(Episode 20) The Beautiful Gift of A Broken Heart

(Episode 20) The Beautiful Gift of A Broken Heart

Samson walked through the cemetery quietly. It was a chilly afternoon. It had rain that morning; the grasses were still wet and the sky was pregnant with more rain. He walked until he got to a tree and took a turn. He paused and stared at the man standing in front of Rukevwe’s grave. It was Rukevwe’s father, Pastor Josiah Badmus

“I should turn back and leave him alone to grieve. I can come back later.” He thought watching Josiah stoop to place a bible on the stone that had been placed there to mark her grave.

Samson watched Josiah try to get back up, resting heavily on the cane he had in his right hand. Josiah  breathed heavily and swayed like he was dizy. Samson quickly covered the distance in a rush and caught him before he fell on his face.

Josiah turned to look at Samson through tears. He recognized Samson and tried to get out of his embrace.

Josiah: “you…leave me alone.” He muttered under his breath.

Samson ignored him and carried him to the tree. He placed him and rested his back on the tree’s broad trunk.

Josiah breathed deep as the vertigo passed. He looked at Samson, who stood at his side staring at the grave stone.

Samson: “I didn’t know it would get to this. I thought…” He said, sadly.

Josiah: “you and I are both too late in our apologies, Samson. Too late…she is not here to say its okay, I forgive you.”

Samson bowed his head and looked at his shoes on the grass.

Samson: “my wife has cervical cancer. We are going for an operation to remove it in the UK. I thought it best to tender my apologies before I leave.”

Josiah looked at the young man quietly.

“We did not know the consequences of our actions. We thought we could take and we could rule. God has a way with correcting your misconceptions about yourself. He knows how to deflate egos.” Josiah thought to himself as he watched Samson walk to the grave stone.

Samson knelt before the stone and told his tale to a grave bereft of life. He spoke, tears in his eyes, of his mistakes, his fears, his wishes and dead dreams. He begged for forgiveness from God and from her, who is no more. After some time, he got up and went back to the tree. Josiah was asleep, his back resting on the tree.

Samson: “will your family ever forgive me?”

Josiah cocked an eye open and chuckled

Josiah: “I am in no position to refuse you forgiveness; I who needs it as much as you. As for Esther and Karo, you will have to find out for yourself. Please help me up.”

The two broken men stood up and slowly walked away from the cemetery as birds twitter in the dull sky and the wet breeze played with leaves.


Nanny got to Prof. Amaka’s offices. She had gotten the address from the gate man at Lady Janice’s residence, where she worked, the day before. She walked to the security guard at the gate.

Nanny: “good morning o. Abeg no vex I dey find somebody.”

Security guard: “good morning madam, how I fit help you?”

Nanny: “one man and one woman come my madam place two days ago. Dem say na Prof. Amaka send them. I get message for them.”

Security guard: “ehen? I no know sha o. you go ask driver. Wait make I call am for you.”

The security guard walked away and returned back in a few minutes with another man.

Driver: “You say you dey look for who?”he asked curiously.

Nanny: “one man and one woman wey dey work for here. Una madam send dem message come my madam place.”

Driver: “that go be madam Omo and Oga James. Dem no dey office o. in fact dem never come work for two days now.”

Nanny: “you know where dem dey stay?”

Driver: “I hope say no problem o?”

Nanny: “no o.”

The driver then gave nanny address to James and Omo’s residence.


Ballz and his gang picked the twins from a remote village between Edo and Kogi States. They left there early in the morning and headed for Lagos.

To get to Lagos, they had to drive back into Benin and head for Ugbowo. They stopped and bought fuel at a filling station and they were on their way.

After the flyover, they were stopped at a police checkpoint and all of them were asked to step out of the car.

Ballz came out with his driver’s license and car documents. Betty and Ejiro came out, each carrying a twin. Carlos and bandit had slowed down on after the checkpoint.

First policeman: “where are your papers, Oga?” he said talking to Ballz.

Ballz handed the car papers and his driver’s license to the man. The man perused the documents closely then, he asked Ballz to open the booth of the car.

Ejiro and Betty stood watching the policeman and Ballz walk to the booth. Another policeman came to them,

Second policeman: “Twins, so fine. Na who be d mama?”

Betty: “na me.” She replied smiling at the police officer.

The policeman walked close and peered at the babies. He touched their faces and laughed.

Second policeman: “dem fine. Dem don reach one month?” he asked, admiring the twins.

They had been prepped by David, so Betty was ready for that question.

Betty: “no two weeks.”

First policeman: “naim una carry dem dey travel?” he said, walking back to where the women were standing.

Another policeman came forward and studied Betty and the twins closely.

Third Policeman: “come, my oga wan see una.”

Betty looked at Ballz, who motioned her to go on. She walked with Ejiro to where a police truck was packed. The police officer in charge of the unit stepped out of the truck.

Fourth policeman: “what proof do you have that these babies are yours, madam?”

Betty: “what proof does a mother need?”

The policeman walked to the twin and pinched one. The baby wailed at once on the quiet road. The other police men were back on the road, stopping and searching. Ballz heard the cry inside the car and he looked out to where the policemen stood with Betty and Ejiro

“This level is going bad fast.” He thought to himself.

He quickly sent a text to Carlos, advising him to drive ahead and wait. He turned and looked at the policemen again. One of them had a gun pointed at Betty.


Fourth policeman: “feed the baby, madam.”

Betty looked at Ejiro, who already had fear in her eyes.

Betty: “Oga I no dey give am breast o. Na baby friendly I dey do.”

Fourth policeman motioned the first policeman, who cocked his gun and pointed it at them. He then told Ejiro to bring the twin with her then go and get a feeding bottle from the car. Ejiro did as she was told and without looking at Betty, walked to the car. As she reached there, she whispered to Ballz and she jumped into the car as Ballz sped off in a squeal of tires.

Question: what will happen to Ejiro and the Twins? Will Esther and Karo ever forgive Samson?

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    • Ejiro will be detained n d twins custody will b taken over by d police n this will help them in tracing their identities while Esther n karo will forgive Samson with time

  1. Ejiro and gang are already in hot soup
    Esther will forgive Samson if only the child is found, but will never handover the baby to him (Samson)

  2. Ejiro is in hot soup, to her tent oh yeah Israel! Esther and Karo will find it hard to forgive samson

  3. Ejiro will be arrested, and karo and Ufuoma will latter forgive Samson but will never give the baby to Samson if they eventually fine her which I know they will.

  4. Ejiro will be detain and question since its clear her ptner has took off in a rush. They will forgive samson bt I dnt want d baby in his custody. I hope nanny get to c james n omo 4 explanation of what occur d other day.

  5. Ejiro is under arrest, exhibit twins. Esther and Karo will eventually forgive Samson, afterall they have their own share of blame.

  6. Why r u giving us short episode? Ejiro will be arrested n detained while d twins will be taken to orphanage home for safe keeping. As for Samson I don’t know if Esther n Karo will ever given him but I pray they should so he will fyn peace but he shouldn’t be given that baby when found.

  7. Hello ALC&Fs,

    She will be apprehended and properly investigated amidst available suspicions.

    Forgiveness provides a reason to live again,they finally would.


  8. Ejiro will be arrested nd the twins will be saved. Ejiro will lead the police to others. They’ll be forgiven after a while but i doubt if the baby would be given to Samson when she’s found.

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