(Episode 14) Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story!

Mr and Mrs Lanre were rushed to the hospital, it was a ghastly motor accident and Mr Lanre who prior to the time of the accident had high blood pressure was pronounced dead on arrival, it was a terrible situation that could have been avoided if only he had packed his car before receiving the call. His wife was in a critical condition and the medical workers on duty battled to save her life. She was placed on an oxygen machine with a team of doctors battling to stop the profuse bleeding from the injuries she sustained.


Maya was stranded in the hospital, she didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t return home without making any decision about her sister’s body in the mortuary, she had expected her parents to rush down immediately but they were obviously nowhere to be found. She wondered what could have happened to them for this was so unlike them. She thought of calling them back but she knew that the Police and the University authorities would soon contact her parents and so she held on. Her phone began to ring and she picked it up.

Maya: “Hello, yes this is Maya. What! What happened to them? Oh my God? Which hospital? Okay, I will be on my way”.

It was the hospital management calling to inform her that her parents were involved in an accident and that her attention was needed because her mother needed urgent blood transfusion and they had no blood that matched hers in the hospital’s blood bank.

Maya got up from where she was sitting on the bench at the hospital’s reception and ran out without saying a word to anyone. Florence ran after her and tried to stop her thinking she was going to harm herself.

Florence: “Maya, you have to be strong and remain here until your parents come here. You cannot just give in to grieve like that”. She said as she held on to Maya’s dress.

Maya yanked her dress out of her hand and ran away without saying a word to her.

Florence: “What is this one feeling like seff? So because I am showing concern, she will now come and leave me alone in this hospital, when the body lying there was just a friend and not even a sister. Okay o, let me too come and be going, before they will come and be suspecting me for showing too much concern. She got a bike and left the hospital for her friend’s house. Miss economics as she was fondly called was preparing noodles when Florence came in.

Miss Economics: “ah ah, are you back? I thought you will follow Naya’s twin sister home”.

Florence: “Follow her home as per what now? Sister abi cousin? Have you forgotten that the departmental beauty contest is coming up this weekend? I have less than five day to prepare for it”.

Miss Economics: “Don’t tell me that you still want to go for the pageant”. She asked.

Florence: “And why won’t I?” she asked with suspicion on her face.

Miss Economics: “Why won’t you? Because you just lost your best friend, her body is still lying cold in the hospital, you should be mourning her death, nothing more”.

Florence: “So I should pause my life because somebody died? Will that bring her back to life? Even the holy books say the dead should be allowed to bury their dead”.

Miss Economic: “my dear, make your points but don’t misquote the holy books”.

Florence: “Am I the one who killed her? In fact, do you know that this same girl threw me out of her house for one mistake I made?”

Miss Economics: “I didn’t say you killed her. I am just saying that courtesy demand that you mourn your deceased friend who was so nice to you”.

Florence: “You sha funny o, how does me participating in the beauty contest prevent me from mourning her? In fact, what are you even saying? I mean why are we even having this discussion? Prepare noodles let’s eat so that you will take me to the person in charge of the pageant office, biko”.

Miss Economics: “Gerrarhia jor, we are discussing something serious and you are talking about food. Shebi you come meet me dey cook the food, I no put your mouth inside o, you too like food. In fact, na food go kill you”.

Florence: “LMAO, if I hear say I no eat this noodles, make I see wetin wan cause that one”.


Maya ran into the hospital and ran to the nurse she saw coming out of the labour room.

Maya: “Nurse, my parent, where are they?”

The nurse ignored her and walked away to the nurses’ station.

Maya: “I am talking to you, someone called me from this hospital to inform me that my parents had an accident and were rushed here, I want to see them, where are there?”

Nurse: “See me see wahala o, if you know the person wey call you, you better call the number ask the person the question where you dey ask me so o”.

Maya: “I beg your pardon?”

Nurse: “Please, I just had a long day in that labour room, it took a woman all day to deliver a child and I am tired. As you can see, it is past my shift hour and I am about to sign out for the day so please allow me finish in peace”.

