Dani Alves caught out by kick-off during his return to Barcelona (VIDEO)

The former Barcelona wing-back was having too much fun on the sidelines to realise the match had already started without him.

Dani Alves returned to Barcelona for the second leg of Juventus’s Champions League quarter-final tie with the Catalan giants.

It’s the first time the Brazil international had come back to his much-loved former club since departing for the Serie A champions last summer.

Juventus were leading 3-0 going into the crunch second leg at the Nou Camp, and with Alves’s team-mates keen to keep Barcelona from getting back into it, he wasn’t actually ready for the ref’s whistle.

Alves could be seen on the touchline joking around with his ex-Barcelona team-mates and coaches, seemingly without a care in the world.

Referee Bjorn Kuipers had already blown the whistle for the game to begin, with Juve having only 10 players on the pitch. In the clip, Barcelona manager Luis Enrique points to the pitch and laughs before Alves realised what was happening. Luckily for him, he didn’t miss much.



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