Northern conspiracy led to Jonathan’s defeat in 2015 election – Niger Delta groups

Northern conspiracy led to Jonathan's defeat in 2015 election - Niger Delta groups

Pan-Niger Delta civil society groups, has come out to insist that Northern conspiracy led to the defeat of former President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 election.

They claimed that it was not corruption and mis-governance as believed in some quarters.

The groups, Niger Delta Security Watch Organisation of Nigeria, Ijaw People’s Development Initiative and Foundation for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Crusade, said this in a statement by their leaders, Dickson Bekederemo, Austin Ozobo and Alaowei Cleric, in Warri, Delta State.

According to them, “He [Jonathan] failed because some persons think it is their birthright and nobody apart from them is qualified to rule Nigeria.

“Even if Jonathan had won, there would still be civil war because the conspiracy was to prevent a minority from further steering the ship of the nation.”

The groups berated the former president of Ijaw Youth Congress, IYC, Udengs Eradiri and his successor, Eric Omare, for allegedly saying that Jonathan encouraged corrupt practices in his government, describing it as reckless and needless.



  1. Truth is bitter. Jonathan presided over a fantastically corrupt administration as a weak leader,that’s just the truth. However, if the Niger Delta groups feels so strongly about the alleged conspiracy by the northern leaders, they should also conspire to vote out PMB & his party,if they can,in 2019 but meanwhile,let them stop disturbing our peace!

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