Maya left her and ran up to another nurse who was just coming in from another ward.

Maya: “Nurse, my parents please, I want to see them”.

Nurse: “Just calm down, what happened to your parents?”

Maya: “They were involved in an accident and they were rushed here”.

Nurse: “Their names?”

Maya: “Mr and Mrs Lanre”.

Nurse: “They should be in the accident and emergency ward. Oh no, check the intensive care unit, your mother was transferred there after…”

Maya: “After what? And what about my daddy? Which room is he in?”

Nurse: “Just check the intensive care unit, the nurses there will attend to you”.

Maya left her and located the intensive care unit. She met a young doctor coming out.

Maya: “Doctor, how are my parents?”

Doctor: “Your parent?”

Maya: “Mr and Mrs Lanre”. She was beginning to get irritated by the behaviour of the hospital workers.

Doctor: “Oh, are you Maya? We need to run some tests on your blood, your mother needs blood transfusion urgently”.

Maya: “You don’t have to run any test. We have the same blood group and genotype, you can just take as much as you want from me and give her please”.

Doctor: “No, that would be against out ethics as professionals. Come with me, the tests will be done now”.

Maya was taken to the lab where a sample of her blood was taken for screening. She returned to the doctor’s office to await the results.

Maya: “Can I see them now that we are waiting for the result of the test?”

Doctor: “Yes, you can see her”.

Maya: “Her? What about my father? I was told that they had the accident together”.

Doctor: “You have to be strong for your mother who needs you now more than ever. Your father didn’t make it alive from the accident”.

Maya’s phone fell on the ground with the screen shattering. “what are you saying, doctor? Tell me this is a dream”.

Doctor: “I also wish it was, I hate to pronounce a patient dead on arrival. The FRCN officials who brought him here said eye witness who witnessed when the accident happened told us that your father was receiving a call while driving which is very wrong”.

Maya: “Oh no, I am finished. First it was my sister and now my father? Who did I offend in this world?” she began to weep sorrowfully.

Doctor: “Be strong, it is well”.

Maya: “It is not well, don’t tell me that it is well. What exactly is well? My sister and father died on the same day and my mother is in a coma depending on an oxygen machine to breathe and you say it is well? It isn’t. Something must be wrong somewhere, who did we offend in this family? Who is that evil man or woman that has vowed to wipe the name of my family off the face of the earth?

In the intensive care ward, the oxygen machine had failed and Mrs Lanre was struggling for air.

Question: Is Maya right about someone causing her family pains? Who could the evil person be?

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    • U like it or not my dear, reality is reality and we must face it constantly with prayers and right living style remembering that nothing we think we own now is truly ours but grace oversees them all. Have a super day!

  1. Nawaoooo.This is more like a dream rather than reality.First Maya didn’t even feel any instinct that something happened to a part of her,secondly their mother didn’t get that motherly feeling when all is not well.This story sha.just waiting to see how it ends.I hope poor philip wouldn’t end up in jail sha

  2. Their mother is causing the problem.she is hiding a particular information about her twins,she needs to survive to tell the story of how she came about the twins.
    Mr Lanre,rest in peace.
    Maya,God will help you.
    Phillip, it is well with you o.

  3. She might not right it may be a coincidence I just hope is a dream & d dreamer will wake up from d sleep

  4. OMG! father and daughter gone in one day. Ds not ordinary. God please c Maya and her mother through, Ds top much for them. Something is wrong somewhere……

  5. The situation is very unfortunate, sequences of bad things happening to one famiy.
    May God deliver them from evil.

  6. Can’t bliv this o. Is maya still dreaming in d cells d kidnapper put her in? She better be o bcus? Well,let me reserve my words.

  7. Hmmmm wat a tragedy….Only God knows who is behind all this happenings,Maya God will see yu thru all this…I don’t trust this Florence of a girl

  8. Maya is very right about what she said, someone out there is causing the family so much pain, infact it seems the person is bent on wiping the family out of the face of earth. It’s so very sad.

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