(Episode 13) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

The Policeman walked up to the bed and picked a lip balm lying on the floor beside the bed.

“who owns this?”

Philip: “Naya owns it, I guess she left it here the last time she came here”. He didn’t even attempt to lie because he knew that lying could cause him a lot if the truth got revealed at the end of the day. He had seen Naya use the lip balm the previous night but he thought he had gotten rid of anything about her that could implicate him. “I pray they don’t find more things here o”, he thought.

Policeman: “Okay, you mean she forgot it here the day you killed her?”

Philip: “No, sir. She used to visit me and cook here sometimes, I guess she forgot it on one of those days. I couldn’t have killed my own girlfriend”.

His Phone rang and he picked up the call. After a while, he dropped the call and turned to Philip.

“I have been called to report to the station immediately but this won’t be the end of this, you will still be seeing me around until we get to the bottom of this”. He left the room, leaving Philip sweating profusely even though he the ceiling fan was working hard.


As soon as Maya got to the hospital and introduced herself, she was led to where the body was kept. She removed the white material covering the face and she came face to face with her sister.

“Oh my God, this is not happening, I must be dreaming. What happened to you, Naya? Who did this to you? Please wake up and let us go home. I told you not to remain in Nigeria for your degree programme but you insisted saying there is no place like home, now, see what they have done to you. We came to this world together, why would you leave without me? No, my twinny cannot be dead”, she screamed and passed out. In some minutes’ time, she was revived. Florence was there all through, weeping and too shocked to believe what had happened to her friend whom she had seen just few days before then.

“Where is my phone? I need my phone”. Maya asked suddenly.

Florence who took her handbag from her when she fainted handed her the bag. “I said my phone, not my handbag”, Maya replied amidst tears. She was too confused to think or even act polite to anyone. She hated herself for coming a day late to visit her sister, she thought that if she had been close to her sister when death came, it would have carried the both of them since they look so much alike that even death wouldn’t have found it easy differentiating between them.

Florence dipped her hand in the bag and brought out the phone and handed it to her. “I need to call my parents to come right away. I don’t understand what is going on here at all”, Maya thought.


Mr Lanre and his wife were driving around time for some light shopping. This time around, he was the one driving the car, it was a monthly ritual for the old lovers. Once every month, he drove himself around town with his wife and then afterwards, they would go for essential shopping with her. It was their way of spicing up their marital life since they were always alone in the house together. The driver and the domestic staff were usually given the day off that day to rest since Mr Lanre himself did the driving and his wife the cooking. They were driving around Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent when his phone began to ring. He picked it and his wife looked at him.

Mrs Lanre: “No making of calls while driving, honey”.

Mr Lanre: “I know, love but it is one of our angels calling, I have to break the rules for their sake”.

Mrs Lanre: “Oh, my girls. Please pick it up let’s listen to what she has to say. The two girls must be having lots of fun in school, this one that none of them have called since Maya left”.

He picked the call. “Hello, baby? How are you and your sister? I am sure you are having enough fun there, always remember that daddy and mummy loves you two and would do anything to keep you two happy”.

Maya was sniffing on the other end of the call.

Mr Lanre: “What is it, baby? You are crying”.

Mrs Lanre: “Crying ke? Ki lo de? Put the phone on speaker so that I can also hear what she is saying”.

Her husband obeyed and turned on the phone’s speaker.

Mrs Lanre: “Talk to us baby, why are you crying? Where is your sister?”

Maya: “daddy, mummy”.

“Yes, we are here, talk to us”, the two couple answered simultaneously.

Maya: “My sister…My twinny”.

Mrs Lanre: “What is wrong with my Naya? Is she sick?”

Mr Lanre: “Has Naya been kidnapped too?” he was beginning to lose concentration on his driving.

Maya: “They are rolling away Naya’s body to the mortuary o, yaay, I am finished. My sister has left me alone in the world”.

Mrs and Mrs Lanre: “What! Mortuary ke? Why?”

Maya: “I don’t know o, start coming to the general hospital close to her university now o, my sister is dead!”, she broke down in tears and Florence began to console her.

Mr and Mrs Lanre: “Jesu! Ah, Naya ti ku, ah! Where do we start from?”

