(Episode 9) The Beautiful Gift of A Broken Heart

(Episode 9) The Beautiful Gift of A Broken Heart

At the hospital, Kelly, Samson’s wife was quickly checked by the doctor. He came back and informed the frantic Samson that she had a miscarriage. He sat down in shock when he heard that then he bent his head and wept.


Prof. Amaka was in good spirits. Her connection with the orphanage homes had yielded bigger dividends than expected. The NGO now had a section that catered to women seeking the fruit of the womb. They provided assistance through connections to reliable in-vitro fertilization clinics, orphanages and also the surrogate mother option. It was a cash cow. Money was pouring in like a dam that had broken its banks. She smiled as she went through the finances of the foundation for the month. She was excited. She sat back and smiled. A knock came on her door.

Prof. Amaka: “come in.”

Her assistant, Omo, entered the office.

Omo: “there is a man from Save A Child Orphanage. He says he has something to discuss with you.”

Prof. Amaka: “Oh, please do send him in.”

Omo nodded and stepped out again. A man came in some minutes later and greeted Prof. Amaka.

Prof. Amaka: “please do sit down. You said you had something to talk to me about?”

David Obatare: “yes ma. I am David Obatare, the director of Save A Child orphanage.”

Prof. Amaka: “yes…”

David Obatare: “I have a program in which persons interested in having children can have as much as they want.”

Prof. Amaka: “My dear man, I have access to this already. I am a very busy person; please do not waste my time.

David Obatare: “what if I can guarantee new born babies that have not experienced the rigors of an orphanage home?”

Prof. Amaka: “I am listening.” She said, smiling.


James walked into the office angrily. He had not been able to press his shirt and his tie had faded. He had not worn any of these clothes in months. He felt weird. The shirts didn’t fit him well. He had already lost the potbellied stomach that gave him the reason for wearing such sizes of shirt. He greeted the lady at the desk.

James: “good morning. “

Omo: “good morning sir. What can I do for you?”

James: “well I came to see if you had need for an accountant.”

Omo: “you are an accountant?” she asked, wrinkling her nose in distaste.

James: “with 20 years of experience.” He said, nodding his head.

Omo looked him up and down. 20 years? Well, let’s see.

Omo: “drop your CV. We will call you.”

James brought out the envelope containing his CV and his application letter and gave it to her. She took it and bid him goodbye. At that moment, Prof. Amaka opened her door and ushered her visitor out of the office and saw James.

Prof. Amaka: “James Umukoro! James E. Umukoro!”

James turned on hearing his name. He looked at her for a moment and he felt shame wrap him. He stood there as she walked towards him, smiling.

Prof. Amaka: “James…James, how are you? It’s been a while. I heard what happened. What have you been up to?”

James smiled looking at the painting of a young woman on the wall.

James: “Hi Prof. I am sorry that we meet in this unusual circumstances. You run this place?”

Prof. Amaka: “I do. come inside. Mr. David, I will get back to you, okay.” She spoke to her guest, who still stood waiting for her to be done with James.

David Obatare: “Okay ma. Expecting your call.” He replied and left the office.

James and Prof. Amaka walked back into her office.


Karo sat with his mom in his room. His father was at the church.

Karo: “it was my fault. I was too angry with you. I should have listen to your advice to take her to one of your sisters In Lagos. Besides will your sisters want a pregnant girl in their home? My annoyance now, is that someone I trusted to have my back can betray me like this.”

His mother, Mrs. Esther Badmus listened quietly as he spoke. Karo grumbled on and on until he observed that his mother had not commented once while he was talking, so he stopped.

Karo: “Mom, you have not said anything about what I have told you so far.”

Esther: “I didn’t speak when it was necessary for me to speak, why will I speak now. Who will hear my words? What changes will my words bring? It is rather late, don’t you think?” she asked.

She got up immediately and left Karo to his thoughts.


Lady Janice was tired. She has been to several orphanage homes with her Prophetess but was yet to see a child that had that good luck. She looked at the child seated before her and turned to Prophetess.

Lady Janice: “what do you think?”

The prophetess looked at the child and shook her head. Lady Janice sighed and handed the child back to the Director. The director gave it to a woman standing by her side. The woman left with the child. The Director walked back to her seat and sat down.

Director: “it seems we have not been able to satisfy your needs, madam?”

Lady Janice; “I am tired myself. I want to go, I have somethings I have left unattended.” She said, standing up.

Director: “wait madam, I have a suggestion to make. Am sorry erm…Prophetess can you please excuse us. This might not be comfortable for you to hear.”

Lady Janice; “speak joor.”

