: “Sex, now. Was that not what you were doing with Miss Campus the day Naya came and met you with her?”

Philip: “Oh please, just get out of my house, I am certainly not interested in you. I don’t do girls who betray their friends”.

Florence drew close to him and touched him gently on the arm while rubbing her already hardened nipples on his body. “I know that Naya never allowed you to touch her and I know that you have been asking her for sex. Here I am, I will give it to you anyhow you want no matter how long you want it. Can’t you see that I have always had eyes for you ever since I came to this school?”

Philip: “All I can see is you putting on your clothes and walking out that door now”. He picked the kimono from the floor and shoved it on her. Get out of my house before I throw you out with your nakedness. 1,2, 3!”

Florence saw from his countenance that he was serious about throwing her out and she quickly put on her Kimono. “Fine, I will leave. You don’t have to shout. You don’t even know what you are missing. This body that people will pay anything to see is the one I have offered freely and you are rejecting. Shior!”

Philip: “Just get out please”. He pushed her out and locked the door. “God, I almost fell for those boobs, goodness!”

He went to his bed and continued to play his Zuma game on his laptop. Few minutes later, a knock came on his door. “Ohhh, not again. I thought I told this girl to leave me alone?”

He opened the door and was surprised to see Naya in standing at the door.

Naya: “What are you staring at? Won’t you allow me in again?”

Philip: “Is this a set up or something? Did you send her here to come and test me?”

Naya: “Send who? What are you talking about?”

Philip: “Anyway, never mind”, he left the door and went in and she followed him in shutting the door behind her.

Naya: “I am sorry the way my friend spoke to you on phone that day. I was very angry and she capitalized on it to talk to you anyhow”.

Philip: “Will you believe me if I tell you that my drink was drugged and I didn’t even know what I was doing with Miss Campus the day you met us romancing on the bed?”

Naya: “I didn’t ask for any explanations so just save it. I am actually here because I couldn’t sleep in my house. Ever since I started living alone, I have been finding it very difficult to sleep in the night. I am not used to sleeping alone in the room, I have always had my twinie with me and that is why when I got this admission, I had to look for someone to stay with me. I am going to sleep here and then leave very early tomorrow morning”.

Philip: “That is fine by me, I just thought you deserve to know what happened”.

Naya went into the bathroom and changed into her silk nightie. She got on the bed and covered herself with a blanket. She was finding it difficult to fall asleep because she was not used to sleeping in a man’s house, this was the first time she was ever going to sleep with a man on the same bed and she was afraid. She had worn a denim bum short under her night dress as a way of resisting any unwanted intrusion. She noticed that Philip was tossing around on the bed and she became worried of whatever it was that was running through his head. “I have to look for another roommate so that I can start sleeping in my room”, she thought.

Philip was very uncomfortable, his urge for sex had been awakened by Florence’s naked body and he thought this was not a good night for Naya to come to him. He had a weakness only him knew about it. He could not stay close to a woman for long without being sexually aroused. He felt his hands stretching towards Naya but he retrieved it before it touched her, he was afraid of what her reaction would be. Again he found his hand moving her way and this time around he touched her, he expected her to recoil as usual but she didn’t. He interpreted it as a good sign and continued to touch her.

“What is it now? Can’t you keep your hands to your body?” she asked.

Philip: “Baby, I am a man, it is not as easy as you think”.

Naya: “What is not easy? Were you touching any woman before I got here? So because I came to sleep in your house, you want to touch me? If you will not allow sleep in your house, just tell me, it is not too late for me to go back to my house”.

Philip: “Don’t talk like this, now. Can we at least do it once? You have been keeping me for too long”.

Naya: “I have told you several times that I will not do sex before marriage. If you love me enough, you will wait till we get married”.

Philip: “Please, bae”.

Naya: “Don’t please me. We can kiss, we can romance but doing the main thing, no way!”

Philip: “kissing and romancing is not the main thing”.

Naya: “In fact, that is all I can do for you. Since you don’t want it, good night and I promise that after today, you will never see me in your house again”.

Philip: “no now, okay I am sorry”. He noticed that she had covered herself with her blanket, signaling the end of their discussion.


Taiwo went into her parents’ room early that morning. She had decided to return to live permanently in the UK and she wanted to inform her parents about it.

Taiwo: “Good morning, dad and mum”.

Mr Lanre: “Morning, my dear. Hope you slept well?”

Mrs Lanre: “Morning, sweetheart”.

Taiwo: “Dad and mum, l will like to go back to the UK next week. I just thought of informing you before I book my return ticket”.

Mr Lanre: “But why? I thought you have concluded your studies there? Why do you need to go back there again?”

Taiwo: “Dad, I am not just feeling this country, the experience I had when I got in here is not pleasant at all”.

Mrs Lanre: “My dear, this is your country and you have no other place to call home. You and your sister are all that me and your father have. Please stay with us”.

Mr Lanre: “Your mother is right. I am sure very soon you will be mobilized for your compulsory national youth service corps and you have to do that here in Nigeria. We all can always fly to London for holidays, I don’t want you to go and settle there”.

Mrs Lanre: “yes, and after service, you will get married and give me all the children that I would have loved to have”.

Taiwo: “I don’t know, dad but I will have to think about this”.


Philip woke up around 4am that morning and went into the restroom to ease himself. When he got back, he tapped Naya gently on the shoulder, he wanted to inform her to be careful about Florence and tell her about what had transpired between him and Florence the previous day. He called twice and there was no response.

Philip: “Are you still angry with me? I am sorry, now. Oya answer me please”, still there was no response. He shook her but she was lying still. He bent close to her and noticed that she had stopped breathing.”Yaay, I am in trouble. Naya has died in my room. I am finished!” he exclaimed as he began to pace up and down for loss of what to do.

Question: What happened to Naya? Is Philip innocent? What do you advise him to do?

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  1. Ah adelove,this is not funny @ all o. U shouldn’t v make Naya died in d story now? Well,won’t bliv it jus yet. I hope she is not ben poisoned or harm by same wicked n jealous florence of hers. I think philip should b innocent. He should jus take her straight to d hospital n call her people,jus dat he alrdy as a negative record in front of naya’s dad.

  2. Getting intresting……! florence has done it again, he is innocent. I Thnk she is dead true true, he should inform d police himself.

  3. she has been poisoned by Florence. thank God she went to Philip house if not she will die for real. but thing will not be easy for Philip because Solider will torture him die. innocent Philip sowie

  4. Maybe she died spiritually, Philip is innocent and he need to go and ley a complain in the police and let the school authority know as well

  5. Gbese re o.Haaaaa error capital error chai.adelove,there is God o.
    Haba,Maya,you can die like that now,wake up don’t put this boy into trouble, Phillip, take her to hospital fast.or else military weapon will pieces tore your body into pieces,oh my God,I pity this boy.

  6. Adelove and their suspense. Florence is bad naa, may be she has done it again but naya can’t die just like that. I just pity you Philip.

  7. Ah Naya dead, its impossible but if its truth its means she has an aliment that its dangerous. God pls help Philip

  8. Naya isn’t dead but poisoned.Philip is innocent.i guess Florence is behind it n he shd take her to d hospital

  9. Hi ALC&Fs,

    Wow, I too would like to see. Of course he’s innocent. He can carry out a first aid resuscitation if he can or rush her to the hospital for profession examination and treatment.


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