‘Who is the presidency?’ — Babachir Lawal reacts to suspension

‘Who is the presidency?’ — Babachir Lawal reacts to suspension

Suspended Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, on Wednesday took newsmen aback while reacting to his suspension by the Presidency.

Lawal, who answered questions posed at him by State House Correspondents with questions, wanted to know from the reporters who the Presidency was when asked about his suspension.

Lawal was accosted by the newsmen after he met with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, shortly after his suspension was announced via a statement by presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina.

Here is the encounter Lawal had with newsmen:

Reporters: Your suspension has just been announced. How will you react to the development?

Lawal: Who announced it?

Reporters: The presidency

Lawal: Then ask them. Why are you asking me? Who is the presidency?

Reporters: Have you been informed of the suspension?

Lawal: By who? About what. What about you? Have you been informed?

Reporters: Yes sir.

Lawal: By who?

Reporters: By the Presidency sir.

Lawal: I have not seen it. I should have been given… I have not seen the press release so I cannot comment on it.

Reporters: It is currently trending online. Are you doubting the authenticity of the statement?

Lawal: I have not seen it.

Reporters: Tell us the outcome of your meeting with the vice-president.

Lawal: I am always here. I always meet the vice-president. I used to come here even before I was made SGF.



  1. The more the huffing and puffing of Fayose and his tendentious opposition the more the nation is moving away from decadence inherited from the pdp.Anybody still doubting CHANGE needs more than a visual aid.The expected renaissance is finally here.

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