Director looked from the Prophetess to Lady Janice and nodded.

Director: this orphanage is presently running a program with the Emenike Foundation. Together we are trying to cater to the needs of women searching for babies all over the country. Emenike Foundation provides the option of in-vitro fertilization and surrogate mothers besides our orphanage. Youi could try either option if not satisfied.”

Lady Janice looked at the Prophetess, who looked at her without uttering a word.

Lady Janice: “I have to go. I will get back to you on that. Thank you.” she said, getting up again.

Lady Janice soon left the orphanage home with Prophetess.


James sat in Prof. Amaka’s office and they spoke of old times. He used to be her account officer before the promotions started coming. She has been a friend since then although they had lost contact when she relocated from Delta State. He then explained that he needed a job. She smiled at him and told him to resume as the foundation’s accountant the next week. James was excited and thanked her profusely. She then gave him money for transport fare and James left.

He got home excitedly that day and quickly related to Mama what had transpired. She was happy for him. She then told him the name of the orphanage home, she had dropped the baby. He thanked and went into his room.


Esther Badmus entered the salon where she made her hair. She had been wearing cap to church for some days now in order to hide the fact that her hair was unmade. She needed a different hairstyle now. She was greeted familiarly by the girls in the salon and a chair was immediately provided for her to sit. She sat down quietly and picked a magazine. She observed a new face among the girls. She turned to the owner of the salon, Cynthia

Esther: “Cynthia you don get new girl?”

Cynthia: “No o, na my younger sister. She come visit me.”

The girl greeted Esther and Esther replied her and went back to reading the magazine. The girls soon got talking. They gossiped and laughed and made jokes. Esther always enjoyed coming here because she always heard things happening on the street and the jokes too. One of the girls, Onyinye, looked at Cynthia’s sister.

Onyinye: “Na wa o Alero, you sister tell us say dat girl wey dey stay wit you don die?”

Alero: “d matter tire me, I swear. As in ehn, I dey regret why I tell am make she leave my house. I dey feel like say na me cause her death. E join wetin carry me comot Benin o. I just need new place to calm my head.”

Esther: “don’t talk like that. Why did the girl not have a place to stay in the first place? She has no parents? No husband? No sibling?”

Alero: “madam according to am she say when she get belle, her papa disown am come drive her comot house. The person wey her brother put am wit before he travel abroad come begin dey sleep wit am. Dis one so she get belle o. na im she run comot d idiot place for Warri, come follow me stay o.”

Onyinye: “na you drive am?”

Cynthia: “I tire for am o.”

Alero: “Na because of dat stupid Duke na.  He say she dey crowd d place and me, mumu agree wit am. E pain me for Rukevwe sha. Na really nice girl. I wonder how she do the….”

Esther had jumped up at the name and everyone was looking at her in surprise.

Cynthia: “Madam wetin happen?”

Esther: “what is the name you mentioned now?” she said, looking at Alero.

Alero: “Rukevwe. She say her name na Rukevwe.”

Esther: “can you describe her?”

Alero: “describe? I get her picture for my phone, make I show you.”

Alero went to her purse and brought out her phone. She opened it and scrolled to her pictures folder, she found the picture and walked back to where Esther stood, heart palpitating in fear. Esther screamed on seeing the picture and fainted. There was pandemonium in the salon.

Question: Will James quit drinking now that he has gotten a job? Will Lady Janice take the surrogate mother option?

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  1. i pray james changes
    sumfin tells me samson wont b able to av anoder baby nd he will adopt his own child

  2. He will quit drinking while lady janice will take up d idea if only d prophetess giv in her consent

  3. James will quit drinking, he wasn’t a drunk before the whole incidences.
    It left to lady Janice to make up her mind on what she want rather than depending on the do called prophetess

  4. James will change now DAT he has gotten a job. Lady Janice will follow prophetess instruction on DAT.

  5. He’ll gradually quit drinking.
    I feel for Esther and wonder how Karo will react when he hears what happened

  6. James will stop drinking but lady Janic will no do except she got approval from the ptophetess.

  7. Yes he might quit drinking…. I just wish dat rukky was alive, she wud av married james if she wasnt dead already

  8. he will quit drinking.but Janice will only listen to the prophetess or do what she ask her to do.

  9. Yes James will quit drinking n changed to a better person now, I pity Esther, lady Janice will be d one to adopt rukevwe’s baby

  10. James may quite drinking since he has got a job & Janice may take d option if prophetess agree

  11. Happy new month ALC&Fs,

    May the new month see your Miracles Awaiting You,all through.

    Yes, yes for either situation. Happy for the James and Janice.


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