University student rapes 10-year-old girl to death

A 300-level student of Kwame Nkruman University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana, has been arrested for sodomizing a 10-year-old-girl.

Apparently, Kwame after the evil act gave the 10-year-old a cocktail of painkillers which apparently, caused her kidneys to fail, which later led to her death.

Kwame was then later arrested on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, while relaxing in a sofa chair at his parent’s house at Anwomaso a suburb of the Kumasi Metropolis.

His arrest was spurred by the outcome of series of medical reports conducted on the 10 year old after complaining of having some complications on her anus and sent to the hospital for treatment.

Sources familiar with the incident say the young girl was being fostered by the family of the KNUST level 300 student, a situation the young man took undue advantage of, and sexually abused her.

The young man is reported to have given the 10 year old girl eight tablets of paracetamol to kill the pains anytime he has sexual intercourse with her through the anus. The young man is also reported to have warned the girl not to reveal his sexual encounters with her to anyone or else she will die.

Think Ghana reports that multiple lab tests conducted on the girl have revealed some damages on her anus, intestines and kidneys also badly affected.

As at the time of this report the young girl who was subjected to this unfortunate abuse by the level 300 student of KNUST who is now in the grips of the police had succumbed to her injuries and damage to her internal organs.

The police have intensified investigations into the matter and have arraigned the young before the court.

Our heart goes out to the family of this little girl who suffered such unimaginable abuse at the hands of a person who was suppose to protect her.



  1. Choi una ehen d world is jux too evil dat him prick should be cutoff useless guy they should hang him a tooth for tooth life for life

  2. The proponents of anti-death penalty say it takes humanity from justice but does this type of heinous barbarism comform with humanity.
    Gov Ambode should disregard any legal counsel based on emotions and inadvertently encouraging criminals to take lives of innocent citizens and finds a resting place in our prisons.This os unacceptable.

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