Mr Lanre raised up his head in time to see a tanker coming at top speed from the opposite direction. He tried to sway to make way for it but it was too late, when he tried to apply the brake, he missed his way and the car summersaulted and fell into a deep ditch. Soon enough, officials of the Federal Road Safety arrived the scene to help rescue the victims trapped in the car.


Maya tried to call back her parents after she calmed down but the number would not connect. She had expected them to call back and get details but she was surprised that they didn’t call back. “I just hope all this death and crying thing is not a dream”, she thought. She dialed her mother’s number, it was switched off, the same thing they had told her about her father’s. “What is happening? Are they on their way here already?” she asked aloud. An idea struck her head, if they were already on their way, then her father’s driver would know since he would be the one to drive them down. She dialed his number and he picked immediately. He had the knack to always pick his calls at the first ring. “Hello small madam”. he said..

Maya: “Driver, where are my parents?”

Driver: “I been leave them for house after I go keep the car wey I take carry you go your sister school. Today na my off day so I dey with my friend for here”.

Maya: “Well, go back to the house, I am sure that your attention is needed and then tell them to call me immediately because I cannot reach them”.

Driver: “Okay, madam”. He slipped on his palm sandals and scampered along.

As soon as he got to the house, he went into the main house but he was told by the in house maid that oga and madam had gone out and were yet to return. He called Maya to inform her.

Maya: “What! Where did they go that they had to switch off their phones like that after I told them what is happening here?”

Driver: “I don’t know where they went to and the maid doesn’t know too”.

Maya: “Okay then, remain there until they return and tell them I am waiting for them here”.

Driver: “Okay, ma. Sorry, ma but is everything okay? Your voice dey sound one kain”.

Maya: “everything is not okay. I mean nothing is fucking not okay here. Naya is lying dead in the mortuary and now I can’t reach my parents who are supposed to be here. I don’t understand the world, nothing is fucking okay!” she began to shout hysterically attracting the attention of hospital workers as well as patients waiting in the reception.

Driver: “Chineke meh! Aunty Naya don kpeme? Ewoo o, which kind thing come be this one na, wahala don come this house o, how oga and madam go take this news if they hear am now? Ewoooo!”, he ran to the kitchen to inform the maid of what has happened.

Question: Will Mr and Mrs Lanre survive the accident?

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    • too many calamities.from Maya being kidnapped to Naya’s death n their parents’ accident.i pray Mr n Mrs Lanre survive

  1. Morning ALC&Fs,
    Really checking out the every twist in this story closely.

    I believe they would…..anything thing is possible though.


  2. In fact let’s just hope someone is somewhere dreaming all these out. Because I can’t even put the pieces together.

  3. we should not be painting our country black always, how ever I doubt Naya is dead because the writer made us to believe that before any bad thing will happen to any of them the other will know but in this case Maya didn’t have the feeling…. also their parents will survive the accident

  4. One of them will survive but Maya shouldn’t have been the one to relay the news to her parents. The police should have done it

  5. I think one of the twins is having a premonition. Things don’t seem to add up. Just as Maya tried averting her first premonition I think she might do so again. Who knows maybe Maya hasn’t even left home for school and she will be stopped by her twinny. Most twins have same instinct but here so far nothing is been felt. Hmmmm. Am following.

  6. I don’t like this story line alot , so much misery for one family without a cause.
    I doubt if the will survive.

  7. hmmmmmmmm……dis is getting more serious….haaaaaaahaaa….too much calamities……I pray dey survive sha….but I know something is fishy.

  8. Good Morning @adelove.
    The police in charge of this case didnt consult the girls family at all,that is too bad.Police,suppose to break the news to the parents.
    What of school authority, at least it is a university, what is the authority doing,nothing about them at all..I don’t think the country is bad to that extent….
    One of them will leave to tell the story something is fishing about those girls&their parents…..

  9. Jez! I hope ds all a dream. Haba! I pray dey survive d accident because d casualties r just too much. dey will b Injured but I pray dey make it. so just like dt Naya is gone…… Father av mercy. good morning all.

  10. I guess all this na dream Naya is dreaming. Biko Philip or somebody should go n wake her up (tap her harder) is time to morning lecture oh!

  11. They will survive but even if they survive the accident will they survive knowing that Naya is no more? I pray this is all a dream sha because am not liking this story

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